Recommendations for solemnization venue. (10 Pax only)


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I am looking for solemnization venue for a max of 10 pax.
Preferred north area / Chinese restaurant. As simple as possible.
Any recommendations??


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Empress at ACM private dining. Can accommodate 10-15pax. Min spend $1k before ++.

Can also consider Jade at Fullerton hotel. Chinese restaurant.

Stella Tham

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Can PM me the total price for the solemnization celemony + lunch?

Hi Welsoon,

If you have not found a venue, perhaps you can consider the private room of Old Hong Kong Kitchen restaurant. Order a set meal and solemnisation setup can be arranged. Can be done below $1k. Feel free to call me for more details. If you need to cater to more people, you may use The Pavilion Singapore.

Best Regards,
Stella Tham
98364803/ 97903122


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