Recommendations for solemnization venue. (10 Pax only)

Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by Pinkishhger, May 4, 2017.

  1. Pinkishhger

    Pinkishhger New Member

    I am looking for solemnization venue for a max of 10 pax.
    Preferred north area / Chinese restaurant. As simple as possible.
    Any recommendations??

  2. princessgss

    princessgss New Member

    Me too! I'm looking for a venue for 10-15 pax! Haha
  3. Pinkishhger

    Pinkishhger New Member

    Have you found a venue yet?
  4. ing1

    ing1 Member

    Try tong le private dining?
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  5. Pinkishhger

    Pinkishhger New Member

    Prefer Chinese restaurant.
  6. walkwithme

    walkwithme New Member

    Not quite in the north but I booked a 12 pax lunch with private room and ROM set up at golden peony conrad. If that venue works for you can consider
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  7. Pinkishhger

    Pinkishhger New Member

    Thank you for the recommendation. I guess I'll book Pinsi @ Yishun Safra instead. Haha.
  8. sylim.bride

    sylim.bride New Member

    Some of my shortlisted restaurants previously,
    Lei Garden @ CHJMES
    Grand Shanghai
    Peony Jade
    Peach Garden @ OCBC

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