Recommendation for bathroom reno


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Can anyone recommend a reliable contractor for bathroom reno? need to renovate 2 bathroom for a 4room HDB flat. Normally what is the estimated cost for only 2 bathroom? Hacking tiles, paint ceiling, box up pipe, granite vanity top, top & low storage cabinet, change of toilet bowls, basins, water heater, bi-fold doors, 1 pc tamper glass shower screen. Can anyone advise?


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Hi happy.jyong

Why not send me your floorplan for a quote?
If you interested to know the quality of our workmanship, we can arrange a meet up to view a condo unit that I can currently renovating including the bathroom tiles.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

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Lucas Lau Wei Sheng
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juz to share, u can use this as a guide line.
hacking n relay for 1 toilet floor n wall plus changing of toilet bowl n basin = 3k.



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How much you will spend depends on how 'by the book' you want/need to go, and whether you are moving anything around or just replacing.

For a major overhaul, including relocating fixtures, and all done with proper permits/licensed plumber/etc, you're easily over $15,000.

For a similarly major overhaul, but with a talented handyman (and no permits), you could probably make it for 1/2 that.

Note that I am neither a handyman nor a licensed plumber--I do, however, wish you luck!