Recommendation for Fengshui Master & Solemnisation Venue


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My fiancé and I was hoping to register our marriage on 20 May 23, would like to ask if all the brides to be here did reach out to any Fengshui master for calculations? Because it's a once in a lifetime thing, so we don't want to take it lightly. Any Fengshui master recommendations? Also, any solemnisation venue to share? I would like to only keep it intimate for our solemnisation because my dad's still very frail at the current moment :(

Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)


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Hi aleeda,

I personally used Master David Tong for my own wedding date calculation. He was pretty quick to respond, and was fuss-free. He also offers other kinds of fengshui services (e.g. looking over your HDB flat/new married home), and will also include a list of wedding traditions that the wedding couple can take reference from. His fee for calculating a wedding date was also pretty reasonable to me. For that fee, he will provide the wedding couple with a list of potential wedding dates, and you can pick whichever date is the most suitable for your schedule.

Solemnisation wise what are you looking at in terms of size? If your dad's health is a concern, perhaps having a buffet in his home would work? Wishing you the best wedding!