Recommendations on Credit Card for Wedding Banquets


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Hi Brides and Future Grooms to be! I would like to share some recommendations on credit cards for wedding banquets, especially since couples would be spending more than $20,000 for the event.

I used three cards - UOB One, Citi Premiere Miles and Krisflyer AMEX. PM me for referral for Citi or Krisflyer AMEX cards for referral bonus (extra miles!).

UOB One card gives the best cashback - Make minimally 5 transactions with a total of at least $2000 consecutively for 3 months, and get $300 cashback (ie 5% rebate).

Citibank Premiere Miles has good welcome Miles bonus - 10k Miles for $3.6k spend or 40k Miles for $7.5k spend plus payment of annual fee.

I would highly recommend Krisflyer Amex too - 31k+5k Miles for $10,000 spend. All Miles accrued will be great for honeymoon options! With 35k Miles, you can score yourself a two way ticket to HK or Japan! PM me for additional free 5000miles!

All the best!