Recommendation for Refridgerators


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Hi Aelic,

I'm using F&P fridge!
Got it few mths back and i love it!!


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which model and how much?? i am aiming for the E381T.. but the frezzer like a bit small dun dun big tub icecream can go in or not


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Have you all checked the power consumption? I am also exploring which brand to buy and the doors - 2 or 3 door type... headaches!


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i am planning to get a new fridge for my new house. But I am stuck as to what brand I should get. I had one recommendation which is Sharp. Is that good ?

I also heard that LG is not too good and that Mitsu is X.

Need ur help...


hi VL,

what are youre exact requirement?

as in do you prefer the typical 3 door fridges or do you want like the american type of fridges?

or do you have space constraints etc.

and finally what is your budget. let me know then i can advise you perhaps?


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hi Ridz,

thanks for your help and offer in advance.

there are no exact requirements because my contractor has informed me to tell him the measurement so that they can customize the cabinet which is going to be built beside the fridge.

i do not have any preference on the type of doors, or design and etc.

i need a fridge which can accomodate around 4-5 people (incl parents and when i have kids soon). So I am not sure what is the capacity to be enough for the count of people (4 to 5)?

it should be well-spacious and it should be less energy consuming. Also, the circulation should not introduce smells within the fridge. The fridge should come with a good warranty too.

i heard that those ice and water dispensers at the exterior of the fridge burns a hole in billing. is this true ?

thanks ridz, hope to hear from u soon.


hi natasha,

alright based on your requirements it seems that it would best if you would be able to take on the american 2 door side by side those type of fridges as they are usually around 600 litres of capacity for both the fridge and freezer compartments.

i must iterate that it is not necessarily true thjat those with water and ice dispenser burns a hole in the pocket in fact if you get those higher end models usually are power consuming and may consume even lesser than those without the dispensers so yueah.

if you are comfortable with a budget of about say 2500 or so this would be the one for you.

samsung side by side with water and ice dispenser
Brand Model Type Green Ticks Volume (l) Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) Estimated Energy Bill ($)

Samsung RS25KLAL Refrigerator, side by side, ice & water dispenser 2 682 869 178

this one is about 682 litres in volume capacity
uses about 869 kw per year

and appoximate $178 per annum.


676L Nett Capacity
Silver Nano Health System
The Silver Nano coating in the inner lining of the refrigerator prevents propagation of
bacteria, hence providing more hygenic storage area.
Twin Cooling System
Controls and generates cooling air for the refrigerator and freezer separately with two
independent evaporators, thus maintaining each compartment at their optimal
cooling conditions.
*Optimal humidity level
*Ideal temperature and speedy cooling
*No mixing of odors
*Energy saving
Multi-Air Flow
Tempered Glass Shelves
Digital Display and Control
Ice & Water Dispenser
CoolSelect Zone
Allows you to select the temperatre and functions that fit your lifestyle and needs.
Beverage Station
Aluminium Finishing


hi royal pika,

nice to hear from you. hey yeah thomson just released new thomson washing machine including 2 models of front loads.!!!

anyway for this sharp its not part of the green label appliances and from what i see their consumptions is kinda on a high side.

i take for example from another model yeah
Sharp SJ-41M Refrigerator 2ticks 321volume 719annual consumption 147 is the amount approx charges of electricity per annum

bear in mind this is a typical 3 door fridge with just 321 litres in capacity

in comparison

Samsung RS21NASV Refrigerator, side by side 2 557 litres 737kwh per annum 151 approximate cost

so you see taking the samsung 557 litre fride this is an american style side by side 2 door fridge is much cheaper to run than a typical small 300+ litres.

maybe you would like to have a though on this yeah?


oh yeah

in looking for a fridge try to look for those that has multi air flow that would be good. and also maybe the shelving preferably not plastics as they have a higher tendency to break. try to get like tempered glass or even better get safety glass they are stronger and for safety glass if it break it will not shatter but just crack to not so small pieces. so hence safer to handle


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Hi ridz,

thks. I had read your posting for the new Thomson WM.. wah.. that's long..

But I think I will give a miss. The front loading too ex for me. I might buy EW880

Where you get those information like ticks, annucal consumption?

Some of the fridge is very hot on the side. Like my parent LG, the door rubber very hot.

2 door better or 3 door better?


hi royal pika,

hey yeah the thomson washer is very ex but the features and the premium standing demands such a price.

and yes i got the information such as the ticks and annual consumption from the website.

and yeah the amana fridges is it?

look at this website they are located at shaw the one isetan scotts there. level 5

they have a wide range of high end products there. sometimes prices can be a bit cheaper.


acma huh,

that im not too sure. but stick to amana would be okay.

oh yeah another place that could possibly carry amana is eldric marketing. its located at the top floor of centrepoint its near that lets party shop.

and also there is another shop beside eldric marketing that might possibly also carry acma so yeah can try


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hi all,

i am not sure if this is true, pls enlighten me if i am wrong.

i heard that those fridges with ticks endorsed by nccc and with the energy consumption listed in the website are captured with the fridges being kept closed. thus, the figures may not be accurate especially when u open the fridges time to time.


well then in that case all of it wouldnt be accurate wouldnt it.

well for all consumption it can only be to as much as close to near perfect or ideal conditions. if you want to compare on the basis of which consumes more which relates to the number of times its being opened then the test figures would not be fair. cos the area factor (as in cold air loss when you open) is different and different people have differing habit so to eliminate such nitty gritty issues.

all fridges and air con they are applied in the same manner as in perfect or ideal condition.

take for example air con. if you really want to have it then it would set at 20 lor cos most consumers will set as such but the ideal conditions is to set the thermostat to be at 24 degrees then they just base the readings throughout from this criteria of 24 isnt easier?


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Anyone using F&P fridge ? Any comments on the brand, service, longevity, esp E411T ?

I heard that F&P used to be named as Kelvinator before (I hope my spelling is right), is this true ?


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I was also keen on F&P both fridge and dishwasher (so beautiful their design, but I digress) until someone told me they tend to have problems...then I read in some appliance review forum (non singapore one) and feedback is that their stuff keeps breaking down and all their ratings were quite low....however since I never owned one, I dunno if it is true. Any F&P owners care to share?

The thing is that now I am at a lost cuz I need a fridge that can open from right to left instead of the standard left to right, and also has a bottom freezer. F&P is the only one I know of that fits this need very well. Sigh....

Anyone knows any other brands I can also consider? Thanks!


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hi starchic

my parents have been using F&P fridge fpr abt 8yrs already...till now never breakdown before...maybe its just luck when u buy electrical items...even gd brand will breakdown

eg. merc is a gd car with gd engine, parts but my dad one tends to have parts like air con not working properly sometimes....also some of his frends one is working fine some are also i can say its all base on luck...

u go to a gd restaurant, u expect service to be tip top...but sometimes waitress tends to make mistake too...human being mah...even robot also can breakdown...haha


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I am using whirlpool fridge. Whirlpool and f&p are under same distributor in Singapore. Make appointment, the technician came on time. No problm with their after sales service so far....


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I am using Panasonic fridge. From wat i know, F&P is using Panasonic motor for their fridge. Hence, i choose Panasonic as price range more affordable, mine is $799 while the similar model of F&P would cost ard $1399.


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thanks for all the least now I know there are people with F&P that are satisfied. actually my mom said the same thing about the luck...


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Hi ridz,

went to Best. The salelady keep on suggesting Hitachi R-S37NVS. Say it good, it nice, it .. etc..

Then my choice Sharp V39L is old model.
Has screw behind the door Gasket.

Is the screw a very bad thing to had?


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any recommendation between Hitachi and LG brand fridge? Both cost the same for the demension 755mm series.


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hi all
i need some advises on fridge..

i actually went to Harvey norman and wanted to purchase F&P E440T. as in this forum, a lot of ppl say F&P fridge is the most energy saving. Even based on NEEC website, it seem to be too.
but the saleman actually told us F&P fridge is not energy saving. he said that F&P fridge have this active dunno wat sys which actually activate the compressor whenever u open the door. thus it consume more energy.
and NEEC rating is only based on the energy consume when u nv open the door.
and the quality of the F&P fridge is not gd. he demo how easily the rubber got tear off on the fridge?
then he recommended us on the mit MR-F45 fridge which is actually much lower price than F&P?
and he said is much better in energy saving (not true if u see the NEEC energy comparison btw both fridge)
and he say the quality of mit fridge is beta than F&P.

pls advise on his comments


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we faced the same situation as well, so we went to courts and to some of the neighbourhood appliance stores as well to enquire about the model we have in mind and the model recommended by the various sales persons to confirm what they are saying is true.

We ended up with Mitsubitshi and Toshiba fridges being the highest recommended among all the shops we visited.


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Hi Babysummer,

Then did u ask the technician to come & do a check for u? Maybe the fridge compressor has problem??

Oh btw, i bot the same model as u. Just used for ard 10 months only.


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Has anyone has experience with Panasonic fridge? Was looking at this model: NRB402V-SL priced at $949. Coz personally like those with Long door at the top & short door at the bottom.


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I am using Panasonic fridge model NR-C432D for 3 years now. Recently, i notice the frozen food (eg. meat)that i put in the freezer will have some ice on when i took out to thaw. Is this the norm? How come i never noticed it previously? Also the vegetables i put on the bottom of the fridge also had condensation on(ie wet) when i took them out. Is my fridge temperature too cold??


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anyone, using Samsung brand?

how is it? been search for good fridge, it's been the cheapest so far.. for a 300+ litres, only 500+. is it good?


i dunno about their standard fridge but i know their american style fride with side by side door the energy efficiency is very good and so far using it for more than 3 years no problems so i guess its alright.


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i decided to buy Mitsubitshi one cos' of its reputation.

i do agree it's more expensive and according to their new technology, vegetables no longer need to wrap with newspaper & they are still fresh and can keep up to 5 days.


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Anyone bought Mitsubishi Folio MR-S46M? I saw the brochure has Pure White colour and has 5 doors where 1 door is just to store ice, so no foul smell.
But made in Japan, so I think very ex.


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I am also eyeing Toshiba Lucent Series GR-L40 with 5 doors, one of which is a separate ice compartment too. It has electric touch open door. Was selling at HN at 1.7K. But the shelves not tempered glass, but plastic.

Anyone knows which brand has slim fridge less than 700mm and has 5 doors, one of which is ice compartment.
If i am not wrong, Hitachi has one model which is similar to the Toshiba fridge which you are mentioning about.

You might want to check the price at Gain City CCK as they are celebrating their 1st yr anniversay this coming weekend.

Should be a having a big slash in pricing according to a very reliable source for all ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES.


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Hitachi.. i only see 3 doors.. no 5 doors leh. as in don't have 1 dedicated compartment for ice.

which model u saw and at where?

But i cant buy fridge so early as models can obsoleted really fast and i only need them in nov/dec hee