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Hi all,
will be going perth and need to know where to get air ticket at cheaper rates. Checked a few travel agency and price really steep, close to SGD800 incusive tax. Any suggestions appreciated. If possible, pls recommend rented car company too. thks thks


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Hi Tweety

How many tickets are u looking at? I may have lobang for SQ tickets. Please mail me for details



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think qantas hving Valentine Promo now.

$488 10/02/04-01/04/04, 12/04/04-27/05/04
$648 02/04/04-11/04/04, 28/05/04-30/06/04

Fares are available for sale until: 9/02/2004
Minimum and Maximum stay rules apply;

Travelling to:
* Brisbane, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney,
Minimum Stay - 0
Maximum Stay - 3MONTHS
Advance Purchase - 7DAYS

Penalties may apply. Ensure you read the fare conditions, which will be available prior to completing your booking.

When travelling to Bangkok, Frankfurt, Jakarta, Johannesburg, London, Noumea, Paris, Rome, Singapore and Taipei, the system will only accept reservations 7 days to 11 months from now.

Unless otherwise specified, these fares are valid for travel until 28 September, 2004.

Children under 12 years not accompanied by an adult 15years or over may not use this fare.Please contact Qantas Telephone sales on +65 6589 7000 to ask about alternative fares .

Infant fare enquiries - Please contact Qantas Telephone sales on +65 6589 7000 prior to completion of booking.

Customers needing special assistance should contact Qantas Internet sales on +800 0014 0014 on completion of their booking to ensure all necessary arrangements are made


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For rental of cars,get thrifty. Among all big car companies, thrifty offer cheaper ,unlimited km for small and medium cars. You can pick up the car at the air port or in the city.I can't remember how much I pay for for a week rental, I think abt S$400 or lesser


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Hi All
thks so much for yr contribution. So sad that my date don fall on the low season.
rabbitwsk, me interested in yr lobang but you din indicate yr email address.


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Hi all...

I'm also goin PErth. just wondering the quantas deal... is it the best deal or can i get better deals during natas fair?


Hi tweety, may i know when are you goin? for hol?


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I'm planning to go Melbourne in June..
Air tickets are quite ex as it's the high season..
Went to the website, very funny. They quoted $748 per pax, but when I tried the bookings, ended up plus all tax became abt 900+...

also wondering whether it will be cheaper during natas fair?


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which date u try? i try, total is S$866 per pax.

Price Breakdown
Fare - 748
Taxes - 118
Total - 866


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I tried June 18 to 25th.
Yes, the tax is $118 same... but end up for 2 pax, total is abt $1900++....


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Hi tweety,

I guess it's due to the easter break in April..long weekend, so it's high season.

The ticket $488, but after tax is $602. Can you imagine.. tax is over $100!


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Hi All,

How about air ticket to seoul?
I am travelling there on 2 April
Any cheap and safe air ticket to recommend?


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any promotion on aurfare to HKG as well?
seem cheapest is CA $250 exclude tax
I feel still high
Last yr pay onli $246,include taxes, (2-to-go) on CX


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china airlines offer to hkg is S$220 exclude tax if 2 or more travelling! and s$585 exclude tax to seoul..