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I've had good comments on the Duck as well as the Sichuan Pancake with Vanilla sauce. Overall the food was ok as well as the service.

Only thing was that the dinner was too fast paced for me. At 10pm, the noodles were already served and i had to stop them from serving the desert till 10.30pm. But their concern is that some of our guests might have parked their vehicles at some places whereby they had to remove their vehicles by 10.30-11pm which i agree to it as well.

Overall i was very happy with their service.


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hi all,
any comment on the Food & service? Hw many ballroom do they have? what else did you guys bargain into, other than the package?


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Hi Popeye,

I am not sure about there service as my AD is next year March... as for the additional perks, I dun think I got any as they are quite firm with their package leh...


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hi friends, i will be having my wedding at rendezvous but i heard that their food and service is quite bad. can anyone share thier experience?


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I have a booking with Rendezvous for next year and I decided not to go through with the dinner due to personal reasons. The package is quite good as I signed up last year. Thus the price is according to 2007's. Do pm me if you are interested in taking over my package.


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Dear all, I have just signed up with Hotel Rendezvous.. Any ex-HR brides care to share their experiences? How was their service and food?


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I just finished my wedding last week. Overall was good except on complaints from friends and relatives on the food and speed of serving. I thought just to share so that those who yet to have their big day can take note of and remind the staffs to take note of.

1) Most of the food served are already luke warm except for the roast chicken. Ee Fu Mee was a disaster as it's overcooked and too soogy. I got super lot of complaints on that. Quite suprise that it turned out like tat as past brides had praised for it.

2) Sharkfin was too watery and tasteless. Distribution of sharkfin was not even. Some guests got more, some got none.

3) Serving of food was in a rush. Some guests complained that the waiters start packing the remaining food without asking for approval whether it had been finished. In the end, the guests still have to wait for the next dish no doubt their dishes had already been cleared.

On top of that, I tot everything was still good. David the banquet manager and his team had been a great help.

That's wat I can think of at the mmt. Do let me know if you ladies have more enquiries.


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Hi Aliko

Thanks for sharing! Me and hubby are considering to sign up with Rendevous for our wedding in 2009.

Is there any pics (on the dinner set-ups & Wedding Suite) you can share with us?
Don't mind can email me to [email protected]



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Hi all, just finished my wedding last mth and like to share my experience with u all.

Me and my hubby have no complains at all except praises for them.

During the food tasting, the ee fu mee was a disaster as it was soggy and tasteless.. so we changed it to crispy noodle.

As we're having a slide show linked to our 1st march in, the PIC hav to get the cue right on when to open the doors. and they did it as wat i expected.

Overall, there wasn't a single complain on the food, and alot of our guests said that the food served is even better than most of the hotels and restaurants, and every dish was cleaned up by the guests.

Hope my experience helped!


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By the way, anybody here received an email from Rendezvous saying that they're going to change wedding favour supplier soon and the current wedding favours they have now will be out of stock soon. Uall intend to wait for new designs from new supplier or place order for the current designs?
hi all to couple that have signed up with hotel rendezvous or going to sign up. I have to let u all take note of some pointer that has occur on my wedding on 1st of march 08.

1) My pre dinner cocktail is at 7pm and my dinner coordination is at 6.15pm and i can see that it was so rush for us. we dont have enought time to prepare. Even if there is usage of the ball room in the early half of the day , the hotel must be also fair enought to let the co-ordinator hae enough time.

2) Playing of 1st march in song was mixed up with photo montage. The photo montage was played by laptop controlling by groom helper and 1st march in song was burned into a CD as a single track and label with 1st march. But during the 1st march in, the song was played wrongly and the reason given to me was so lame! They told me that the song sound alike!!!! But The CD is a single track , the hotel stuff just need to played it.

3) The door was opened too early(1 min before the song played) before the 1st march in, there is no surprise for the guest. I felt so disappointed. Its my first and only march in with bridal gown for my lifetime and its done in a lousy way. Why? how?

4) During the 1st course at VIP table , , a used disposable tissue was found under the plate by my mum and i asked the lady service crew, she mentioned my relative was using it earlier. But the used tissue was between my mum and groom. My relative wont used it and placed it in between us. Raj mentioned he will check it up but i got no reply from him. (I doubt the cleaniess of the Hotel and also the way she give excuse to blame my relative for using it and left it there) how?

5) There is no attention from the service crew for the bride and groom. We still have to find them to get our drinks.

6) During toasting with relatives. I tried to catch attention of a guy service crew standing in front of me to get 2 glass of red wine. But no matter how hard i wave at him , he still cant see my even thought he was looking at my direction and so near to me. Is he day dreaming or looking at pretty gers? I get so pissed up. when the bride and groom never get special attention.

7)The back ground music was stopped during the dinner , my helper faster highlighted to the manager but music only restored after a few mins.

8) before the yum seng, i askd if the cupcakes are to be removed so that more space for more people to come out the stage but it was not done. A promies and assurance was given to me but was not done. So disappointed.

There is also complaint for the food.

Haiz........ I even print out aiko's comment to show sharon to ensure things wont happen again during my wedding dinner. She give me the assurance to pay more attention, but..................

If anyone want to find out more , i can share with all of u. I am the groom, zheng fa here.


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Hi Zheng Fa,

Really regret to hear about your bad experience. I am considering HR as my top 2 choices. Actually me and FH wanted to go down on 1st Mar to take a look at the banquet arrangement, which is actually your wedding banquet!!

Read previous good comments and also got recommended by colleage. Think i have second thoughts abt HR now :|..
hi crabb,

Dont just see the ball room arrangement. they are not paying attention to the bride and groom. all along sharon mentioned that will pay more attention. End up i have to catch their attention and locate them. So sad. Even things like my door open 1 mins before the march in song being played, makes me feel so disappointed. They ruin our wedding! Dont u all agree that march in is very important. once in a lifetime.


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Hi Zheng Fa,

Totally agree that the hiccups kinda spoil the wedding banquet a little. Especially this is once-in-life-time thingy and wouldn't it be perfect if everything goes smoothly

But guess murphy's law is not a law for nothing. What has happened already happened, so try thinking abt what went well would make you and your bride feel better ya.. Not worth ruining the whole happy wedding mood
Hi Zheng Fa,

My upcoming wedding in Nov is with Rendezvous coordinator is Sharon and I have called her with regards to your feedback..but she mentioned she's not your coordinator? Could you have made a we are very pleased with her prompt services so far..
hi xiangxiangprincess,

I am very upset to hear that sharon mentioned that "she is not my co-ordinator" .

I would let to left my mobile phone num here , 97818506. Pls call me... i like to share with you what had happened on 1st march 08.

i also pleased with her services at first although all request for additional perks is so hard to get from her. we had give up. But the day when food tasting comes, OMG...... i even fall sick after the food tasting. Its very oily. The sharkfins damm smelly. Those fishy stinky smell. Then i was so angry and complaint. Then sharon give me a second food tasting, then food standard gets better. But the day for the dinner is a disaster from the feedback from my relatives and friend.

i still have my contract with hotel rendezvous. I can send to anyone that is doubtful of my wedding banquet at rendezvous. BTW if sharon really denied. i think anyone out there who is going to sign or already signed up. pls becareful.
Dear Mr Ong and Miss Heng


Warmest greetings from Rendezvous Hotel Singapore!

Thank you for selecting Rendezvous Hotel Singapore to host your forthcoming wedding banquet celebration. Further to our recent meeting, we are pleased to re-confirm your wedding arrangements as follows:

Day/ Date : Saturday, 01 March 2008

Time : 6.00pm to 7.00pm Traditional Tea Ceremony
7.00pm to 7.30pm Pre-dinner cocktail reception
7.30pm to 11.00pm Dinner

Venue : Board Room (Tea Ceremony) &
Straits Ballroom (Dinner), Level 2

Attendance : Chinese Dinner
Guaranteed : 22 tables of 10 persons per table
Expected: 23 tables of 10 persons per table

Vegetarian Dinner
Confirmed : 5 persons (seated separately).

Xiangxiangprincess, is this familiar? my front page of the contract.


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Omg i see the above , feel scary , My AD is in sept 08 , The standard drop , so disppointment as I last time only see good comment .

Pray everything will be fine
hi to all have signed up or signing up with rendezvous.

i have a few tips for all of u.

those signed up,

Those who intend to tell eileen or sharon about my unhappy wedding to them, u can do so. But its no use one, cause i used aiko one but eileen show my good comment one. so u all know kelong one ar, then eileen n sharon will gurantee nothing wrong will happen , like me kanna fly kite by them. so ......
Pls get ur brothers or main coordinator to oversee the whole problem, tell them ur standard which u all have already told eileen and sharon. If any mistake, pls ask ur brothers or main co-ordinator to record down the timing and person responsible. then dont pay the bill first. let sharon and eileen answer for it. If u pay first... thats the end. you only can like me , wrote all unhappiness here.

Those havent signed up, i think u all haf went to other's wedding dinner , maybe u have a better choice.

good luck all


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I am sorry to hear the bad experience. Things like this happened at times. Just to let you know my personal experience, I had my wedding there last month. My coordinator was Eileen and her service was excellent. She know what I want and able to solve issues on the spot. The banquet staff provided a excellent service that won praises from my guests. Thus one of my guests who intend to get married soon, may also want to consider holding the wedding there. One personal advise to all, let be objective on issues like this. Judge based on your experience with the hotel and not the comments of others. Lets be fair to both parties and not too be too subjective when planning for our big day.
hi RYQ (psluvyq),

You are a member registered on 13th of march and posted on 13th of march with just one post at hotel rendezvous. I dont know whats the reasons behind for the excellent experience. i also dont want to get too personal. hope u can provide ur full name and the date of ur wedding to prove that u held ur wedding at rendezvous.


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Hi Missheng,

I happened to come across this and discovered your experience. Just want to share my experience and point of views with the hotel. Nothing personal and I reserved my rights not to reveal my wedding details to strangers. Everyone has their freedom of speech and point of view and that the purpose of this forum. Hope it clear everthing.


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Hi Miss Heng,

Sorry to hear what happened to you during your big day. I would be also holding my banquet this coming July. Last yr, I have 2 frds who had hold their banquets there with no big issues encountered. What they did encounter was they serve the food fast and seems like wanna end the banquet faster which I think is quite common.


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Hi Miss Heng,

Sad to hear what had happened during your big day. Mine is in Sept'08. Quite worried about it too. hope u can give me some tips or things to to look out for. thanks