Renovating Kitchen and 2 bathrooms $$$


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Does anyone here do renovation to your kitchen and 2 bathroom only?

Stove and sink area
To hack and reconstruct a new stove and sink area. - I will supply the hood and sink.
Connect inlet and outlet piping for kitchen sink

Kitchen Cabinet
To build a 21" feet kitchen cabinet - No dismantle needed as there no existing kitchen cabinet.
Design and fabricate full height boc up cabinate, 1" feet

Common bathroom
To overlay non-slip tiles with waterproofing
To convert the existing squating to a new sitting toilet bowl
To rerun the water piping ( nclude piping into heater, spray, toilet bowl and tap )
Supply and install a bi-fold door

Master bathroom
To overlayn non-slip tiles with waterproofing
To replace the sitting toilet bowl to new set

Polishing marble for living room and 2 bedrooms.

Can share your quotation?



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1 Hack existing floor tiles at 02 bathroom $200.00
2 Hack existing wall tiles at master bathroom $200.00
3 Hack existing wall tiles at living area $150.00
4 Hack existing wall tiles at kitchen area $250.00

1 Supply and overlay supreme AC-5 laminate at living,storeroom and 03 bedroom $2,900.00
2 Supply and lay ceramic wall tiles at kitchen and master bathroom $2,588.00
3 Supply and lay homogenous floor tiles at 02 bathroom $500.00
4 To construct 50mm kitchen cabinet base with tiles finish $120.00
5 To construct 50mm frigde and washing machine base with tiles finish $120.00
6 Supply and lay water proofing at master bathroom $200.00

3 Re-run copper piping for whole house(cold water only) $650.00
4 Supply labour to install kitchen sink $80.00
5 To convert squatting to sitting toilet bowl at common bathroom $150.00
6 Supply and install dual flush toilet bowl for 02 toilet $580.00
7 Supply and install wash basin for 02 toilet $280.00
8 Labour to install toilet accessories for 02 toilet $60.00

1 To fabricate and design 25ft kitchen cabinet with ABS trimming, 01 set of glass panel, $2,375.00
01 row of drawers, design handle and stainless steel dish rack (PFR $95)
2 To supply and install 13.5ft solid surface with back splash(PFR $65) $877.00

1 Painting for whole house using ICI/NIPPON emulsion paint $950.00
2 Supply and install wrought iron gate at main door $380.00
4 To supply and install 02 bi-fold door for 02 bathroom $380.00
5 Chemical wash for whole house $150.00
6 Haulage service $250.00
7 Clearing of debris $150.00
8 HDB permits submission FOC

Sub - Total : $14,540.00
Discount : $-
Grand Total : $14,540.00

hope could be a help to u


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Hi Zet Peh,

Thank you so much. really very expensive leh. Think I need to scale down my renovation liao.

mine is package 12,999 kitchen and toilet package.. 20ft kitchen cabinet.. hood and hob include plus toilet accessories.. 2 instant hester new wc and basin..
polishing of living room 3 bedrooms cum storeroom broken marble ard 1k..
if u need minus things better talk to ur contractor.. most are giving ard this figure plus minus.. depends and things given.,.


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You could try Substance Interior (Steven). He quoted me ard 10k for 12ft kitchen + 6ft wardrobe(sliding doors) + 2 toilets. Overlay wall tiles for both toilets. Free hood & hob. Plus he is very understanding & will try to adhere to your budget. I havent decided on whether to sign with him though. No harm getting quote from him.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Oliva,

can you share the quotation with me? Your wall tiles is full height or 5 feet height? Only overlay and no hacking?

I had got mine quote and perhaps can exchange to compare. But no finalise as yet. Urs 4 room or 3 rooms?



Hi Zet peh / Olivia,

Can I have the contact to your contractor?
I'm planning to reno my whole house. Do any of you get renovation loan?

pls advise.



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Hi everyone,

Need some advice here.
I recently just brought a resale 4rm flat.
I thought of renoving just the Kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

anyone know the pricing?
- hacking the old cabinets, the sink and the Refrigerator base
- rebuild the kitchen cabinets and sink.
- changing the toilet bowls and sink for both bathrooms
- Fixing GlassPartition inside both bathroom

Anyone know the pricing?