Regent Hotel Referral


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I have a referral programme for Regent Hotel. If you are interested to sign a banquet lunch or dinner with Regent, pls PM me.

You will receive a complimentary one night stay in premium room on your wedding day!
[Super useful for bridesmaid and helpers!]
I will receive a dinner voucher.

Some details about Regent hotel:

Royal Pavilion Hall: 250-500 guests
Tanglin Hall: 156-200 guests
Nassim Hall: 120-160 guests
Paterson Hall: 100-140 guests

Cost starting from $100 onwards. Rather affordable in my opinion for a 5 star hotel, serving one Michelin Star food for your guests :) The beautiful set-up of fresh flowers decor is also included in the package so SUPER worth it and you won’t have to spare additional expense for the decor. IMG_4789.JPG

PM me now!