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Hi all,

I have been reading up on Shakura for a good half year. I am currently intending to pursue civil suit against them. As mentioned by other users, I have also tried CASE and Small Claims but they dont't really handle such cases. I wish to share my story and hope my journey against Shakura may help others here who are affected. It is my personal story and I have pictures and recordings as evidences.

I started with a Groupon or trial early April 2014 (been some time and I can't remember the price). I have tried other beauty solutions for pigmentation like soft laser, IPL, E-light etc from various beauty salons but I dont't see improvement. So I decided to try Shakura. Paid $1300 for 10 sessions of milk peeling (I think that's what it's called). The specialist said it's the first stage (out of 3 stages) of their pigmentation programme. The next stage is healing followed by final stage of actual removal of pigmentation. Reason given was that spots needed to be soften and skin needed to be "healed" optimally before removal.

From 10 April 2014 to 3 August 2015, I did 4 sessions. On the 5th session on 13 August 2015, I complained that there's no improvement before my treatment started, so they suggested to upgrade my package to 10 sessions of "healing". Paid an additional $2140. On top of that they suggested to do a "skin test" to see if my skin was suitable to do the third stage "removal". To my understanding, a skin test does not involve invasive procedures or harmful side effects. The consultant also did not explain what the skin test is about (as in what are the procedures and machine/substances used). During the facial, my eyes were covered with cotton pads/tissue. The skin test process started with application of substance. After a while, I felt the therapist using some object to scrap the spot they decided to test on. It was painful but I did not stop them as I thought it was part of the necessary process just like IPL hurts too. After some scraping, the therapist put a soaked cotton pad over the "tested area" for some time. Then mask followed. After the facial, I was horrified to see myself in the mirror in the facial room! There was a "red mark" on the "tested area"! I confronted my consultant, she assured it will go away after a few days. So I waited a few days. It turned out bad. The "red mark" became a scab, resembling the hardened skin that forms after a scratch or cut and bleeding. I went to see my consultant. This time she said it'll go away after a week. I waited again. But I took pics of the scab everyday or every few days to document the changes. Horrified, the scab now became a crater on my face!!! It was so obvious the part that was "tested" became an ugly depression on my face and I was ashamed to go out! I went to the outlet to confront my consultant but she happened to be off work. Another specialist spoke to me and this time, she said it'll take a month or two for the skin to heal depending on individual. I taped our conversation. I know the recording will be of use someday. I was wary of them already.

By then it was Sept or Oct 2015 already and they have been feeding me with lies of my skin healing in time to come but yet will not give me an exact time when my wound will heal. Then after I told them I'm gonna pursue the matter with CASE and Small Claims, they offered me 10 free sessions of "healing" to aid the process of my skin returning to what it used to be. I did intensive sessions weekly. There wasn't any improvements. After 10 sessions and my skin still has the scar. They claimed the scar was no longer as bad as before. But I insisted they had obliged to restore my face. But they said there was nothing else they would do free for me anymore. They even had the cheek to ask me to continue my "healing" package so that my scar can improve! I was so mad! I told them there's no way I'm gonna use my own money to pay to repair the damage they have done to my face. It was absurd to the core!

I told them I wanted a refund. They burdened me with all the terms and conditions etc in the receipt I signed. $50 admin fee will be charged, plus a 20% deduction from my balance worth. I refused their terms. Spent a lot of time and wasted trips to the salon arguing with them. The final settlement with them in Dec 2015 was the full refund of my package but had to deduct the $50 admin fee. But they said in order to get the refund, I am to sign an agreement that frees them from all liabilities after the refund is given. I hesitated and dragged the issue til now as I have found a law firm that's willing to take my case and is confident of winning. All I needed was a certified doctor's diagnosis in black and white. I have been to polyclinic then specialist at govt hospital to review my face. I am very certain the dermatologist wrote "scar" in his diagnosis. But his diagnosis was brief. I am currently looking at having a second diagnosis.

Just to share, the scar is still on my face up til now. But through many months of proper face care (zero beauty salon facials), I'm glad it helped to make the scar less obvious. Nonetheless, it's still there and I'm still upset with Shakura. I hope my experience will shed some light on their facials.

Meanwhile if anyone has a reputable and not expensive dermatology specialist to reccommend for my second diagnosis, please do let me know.

Anni Goh

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Hi Amanda,

Sorry to hear what you have been through.. I might have something to recommend you. If you don't mind trying and is definitely way more cheaper and safer as well.. If you don't mind, I can share with you more. :)