Recovering from Tonsillectomy


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hi guys,

will be going for surgery in 2 wks. Anyone else had your tonsils removed? Care to share how you minimize the recovery timing? What I have read so far is pretty horrific including my own sis account of her recovery.

Seems i will be only able to take liquid food for the 1st week. Will protein shake be okie for the throat? Also, can I exercise or will it cause bleeding?


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My friend had his removed and the doctor/nurses told him to eat lots of ice cream... it cools his throat and reduces swelling... also gets some dairy into his system. Cold fluids would also help I guess.

Take care and enjoy the time off work Milo!


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Am surprised that you have not been advised to wear "Hero" briefs hahaha

OK, jokes aside, please stop exercising during your recuperation as your body's resources are channelled to recover from the surgery. Take care!


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Hi Milo, wow, u get to eat lotsa yummie ice cream this time!!!

Me never got tonsils removed no experience to offer....but you have my spiritual support.....take care and wish u speedy recovery!!!


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ok, for those that underwent the surgery, is it worthwhile? Does it really minimize throat inflammation? For me, it has been an issue for long time. Recently, its much more frequent, each time taking at least 1 week and with fever at times. This is despite regular exercising and drinking lots of water daily.


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Finally underwent the surgery. It's not that bad... No constant pain. Just like bad sore throat. But, it tough to swallow with a swelling throat. Feeling all blocked and hard to sleep.

And eating the right food is so important. When I took ice blended protein milk shake with bananas, the mild sourness in the bananas put me through solid 20 mins of pain extending to my ears. I will have to avoid fruits completely for now!