Recommendations for Wedding Photographers in Macau / Hong Kong

Rachel Tan

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Hi~ my fiancé and I are considering to do our pre-wedding photoshoot in Macau. Wondering if any of you have any good photographers / bridal studios to recommend? We do not mind local photographers or those studios who plans trips from SG. Not sure if it matters but both my fiancé and I do not speak Cantonese...


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Hi Rachel, from my past experience travelling to Hong Kong, most of the people there speak good English. So I guess language wouldn't be a problem. Enjoy your shoot!


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Hi Rachel,

Language isn't a problem when I was there. I spoke a mixture of english and chinese and got along fine. :)
We had planned the itinerary together with the local bridal store TWC prior to the wedding photoshoot in macau. You may refer to my blog here for the full list of places that we have been to. The whole photography was done in a day.
Enjoy your trip! :)