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anybody went to Red Apple to buy anything? I bought sofa, tv console, dining set, book shelf, coffee table from them as the salesman's service was good (couple of them as I ordered different thing at different dates), of course, price was reasonable after going around.
Delivery was promised as 3 weeks from confirmation of delivery date. We first visited them in Dec 06 to place order for Sofa, then went again couple of trips to order others (Apr 07). They can accept our far delivery date in May 07. Tat was good!
BUT, our nightmare begins here, delivery dates were postpone few times with reason of shipmt delay, cargo not loaded on ship, etc. finally on day of delivery, instead of arriving btn 4-7pm. they reached 9.30pm. the office staff called say too late to install let the men leave the "palleted" goods in our house n schedule another day for installation!!! our house was in a mess for few days. when they unpacked, all stuff was in poor condition and only thing that quality is alright is sofa but was not the color we chose!!! everything was not right. my house warming was schedule 1 week after..!! THey agreed to replace everything but it took 4 months to finally get everything done!! We have to make tripS to select alternative models again n again!!
Quality of products in showroom was really impressive but really defers when they deliver to our house, they somehow become low grade products!! Sigh!!!! payment made liao make do lah!!!! anybody can suggest any good before sales and after sales service??


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hi ladies,
there used ti have a red apple thread and i think too many people complain until the moderator remove it.

like what most people said:
1) no stock
2) delay shipment
3) late delivery
4) poor quality
5) wrong item delivered
6) wrong color
....and many more.. but these are the more common one i heard..


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everybody, pls take note there one new showroom call kinetic collection in furniture mall beach road is under the same management of red apple, winter and la cafa. Be careful!!


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Hi All...

Can anymore kind soul out there advise us about red apple?

As we are quite keen with their furniture...but...with the comments said...we hold back...........

Please help


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hi All,
im another victim of Red Apple here. Tale, i will strongly dissuade u. Both my hubby and I will not want to see another victim like us.

I agree their salesman's service were quite good & friendly at the shoowroom. But when it comes to delivery, it really sucks man!. First, delivery not on time, so they T-loan us a set of sofa & dinning set for our weddg. Finally, they sent us the furniture, but sofa not the right layout, throw cushions ultra-big, black glass got scratchmarks. And the delivery man still expect me to pay the balance. We strongly reject cuz we are not getting what we ordered.
And they said they will custom-made again, so prob another 1 mth. Today supposed to delivery the outstanding items in the afternoon. Delivery dept called and asked us what items did we order, what outstanding items?

I really cant stand the delivery dept. I wonder if they had any system to manage in fact. Its chaotic. When i called to clarify, the delivery dept person will say "I'm not the one who called you." It's not as if i will go and remember who called me, I rebuted that "It's Red Apple who called mi". The pple working there had no sense of corporate identity at all. And the auntie always sound so sian that her voice will spoilt my whole day mood1. And arent they supposed to tell me what to deliver and when? Instead of asking me what i had ordered (What is the order form copies for then?)
The worst thing is, the delivery uncle will suddenly called up and said they will deliver to our house in half an hr. Crazy, they din inform us beforehand. They can deliver to my hse any time they want, nobody will be at hme, and they will not get the balance too! What kind of service man!

Thus, i really hope more pple read our feedbacks and dissuade from going to Red Apple...else you will have HELL like us....


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Alemak, we ordered a dining table from Red Apple at IMM yesterday. Hope nothing goes wrong, keeping my fingers cross nw


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oh i ordered with Red Apple in half a yr ago, finally they delivered. It was being delayed for 3 days and after we make a big fuss finally got our stuff.

but unfortunately, all my stuff are wrong. I ordered L size dining table but they gave me S size. Also i ordered a veneer TV console they send me a wenge TV console.
Then the coffee table they sent is not the one that i want!!!!!


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Sad, i am another victim of Red Apple here. I bought sofa, tv console, dining set, coffee table from them. Here was the items that i received so far and none of them is alright. The sofa has missing parts; four dining chairs, three got defects; coffee table was lying on my living room piece by piece. The TV console is still else where.
Does any body know any ways of complaining to their management team? Or can we write to newspaper?


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Wish I had read these threads earlier. I experienced all the above mentioned plus got so upset that my wife quarrelled with me. First it was the 2 weeks delayed in delivery, then it was the many changes in delivery time, then it was the missing item, then finally the defect on one item. The missing item and repair will be delivered in 2 months. It's HELL!!! We wanted a happy CNY. And Now? If such mental stress are not your cut of tea, AVOID AT ALL COSTs. This is a ROTTEN APPLE!!!


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An update on my previous posting on 4th Feb 08. The 2 months is finally due for them to sort out the missing piece and defect item. Guess what the ROTTEN APPLE does this time? Yes, no one turned up. I called them just to receive a reply that they do not have the record and will check and get back to me. At this point, i'm giving out hope on them. Perhaps, I should just move on and buy another coffee table else where. And hopefully more people will read this and NOT BUY from this ROTTEN APPLE


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havent settled my furniture with them yet since cny. in fact, im quite scared to hear from them now, esp when there are still so many such incidents happening...wonder if they ever improved.

my hubby & i had got used to the current sofa layout tat we dun wish to change now..& aso wonder wat other kind of problems will they give us if to arrange for another delivery...its has become such a hassle & pain.

hi aspirer, just to check, have u paid for everything? if still got balance, might as well go to another one or even demand ur $$ back, since they cant deliver.


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fortunately i read this thread. just went imm to recce yday for furniture. honestly, their price is cheaper than the rest but sales abit pushy so tat put me off abit. kept telling us to book n pay downpayment first coz it takes 4 wks to deliver and they tie up with NTUClink points so they are "reputable". i was v tempted to pay for the coffee table but my hubby dissuaded me. heng ah...


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Anyone recently bought any furniture from Red Apple can give your comments, me just ordered a dining table from their Kakit Bukit Branch and served by Kenny.. seems like read this forum too late.. Thanks.


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hi han,

have they deliver things to you? was it late as well?

i just bought wardrobe from them yesterday! =(
i hope everything would be ok!

any other complaints or any successful & satisfying transaction?



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Eh, havent deliver yet, will keep you updated..


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i hate to complain, but here is my complaint...

i bought the wardrobe last last sunday (11 may)
asked the them to deliver on the next saturday, 17 may.

my order showed up on time. the men were setting up the wardrobe nicely. the quality of the wood is fine as well, just like the one we saw in IMM.

we bought a sliding wardrobe btw. it has 2 doors.

in one of the compartment, there are 2 drawers. previously, the men set it up on the left, then i said, we wanted it to be on the right. ok. then the men shifted it to the right side. (the drawers could be easily dismantled and moved)

ok.. so far so good, the men were setting up 1 side, and it was fine. come to the other side, suddenly the guys said that we're entitled to have only 4 planks, while in the invoice, we have 5 planks in our wardrobe. ok fine. 4 is fine.

theeeenn..... (not to our surprise -- after reading this kind of thread in this forum n other forum),
the men said that they did not bring enough planks (they only have 3, not 4), they did not bring a hanger, and guess what, they brought NO screw for the wardrobe. so they could not fix the doors to the wardrobe.

the worst thing that one of the man said is that "it's okay lah. like this ALSO CAN USE"
am i buying a walk in wardrobe?
is the point of having a door so that the clothes are not dusty?

then we argued a bit.. we also think no use to argue with them coz they did not have the screws with them. asked them to come back at the night. but they said they're busy.. sunday, cannot, monday, public holiday.. OK fine. so we said we want it to be set up on tuesday night. & the man said OK, they will come at 6.

so tuesday night..
i comee back from work. waited.. for... hours.
they never come.
later on my htb called them up. (the IMM shop)
they said the warehouse is closed already (abt 8+ that time)
fine. they will get back to us on wednesday.

no call.. till then my htb called them. after lunch.
it turned out that the sales man never called the warehouse. so they held him for minutes. ask him to call back after 10 mins. he never called till my htb called him back. the sales man said need more time for calling the factory, saying that he will call back in 30 mins.

30 mins, he did not call at all! did not bother to call to update about the status!

then one of my htb colleagues, who is quite fierce & bold, called the man & scolded him like mad.. =p
up to the point that the man said that they will come at 6.30 - 7 that nite.

ok. after the scolding, they did come. to fix the doors, add 2 planks and 1 hanger.

finally it's done.

just until i noticed that the doors are slanted.
asked them to fix..
they tried to fix but i guess the BASE PLATFORM is the one that is slanted!

the men who came that wed nite is quite helpful & they are not rude like the one who said that the wardrobe CAN BE USE WITHOUT DOORS & have a dont care attitude. so we let the doors to be a bit slanted though we're not 100% satisfied.

ok. the man left. and we tried to slide the doors. and we noticed :
the drawers could not be opened when it was put on the RIGHT side, because there's extra space for the door stopper!!!!!!!! arrrghh,...

the previous men (who set up on saturday) NEVER tell us about that.

so we DYI. take out the whole doors, change the planks, remove the drawer........... shifted them to one side to the other side..

im really2 disappointed that they do not have SCREWS for setting up the wardrobe. it's just a matter of screws! not even delayed shipping or whatever.

bought a bookshelf from Giant. they even said on the package that this thing have how many screws, how many planks, etc.

something is wrong with red apple's warehouse.

sorry for too much complaining. but i just cant help it..


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sorry to hear about all your complains but it must be a nightmare!!

I nearly fell over from laughing when i heard ROTTEN APPLE. Sorry, hope your situation will improve and spread the word so nobody kena same thing


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1 bought my bedroom set last year, in May
The wardrobe hanger bar came loose, cos the bracket is broken.
I called Red 'PEAR'.
Ben took my service order and told me they will come on a weekday
I told my hubby's brother to be at my house to wait for them
On the day itself, i made a call to Ben cos' the delivery chap never give me any reminder call
True enuff, they never turn up

So, we re-arranged again, however through a 'senior' stafff - Desmond
I feel more assured. But history repeat itself
No one turn up.
I told senior staff earlier on that if NO ONE TURN up, i will want the next servicing arrangement to be FREE (cos they wanted to charge me $30. He agreed

However, while arranging for the THIRD servicing, he told me the logistic dept said CANNOT.
I am not cheapskate of the $30 but it is like i am kena sabotage twice and RED PEARgaf their promises and it never came true and best part is i demand to talk to someone more superior and was given answer that their boss is in overseas lah, nid to write in to complain lah.. i get the logistic manager to call me (which turn up to be just a logistic senior that oso cannot make decision!!!!)

As i am writing now, i am still doubtful whether will they turn up today or not.

I will not consider getting any thing from RED PEAR anymore! I mean the customer servi'ce is appallable!!! At least if i get it from other companies, i tink at least i shld be able to speak to the BOSS of that company bah!

If u guys need after-service follow-up from RED PEAR, my advice is - prepare for the worst


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Ok, me kena from them also CCB

I sent the following to them:
Like to highlight to you that your service is the most screw up i ever met. Just my luck to have bought from you all, I will definetely let my friend's and neighbours know how "good" is your services.

I ordered 1 coffee table, 1 side table and 1 sofa bed from you guys on 25/8/2008 from Sungei Kadut Loop. It was promise to be delivered on 3/9/2008, on the day itself then you guys say cannot deliver the coffee table, so i accepted the Side table and Sofa Bed. Was rearrange to deliver on 6/9/2008 for the coffee table, then on Friday, i got to call you guys before i know you cannot make the delivery again! And worst the side table i recieve is of the Worst most quality i ever seen! I can tell you i bought so many items in my house and yours is the WORST!

The items is suppose to be delivered tomorrow 11/9/2008, till now, 4:44pm, no one called and confirm the timing. I called back, someone by the name of MiaoLing ask for the customer number, so i gave her the number, she called back saying me giving the wrong number, the whole damn invoice only have that number, unless you want your company reg. number or phone number. Now when i tried calling back no one pick up the phone, great! so what time is the delivery tomorrow? or should i take whole day leave and stay at home to wait for you guys to delivered some poor quality furniture?


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I consider myself a victim of Red Apple or rather their related company Mode Studio.

Similar to Edwin, I bought my bed 1 month in advance. Delivery suppose to be 16/7/08. Until I called up to confirm delivery status 1 week before delivery was I told that my bed will not arrive. They claim it was not loaded into the container for shipment. So after many phone calls of which I remained calm despite nobody answering the phone etc, I was told it will be loaded and delivered on 25/7/08.

We waited till 23/7/08, no news and I called again to confirm delivery time. Horrors, they cannot deliver before Hungry Ghost Festival starts. It was not loaded again? I was upset.

3rd delivery arrange 1st week of August08. We waited and waited. No updates on their part. Insttead we have to keep calling to confirm my bed will arrive. By now I have slept on the floor for nearly 3 weeks!

Just 1 day before they confirm will arrive. So we took delivery after all the messy logistics arrangement. We slept on the bed for 2 days before the nightmare began.

My bedframe was black so its very obvious. We had insects crwaling on the frame. Not one, many many many. All kinds but small. Then they started to go onto my bedsheets. We did inspection, horrors again. I could see from the side of the bed where there is a gap that the frame used for my bed was all rusty!!!! yukky.

I had small bites on my legs and hands and itchy. And we had blood spots tiny ones on the sheets. We sprayed the bed with insecticide then wipe down, trying to solve the problem ourselves as we expect no help from Mode Studio. It didn't work. They creepy crawlers still came out.

We finally engage Rentokil to come for site inspection. They found bedbugs and booklice on the frame. We were advise to fog the whole house for fear of infestation. Mind you, this is my new house!!!! I was so upset we contacted mode studio. Lots of pushing here and there. I insisted bed be removed that very day. I rather sleep on the floor then another night on that bed.

Despite the fact that I got a refund after the whole saga, I will never ever ever buy another piece of furniture from them.

The fact that they refuse to compensate me for any fogging because to do so will be to admit their bed is at fault is a lousy excuse. We didn't go to court as Rentokil cannot confirm that the bedbugs originated from their bed. But trust me, it was from the bed. The night their guys removed the bed, there were lots of dead insects under the bed. Resulting from us spraying a whole can of insecticide all over the bed. I have only 1 other piece of furniture in the room, my baby cot from my old house, used for the past 3 years. Where else can the huge group of insects come from???

I have no motive at all to reject the bed or even to tarnish their reptuation. I like the bed, that's why I bought it. Why would i plant bed bugs or insects on my bed to feast on my own blood and my spouse and baby's blood?

Enough said i guess. The above is an account of my personal experience with this company.

Service recovery was non-existent. Compensation was not there. I was only asking for reimbursement, not even compensation. Reimbursement for fogging and clean up yet they refuse. This is not about admitting your mistake but service recovery.


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with so many complaints and so irresponsible staffs, the best is to publish all the complaints on TODAY papers so more people will know of these B*****D animals. if i were a victim, i will make sure there will no peace for them everyday till problem is solve. bring few brothers to the shop and chase the customers out or made all the nasty comments on the spot


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Oh my bedbugs! I am waiting for my bed to arrive, its actually cloth material. now i m kinda worried.

actually i have ordered several items from them over a few occasions but i m freaking angry with them!

The workmanship was bad! & inconsistent. Delivery super not punctual, keep on delay. i m utterly disappointed with their service, alwaes promise to call back but alwaes never call back. i tried emailing to complain but no response.

I m quite worried that my bed will not be delivered on time.


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I just saw this thread !!! I am also a victim of the same company !!!! Winter furniture at IHFC , connected to Red apple

( please read the thread i pasted below, i have started a thread called Winter at Sungei kadut )

Just like what they say, the sofa looks sooooo very different in quality from the one in the show room this sofa is supposed to be a $3000 sofa man and looks so lousy when it was delivered to us!!

I had been having back aches after sitting on the sofa , now I am also wondering if it is due to the sofa having no plank underneath and only the foam ....

Everything that you all say, I experienced!!!!

Exactly the same !!!!

poor service,
wrong good, wrong colour
throw cushions not here
the stainless steel frame had two additional holes

How, I paid the full amount already leh !!!! how ? Can i get them to refund ?

Excerpt from the thread i poseted :

Sigh,I ordered a black sofa from this furniture shop ar Winter at sungei kadut in Sept that cost me $2000, then when they shipped to my house, the colour was dark blue and doesn't match my house setting, i was so pissed, they then told me will lend me this set and will order a new set for me , till now, no news of when the correct sofa will be coming. They also forgot to give me the cushions.Called the company many times to ask the GM to contact us, they say that GM very busy,and till now didn't even contact us. What the shit man ! As though we are not busy. We have to keep calling them to ask them.

now because of this sofa, I am not able to shift house and have to pay rental cos my fengshui master say got to wait for everything to be in first cos after the rituals, cannot anyhow hack or move furnitures for the first 3 months.

So pissed ! I think the service at Winter sucks!


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I AM writing to express my bad experience and dissatisfaction with Red Apple Interior and their overall quality, sales and customer service.

I ordered and purchased a bedroom set (bed frame, side tables, dresser and a wardrobe) early this year from Red Apple Interior at IMM. Delivery for the bedroom set was scheduled on 29 October 2008. However, my bedroom set came without the wardrobe. The company or the delivery team did not inform me regarding the delay until I called their sales person (Darren) at about 5PM.

Darren then arranged to deliver the wardrobe on 31 October, 3-6pm but it came after 6pm, again without informing me that the delivery team would be late until I called Darren again. This time, the wardrobe came but without the 2 built-in drawers. To make things worse, there were no less than 5 scratches and all about 10cm on the side panel of the wardrobe. Instead of changing a new side panel for me, the delivery man just used a black paint pen to cover-up the scratches. That showed that they had no intention to rectify the problem for customer but just do a simple job to cover it up and calling it a day. As for the missing drawers, it only came one week later. In total, I took 3 half day leaves instead of a half day if everything was done properly and correctly.

Since then, I had called Red Apple many times and even went to its retail outlet at IMM to ask the sales person (Darren) to rectify the problem on side panel. However, he failed to give me any solution, replacement offer or compensation.

On 20 November at 3PM (Thursday), I went to Red Apple, IMM again (for the X times) from East Area. Darren was off on that day. Thus, I spoke to one of the staff there about this issue. During the conversation, their outlet manager (Wayne) who was standing behind the counter told me to keep my volume down. Although I was talking to one of the staff with a normal tone, I believe Wayne was afraid that other customers in the outlet will come to know about their poor service. Thereafter, about 1 hour later, he called and informed that the replacement for the side panel was scheduled to be delivered and replaced on 22 November at their own time convenience and without my acknowledgement. To my surprise, nobody had ever informed me about it. I was rather disappointed with the whole incident and the rude and poor service provided, I decided to request for compensation instead since it took the company 3 weeks to inform us about such solution.

When I told them that I do not want any replacement anymore, Wayne told me that the company could only provide replacement and nothing else. I told him that I would consider writing to Forum about my experience with the company.

In the end, both Wayne and Darren agreed and promised that a compensation would be sent to me in a week’s time provided I do not write to Forum. I requested for an apology letter from the management if they do not want me to write to the Forum. The purpose is for their management to be aware of such incident(s).

To my disappointment, it has already been a month after my last conversation with Red Apple, I did not receive any apology letter nor the compensation that was promised. It seems like Red Apple’s employees have a major attitude problem. The company does not have the mindset of providing customer-oriented service. There was no proper service recovery procedure and the whole incident was certainly a bad one to encounter as a consumer. Definitely not worth the money we paid for.

Poor management, poor customer service, poor attitude, poor quality



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We are a victim too...of La Cafa. I've posted our story on

Looks like Winter, La Cafa, Red Apple, Mode Studio are all under the same mgt. Looks like they are aware of their own reputation, that's why they have shops of all different names! Usually people are proud to tell you how many branches they have, but in this case, they have to use different names in order to continue their con job!!


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This Rotten Apple is really HORRIBLE!! I was a victim in 2006 and till now i still see victims with the same problem! They ought to be punished!! I was at Furniture mall last mth at LA CAFA and i still see the sales guy whom i ordered frm in 2006. I feel like telling those ppl in the shop to avoid buying AT ALL COST!!


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OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a TV console from MODE STUDIO last saturday.

What will be my story then? So scare now....


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yup, they are horrible. heard horrendous stories from friends abt them and Winter International. Beware people.


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Another horror story...!!!

I bought 1 wardrobe, 1 shoe cabinet, 1 side table and 1 dresser from Darren @ IMM Red Apple.

wardrobe and shoe cabinet are of poor quality and easily scratched.

and when i saw the EXACT wardrobe at my downstairs HDB furniture shop for $600 LESS!!!!! Didn't dare to see how much the shoe cabinet was. super heart pain!

apparently it's not their own design.

As for the side table and dresser, they have yet to deliver and are postponing the delivery date saying that the items are not ready.

Complained to the manager, Warren and he had a really bad attitude as well. and he refused to tell me the names of the other companies that they are affliated with.

Tried to call up the delivery side to check about the items and the auntie who answered the phone was very brash and unfriendly as well.

Feel really stupid about buying stuff from them and really wondering how come they are still in business?!!!!

Please don't even consider getting anything from them. They are a really really terrible company and you will definitely regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their terms and conditions are so just sounds like they are covering their own hides...and the customer has ZERO rights and protection. I am wondering if i can just cancel the order and just forget about the dresser and side table!


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if i were you, i will surely go straight to the shop with a few buddies and ask for compensation & cancellation. will make a scence and this will surely chase the customers away. no use calling them cause they are numb already. these type of "beasts" no need give face. come on those are our hard earned money


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oh no... i just bought my sofa from them yesterday... didn't check them out before confirming the order...

they seems really terrible... sianz...

Sim> if i'm not wrong, you can bring it up to CASE.
I think i've read somewhere, no matter what a company writes on its terms and conditions, it has to be reasonable to both parties.
If not, it's not a valid terms and conditions...


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update: the dresser and side table has been delivered. Wrong model for side table and it's SUPER bad quality. The back is just a piece of ply wood STAPLED on! STAPLED?!!!! Really can't believe it!
And the finishing...don't even get me started on that?!!! It's worst than any no brand HDB furniture shop and definitely MUCH worse than IKea. The drawers on the dresser are also not aligned well.
Went back to the shop to complain today...Darren said that the company will make the right model and send it in a couple of weeks ...
Checked the display side table - the quality is much better and the wood behind is actually a solid piece...are they actually allowed to do that? To display something better than what they actually deliver??

will just wait and see ...

oh...and the shoe cabinet they sold for $390...was $250 in my downstairs HDB funiture shop..

and come to think of it..the quality of the wardrobe is also different to the display set!!

HELP!! What can do i do about this fiasco?!!


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OMG... that's really terrible...
now i'm really upset that i bought my sofa from them...
anyone bought sofa from them too?
really scared the fabric dun fit the sofa properly...
worst if they use chicken feather instead of goose feathers for the sofa set i've order...
what if they never treat the wood and the wood has got insects?!
then they will eat away my timber floor... argh!!!
really worried.
Hubby say no choice wait and see lor... unless we are willing to forfeit our deposit...


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sim chin ting,
is the side table light enough? if so, bring it to the shop and ask them to explain the difference in the quality!
cannot let this go!
they are as good as cheating consumers!! unforgivable...
also, why don't you try giving CASE a call to get advise on the matter?


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hi iris....

hmmm...cos i can't be bothered to go to Case...i had a couple of friends working there a few years ago and they told me that Case can't really do anything....

the side table is quite light...can transport easily....

hmmmm...i took pictures of the display and also the one they sent....

if they don't deliver a comparable one soon, i think i will just go to the shop every night with copies of the complaints/ discussions on all the different forums and distribute to their prospective customers...til they give a refund....oh yar...must think about what to do about the big wardrobe as well...

when is ur sofa coming again?? The delivery guys were from Myanmar....quite polite..but very keen to leave asap..u have to QC their work and make sure that they fix everything properly...don't pay till u r completely satisfied....


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JoyceS> haven't confirm the colours yet...
think will go down this weekend to confirm and get them to deliver asap...
so if anything goes wrong, still got time to change before our wedding in Oct


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shit lah.. i didnt know mode studio is under red apple as well!!!!!

I order my TV console..dinning table and coffee table from mode studio... now got to keep my fingers cross!!!


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Oh man.. you guys are making me real worried!
I ordered all my furnitures from Mode studio too, only to realise that its udner red apple after the purchased.
Bought a total 5k worth of products and paid a 1.5k deposit. I'm really scared that my items will not come on time or in good condition.

I went down to the shop last weekend and express my concern over this and the sales manager, raymond assured me that he will personally keep an eye on this case. Should i take his words??


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Had ordered a wardrobe from Mode Studio @ sungei kadut weeks back..they promised to deliver the good in 2-3 wks time. In between, had made a few calls to them checking on the exact deliver date as there is no response from them at all after the sale. Finally confirmed to deliver the good last sat. Upon arriving, realised they had delivered the wrong dimension wardrobe..screw up! (we requested for a 6ft wide wardrobe and it actually comes in 6.2ft which can't fit into our room). The delivery had to be delay AGAIN as they need to alter the wrdrobe.

Prior to the sale, had feedback my concern on the "bad" reputation of Red Apple to the sale person, he assured me that it was all in past and their service had improved...blar blar blar...

but seems like everything is still the same as mentioned in this and other forums..

late delivery
Wrong delivery of good
No follow-up
Not trustworthy

Praying that it will arrive promptly at the right DIMENSION next week...


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the wardrobe had arrived 1 wks plus back in the Right DIMENSION BUT the tainted glass (made up part of the wardrobe door) had cracks and there were small unremovable brown stain on the door...demand them to bring the doors back for replacement..again delay in delivery (they had procastinate again..). Finally it arrived takes more than a month to get a "complete" wardrobe.

Very bad experienced..and I will nvr buy things fr them anymore.