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We recently bought a sofa, 2 bar stools and a dining table set from RED APPLE INTERIOR FURNITURE INTERIOR PTE LTD (IMM L3-46).

When we purchased the items, the date that was promised was 12 Sep 09. However, the salesman (FELIX) promised that he would try to arrange for the furniture to be delivered as early as possible (end August)

We had to call them up regarding the delivery at the end of August and the salesman (FELIX) was not around. We were told that the dining table set was not ready, but the other items will be delivered on 08 Sep 09.

We were told that the table will arrive on 15 Sep 09 by Felix. We stayed at home for the whole day waiting for the delivery and when we called up the delivery department at 5pm, they told us that they did not receive any delivery order. We immediately called up Felix, who then apologised, saying that he did not arrange for the delivery and that it was his FAULT

He then promised us that he will get the dining table set delivered on 24 Sep 09. He explained that the table will arrive in port on monday and it will definitely arrive on thursday. However, once again, the company informed us on 23 Sep 09 night that they are unable to deliver, when we have already made arrangements to receive the furniture. We wasted 2 days of leave waiting at home for the furniture that did not arrive.

The salesman (FELIX) did not uphold his promise and did not even bother to inform us when the dining table set was going to be late. There was basically no effort on his part to ensure that the items had arrived at port and that the items would be subsequently sent to us. His irresponsible attitude is a mere reflection of RED APPLE INTERIOR FURNITURE's nonchalant attitude and poor service to consumers.

The 2 bar stools that we purchased also were of poor quality. The paintwork did not even last 2 weeks before some parts of the paint fell off. They have since promised a replacement.

This is not the first time this has happened and let this be a reminder to all future consumers.

The dining table turned up looking like it had been in the warehouse for at least a month collecting dust. It was so dirty. This was not what was communicated to us as we were told that the table had not arrived because it was being "MADE" in Hongkong. Had to spray paint it and roast it at high temperatures a few times to ensure a good paint job.

The table was also damaged. There were cracks at the base of the pedestal holding the table tob. There were also un-removable stains on the table surface. The paint job at the foot of the pedestal was also chipped. (AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BRAND NEW TABLE)

They also botched up the delivery of the chairs. They sent 2 chairs which we ordered and another 2 just to make up numbers. These chairs were also badly stained. SAD.


Attached below are the photos of the damage




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the boss of these co. is called winter lee. from what i heard from his staff, his family is very much into furniture business. his wife's brother is toh soon huat, who used to own novena furniture.

but this chap winter lee has a very bad reputation. nx time ask and be sure the shop is not owned by winter lee.


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I experienced exactly what everyone is complaining about.... Delivery delay, date change and change, not coming no inform me make me wait and wait and home then suddenly call to say can deliver in 30mins time while I m in office. Ask me y I can't take cab home to receive the dinning table? I got an hour lunch rite? Otherwise they will reschedule delivery in few weeks time.

The table finally arrive after 2 mths but the edge of the marble top is chipped. Sales person says marble is natural stone so I cannot expect it no chip no crack etc! Huh? Anyway after much complain they promise to change it... It has been almost 2 mths now, branch manager David is still avoiding my call! Haiz....


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Can anyone advice what should I do?? Haiz... The chip part is quite serious and very obvious... I bought fr mode studio at kaki bukit.

They recently just open another branch in marina sq!! Case is really not doing their job! With all the complain above, this company still can expand and open new branch!


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I should have read this forum earlier!! Just bought a dining set at IMM red apple and they delivered the goods to me today n my blood vessels almost burst!!! the condition is so much worst than my 20 year old marble table!!! I refused to accept n they promise to replace another one to me but I doubt it would be good!
Susan, how's the status of yours, may b u should go down personally to confront the manager.
Has anyone lodged a complaint to CASE before? I called CASE today n dun think can put hope on them.
Am super super angry!!!


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Bought a dinning table and a coffee table from Mode Studio. They just deliver it 2 days ago.

They sent me display furniture instead of brand new pieces. I quarrel with the sales person over this issue. They claim it is a mistake and yet they cannot make a replacement of new furntiure.

I am screwed; take me for example. Avoid been screw by them again.

All potential home owners should avoid them all all cost.


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I had a bad experience at Red Apple, too. I got scammed by them into buying a mattress and bedframe for 2k which they promised is made of solid wood but when they sent is made of ply wood. I have very bad back ache from using the mattress and bedframe and i have to sleep with my mattress on the floor because the boards warp from my body weight. I am only 50 kg btw so it's their goods lousy. We asked for a replacement and The store manager called but he was rude and raised his voice over the phone to me and my husband. They told me to go to CASE because they will not change the product for me. I checked other forums like hwz and it seems that alot of people have bad experience at this shop. everyone should stay away
wish I had checked the forums before buying.