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hi luvz17 and other brides to be who had PMed me the same qns.. I answer here to all la hor.. in case anyone PM me again LOLx. I seldom log in so reply v slow! =p

Luvz17 i haven got back the pictures from my photographer yet so there are only some "sneaks" of some moments where u can see abit of the background behind if u squint your eyes la. U shld have come!! I was really pleased with our mix and match decor!! Haha luckily the experiment wasn't disastrous=D

view this -

The co-ordinator who followed up on my wedding after Soo Ting left is Hwee Ping. Like Soo Ting, she really followed up on our requests very well and her little small gestures added a really personal touch. Of cos most imptly she worked well with my hubby for the surprise 2nd march in.

I can't rmbr who my banquet manager was (he's a malay) but he was really good too! Like teaching my hubby hw to help me hold my gown as we march in, where to stand after the march in etc etc. He was pretty friendly and he even gave us warm water to calm us down right before the door opens.

No fresh petals are allowed along the aisle so I imported some heart shaped silk petals from US to be used instead. those u get locally are really cheap looking. i used fresh petals on alternate tables. I used the floral arches from chinois for aisle & stage, and match with the black table cloths, runners & seat covers from L'Amour. VIP seat sash remain CHinois. No additional charges from regent as I sourced for all the addins myself.

Just exercise some creativity and take what u like. Its ur own wedding! Not ur parents or ur friends =) We changed quite a few of the dishes til the menu luks almost different. HAHA. We even deliberately choose not to serve sharks fin cos we felt it was too common and we replaced with Braised Bird's Nest with crabmeatinstead!! =)

I had 37 tables that day and my gown was quite poofy. My cancan gets stuck now and then. HAHA. A little bit of problem walking around tables but not too big an issue to complain.

Though the dinner costs us quite a bomb, but every cent was worth it. It was a wedding to remember and we were glad many guests felt it a refreshing change from other weddings.

No regrets!


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Dear all,

Just here to share our recent experience with The Regent hotel.

We held our banquet there on 21st dec at the Nassim Room (L'amour + Chinos theme) and it was awesome! Our banquet coordinator is Isabelle and she is extremely helpful.

We were supposed to have muslim menu for 2 of our guests however on the AD itself, they last min said they are unable to turn up due to some issue at home, and it was just 3hours before the dinner! We quickly informed Isabelle, and as we understood, the muslim menu was already in the mid of preparation,and last min cancellation was not allowed. But still, Isabella done us a great favour by cancelling the menu for us without complain. Knowing that our theme is Black + Red, she too wore Black with a tint of red just for us. A wonderful coordinator.

Our banquet captain is Mr Vannar, he too done a great job. After the first march-in we were supposed to do the cake cutting ceremony, we were all nervous and Mr Vannar was nice to whisper to us "cut it slooow~, look into the camera and smileeee~....yes~ thats the way~".

Our grandparents went up to the stage for Yamseng part, and another malay coordinator(sorry i forgot his name), were so nice to assist our grandparents down the stage to their seats. Thats very thoughtful of him.

Then for the 3rd March-in, as me and my husband were both in black (me in a black WG), they suggested us marching in Rocker's style and heckcare the norms. So before Mr. Vannar open the door for us to march-in, he reminds us "so rock it ya?! dance, dance in baby~!"
Omg i love Mr Vannar.

As for the food, different ppl gave different comments, but all of our guests are happy with overall taste. =)

Bridal suite wise, our friends love it, as its huge enough to handle 11 of us lol. Got 2 balcony summore. We made a total mess in the room with flower petals and food all over the place, but the hotel staffs are nice, they kept saying "its ok, i hope you enjoyed yourself with us", the Regent hotel has very polite and efficient staffs.

All in all, our Wedding banquet was a blast, and everyone was happy!
All thanks to The Regent hotel. =)
For those who will be having their banquet there, we hope you have as much(or more) fun than us. Cheers! =)


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As mentioned before in the older threads, everything went smoothly for my banquet. The food and deco exceeded expectations. Some photos to share

Banquet (La Dolce Vita themed)

The not so spectacular suite
(at least toiletries from L'occittane)

Ritz carlton's room was much much better-had separate church wedding day, hence only stayed in Ritz' rm after tat instead of having the banquet there.


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Hi All,

Just had my wedding last Saturday. I would say the service is really great. Everything went smoothly and we felt like superstars on that night. Banquet manager is very experienced and helpfult. Service staff is good. Food is big portion and taste great. My guests and I had a great time. I felt good for choosing Regent.My coordinator, Hwee Ping stayed till my 2nd march in and sent us off yesterday when we checked out. 2 Thumbs Up!!


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Dearest Beloved Brides To Bes...

My wedding is finally over. It's been more then a month ago as my wedding was on 21st Nov 08. Been kinda busy n not much time to come in here to check out the forum.

Anyway, I am 100% satisfied with the service of Regent & thumbs up to them. My co-ordinator Hwee Ping is excellent!! My banquet manager is fabulous too! Think his name is Helmi also. If my memory dont fail me....

here's some pictures to share with you gals... but if there is any problem viewing, let me know....


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Hey Karen,
Your wedding at the Regent looks beautiful.
It's L'amour Theme right? Black + Pink. Nice combi!


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Hi Ejunko, thanks! Yes. It's L'amour. However I "topped up" some $$ to enhance more on the black and pink. I had a memorable night & everything just flows through smoothly with out any hiccups....all thanks to my wonderful helpers (xiong dis & jie meis) and also to some other friends who helped out alot, and of cos, credit must also go to the entire crew at Regent Hotel. Trust me, they r really fantastic & professional.


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Hehe, i believe there are no regrets in topping up additonal cash since the overall effects are excellent!

Ours, we just stick to what the Regent offers for Nassim room and it turns out quite nice. L'amour + Chinos theme + La Dolce Vita center piece.
I am so glad that it's the Regent we went to.
And yes, i have to 100% agree with you that they are really fantastic and professional! =D


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Hi ladies,

I'm planning to sign the wedding packages with Regent hotel. After read so many comments (positives & negatives)from all of you, i have abit worries.. only Regent has the date that i want. So a bit dilemma now. My coordinator is Isabelle and Jane. Have u gals liased with them before? How is their services? Thanks!


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Hui (piyo_piyo) , to me , i think positive comments are more than negative comments over here ...
So not to worry ...REgent is a good choice ...


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Hi Hui,
My coordinator is also Isabelle. And she is awesome! All we did was to tell her briefy about the theme we want and she has done better than we expected! (as written above)

Dont worry about it and have fun!

We have uploaded some of our wedding banquet pics at multiply, feel free to take a look ya?
ID: erametin

Ps: Congrats, Hui!


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Hi ejunko and ladies,

Thank you for sharing your experienced with me. By the way, i managed to add you in multiply and now pending for your confirmation.

I most likely will take Tanglin room bcoz i have around 18 tables. However, what other things i can negotiate with them? I only manage to bargain extra things as belows:

- Food tasting change to 10 ppl instead of 6 ppl
- 20 litre barrel of beer to 30 litre
- specially designed invitation cards for up to 70% of the guaranteed attendance

By the way, how is their bridal suite? i heard not very nice.

Anyone can share with me your photos at Tanglin room, please email to : [email protected]

Thank you :>


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Hi Hui,

Personally, my hubby and i did not bargain for the perks, as ours is in Nassim Room, we have lesser guests so their original perks looked good enough.

However, despite we did not bargain for anything, Isabelle still gave us extra perks.

1) Nassim room are not entitled for the 20litre of beer, but she gave it to us as a complimentry.

2) There are only 3 types of theme to chose from for Nassim ie, Elements of emotions, Chinos & Jazz, but as we requested for L'amour theme, Isabelle specially created a Black theme for us (which is a mixture of Chinos and La Dolce Vita + black linen) and it turns out rather unique, at least different from others. So the credit goes to her =)

3) We changed the complimentry Champagne (for toasting) to Red Wine so as to suit our theme and also to be different from others, yet it turns out quite nice! Credit goes to Isabelle as well.

4) Lastly would be the complimentry car passes, from original 20% to 35%.

That is all. Infact our guests didnt even managed to finished the 20litre of beer as most of them are driving. What a waste!

As for the Bridal suite, its good enough, after all what matters to us is the Banquet. It may not be a Atas bridal suite but they have all we need in it. And it is huge enough for the 11 of us to run around in it lol. Feel free to browse my multiply for it.

Oh you can email Isabelle to request for the Tanglin room photos, previously we also requested the Nassim room from her.

Enjoy your big day ya, Hui, everthing will be awesome!


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Hi ejunko,

Thank you for sharing your pictures and experienced with me :> u looked gorgeous on the photos:>

I went down to Regent hotel again yesterday to discuss further with them and i did visit their bridal suite as well. Everything looks old for me. haha.. but the coordinator - Jane is very friendly.

I'm actually comparing Regent vs Hyatt. The pricing for these two hotels are more or less the same, too bad is Hyatt's function room has two pillar. Sigh...nothing is perfect. Don't know how to make decision.

Maybe u gals can give me advise:>

Thank you.


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Hi Hui,

Thank you thank you lol. I believe you will look gorgeous on your big day too!

Bridal suite wise, like i mentioned its not atas, but seriously after the banquet, all you need is a comfortable bed hahahha. Unless you intend to stay up all night then thats a different case lol.

Oooh Hyatt is a good hotel!

Hmm, is the pillars blocking some view?
If tables can be arrange then it should be ok.
We attend our friend's wedding at XX, and it has pillars blocking our view. It irritates us the fact that we are arranged to sit by the pillars lol. Can't really see much when they marched in or on the stage etc.

Knowing that theirs is a reputable hotel, your guests wont be too stingy on their angpaos, so you have to consider the sitting arrangement carefully if there are pillars.

Another thing to take note of, is that will the hotel be allowing you to take photos around the hotel before or after banquet? Because Hyatt's lobby are rather plain and you wouldnt wanna take photos of the concierge/reception area or just the stairs right?

Hmm, at the end of the day it all goes down to individual's preferance. Do not rush into a decision, because its a Once in a Lifetime thingy. Most importantly is to enjoy the process with your FH.

Have fun with your wedding preparation!


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Hi ejunko,

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Actually we have rejected Regent. Will consider Grand Hyatt or Four seasons for our wedding venue. Cheer!


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Hubby and I had our wedding on 9 Jan at Regent.

Eunice was our coordinator and Bibin the Banquet Manager that night. Everything was just executed so smoothly and all the staff in Regent was just lovely and ultra polite to us which made our event and stay a super pleasant one.

BIG BIG KUDOS to Eunice and Bibin... they were just awesome... From the start when we liaised and booked our wedding to the end, where everything tied up really well... They were both really accomodating to our small little requests and will really try to make everything smooth for us.

Its really the little things that matter, like I was coughing really badly just before the 1st march in. And somehow, Eunice suddenly appeared with a glass of warm water for me! =D i was really impressed and touched by her thoughtfulness...

Also, my dad misplaced his phone... And at 2am, Bibin was combing the ballroom to see if the phone was left there! these little thoughtful actions really impressed Hubby and I...

Hubby and I went with Elements of Emotion theme mixed with L'amour. Had to top a little for decor to Lora the florist. All our guests were full of praise for the service, although there were discrepancies in the review of food... but nothing major... =)

So all in all, Hubby and I have never looked back signing with Regent. It was one of our best decisions made for the wedding planning... hahaha! =D

Have fun and enjoy yourselves all Regent BTBs! Regent will take care of you! =)


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Congrats on the success of your Wedding Banquet, Cookiefleur!

Elements of Emotion + L'amour is a nice mixture of theme! Do share with us your photos ya? =)


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Hi all,

I'm considering the Regent hotel for my banquet venuw next year. Just received their weddingpackage for 2010. The price is not nett price? Cos if +++, Price kinda steep.
ANy one of you can roughly le let me know how much is per table on a week day mon- thurs and week ends after adding gst & tax?



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Hi Jeslyn,

have not seen their 2010 pricing, its best you check with them if it's nett. But if its not, you can times 1.177.

i.e: $800(per table) x 1.177(standard gst+tax) = $941.60
that will gives you the nett price =)


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Thanks, I have already email and Joanne has replied me with the 2010 package. I have to agree that thwir themes are very nice and perks very attractive too. REgent is a 5 star hotel right?


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Hi Jeslyn,

I have no idea lol, should be bah, because their service is definitely worth 5 star..or more =)

how much diff is 2009 & 2010 pricing? you may wanna check with them if you signed their package at 2009 can they offer you 2009 pricing instead?
previously our coordinator offered us 2008 pricing for 2009 banquet too.


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my wedding just ended and it was awesome. the team at regent, they are so so so so wonderful. just want to say thanks to my catering sales manager eunice, and the banquet team, you are such a wonderful team, you helped to make this a perfect wedding for me n my husband!


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Hi all,
I have the following items for sale from my wedding last Friday.
All items are brand new and only bought few days before my actual day.
Please send me an email at seanngyl@gmail for more details.

1) Martell VSOP, 70cl, duty paid, 8 bottles, $70 each

2) Berri Estates Cabernet Sauvignon, 75cl, duty paid, 22 bottles, $18 each
hey all, saw from my coordinator's email signature (pasted below) that got upcoming wedding workshop... not too sure about much details though... anyone heard anything yet??

Experience the lush romanticism of "Seasons In The Park", The Regent's new wedding theme.
To find out more, attend our upcoming wedding show on Sat. 28 March.

For reservations and enquiries, please call our wedding planners at 6725 3333.


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Dear all,


I am new here, wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's day! Hi Karen, Ejunko, Cloud, etc Happy to know u all

Btw, i am a 2009 bride too!


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Hi Happiest Bride,

This is Heart Sky, yes u are right there is an upcoming Wedding workshop on the 28 Mar 09 (Sat); it will be opened for registration on tomorrow onwards in fact!


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By the way, Hui, why you rejected Regent becos'it have 2 pillars? The pillar are not of a major problem as it seems like a 'light pole' with yellow and orange glowing lighting - the Royal Ballroom can accomodate up to 55 tables so if you are looking at below 55 tables; think it is not a problem as the ballroom is quite spacious. Btw, have u signed up the package with them at Hyatt?


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Hi Lee (lovelee), Sorry for the late reply as i have been working very late these few weeks. :p
Paisei, what is PM? is it emailing you? What is your email address?

Hi Blurry, sorry for the late reply, heehee, what is PM? Shall u give me your email address?
I can send you all the Regent Package?

Hi Starr, sorry i do not have friend having banquet lunch? Do you like to have the package for 2009 for banquet lunch @ Regent? As far as i know, the recent one in Regent hotel is on 15 Feb - Chinois [Lunch]


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Hi Lee, Starr & blurry,

I posted a message on the 14 Feb 09, that there is an upcoming wedding workshop @ Regent Hotel on 28 March 09 (Sat).

I have registered for it but i can't make it as i have to worked the whole day. So i asked me Ah lau and another of my fren to attend lor. Btw,

Experience the lush romanticism of "Seasons In The Park", The Regent's newwedding theme.

I have seen this new theme once and its very sweet & refresh! So perhaps you gals can go there take a look & talk to the catering team and look at the environment and taste the food as well.


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Okie i finally noe what is PM (Post Message): There you go:

Royal Pavilion Ballroom Dinner

Monday to Thursday
(Minimum 25 tables)
Passion I – Eight Course Menu at $818.00
Passion I – Eight Course Menu at $848.00 (Auspicious)

(Minimum 30 tables)
Passion I – Eight Course Menu at $908.00
Passion I – Eight Course Menu at $938.00 (Auspicious)

Saturday, Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday
(Minimum 35 tables)
(Minimum 40 tables) - Auspicious
Wedding from January to August
Passion II – Eight Course Menu at $948.00
Wedding from September to December
Passion II – Eight Course Menu at $998.00

* 31 December 2009 priced separately

All prices are for tables of 10 persons.
All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing taxes


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Monday to Friday Wedding Highlights

Ĕ Free Flow of Beer
Ĕ A Complimentary bottle of House Wine per table
Ĕ A set of 45 Minutes Jazz Ensemble to accompany the themes (2 pieces band)
Ĕ Complimentary one night Anniversary Stay in our Executive Suite
Valid within one year from date of wedding.
Reservation applicable for Friday and Saturday only, subject to availability.
Not applicable for New Year¡¦s Eve.

Saturday, Sunday, Eve of Public Holidays & Public Holidays Wedding Highlights

Ĕ Additional night stay in the Bridal Suite
Ĕ Free flow of beer
Ĕ A set of 45 Minutes Jazz Ensemble to accompany the themes (2 pieces band)


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Wedding Menus designed by famed Summer Palace Master Chef
Western Set & Buffet Menus available on request from our culinary team

Unlimited serving of soft drinks and mixers

Waiver of corkage for hard liquor
(All hard liquor must be Duty-paid and Sealed under the Exercise Customs Act)

A Complimentary bottle of Champagne for toasting ceremony

Decorative model wedding cake for cake-cutting ceremony for each theme

Choice of wedding favors* for your guests

Complimentary usage of 2 LCD Projectors

Complimentary taste panel for 6 persons at Summer Palace

Creative ‘Miracles’ wedding themes*:
L’ Amour, La Dolce Vita, Elements of Emotion, Chinois &Jazz

Specially Designed Guest Signature Book*

Specially designed invitation cards* for up to 60% of the guaranteed attendance

Complimentary printing of wedding invitation cards

Complimentary car passes for up to 20% of the guaranteed attendance

Enjoy a one night stay in our Bridal Suite with welcome amenities and breakfast in bed

A complimentary Superior day use room for co-ordinator’s from 3 pm – 8 pm

Special rates for additional rooms subject to availability (Maximum two rooms)

Solemnization at The Bar with exclusive lunch package Or
An Afternoon Wedding Affair at the Tanglin
(Both packages priced separately)

* Wedding Themes, guest favours, invitation cards and guest book designs
subject to change for the enhancement of creativity.


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Hi Heartsky,
Here's how to send a PM (private message) : On the left, click the name.On seperate window, just double click and send a private message. Hv fun!


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hahaa, paisei & thanks Starr, then next time i noe liao,
Anyway, i post all the package details here liao, heez..

Hope it is useful to u..


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welcome blurry btw, Starr, lee and Blurry, when do you all intend to have your wedding? This year or next year? feel that not many people chatting on regent hotel here?


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hello all!!

my bf and I are also considering regent for our wedding lunch in 2010...we want to do solemnisation, tea ceremony and lunch together.

seems a bit ambitious but just want to know any other brides have done this before?