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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by buzz, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. buzz

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  2. shoppingger

    shoppingger Member

    hi, this is a new addition to the banquet list. suitable for smaller weddings, with it's max capacity at 26 tables.

    anyone has attended a wedding there or is considering to hold your wedding there? reviews please

    they're having a roadshow at Vivo this weekend and the rates look attractive!
  3. Trivium

    Trivium New Member

    very nice place, and new!
  4. leaningpisa

    leaningpisa New Member

    I've signed up with them! Banquet will be next June. Nice place, very new, rates are reasonable
  5. chupacushion

    chupacushion New Member

    Hi leaningpisa

    You will be having your banquet at which ballroom, your next June meaning is June 2014? Mind to share more with me as I am considering if I should sign up with them. TIA
  6. deloresyam

    deloresyam Member

    I am considering this place as well. Balestier Ballroom look very nice.
    Any good promo from them on top of the standard one?
  7. leaningpisa

    leaningpisa New Member

    Hihi, yes my banquet will be on June 2014. I think the package is very reasonable, though ours a lunch banquet, the hotel allows us to use weekday dinner menu for weekend lunch (one more dish for dinner). We managed to ask for another barrel of free beer, also asked them to waived off the wine corkage. As the hotel doesn't serve sharkfin (in US, they are not allowed to have sharkfin), they also giving us a choice if we really need sharkfin soup. At No additional charge! Hope this information serves well.
  8. deloresyam

    deloresyam Member

    Leaningpisa, thanks for the info.
    Wow thats very nice of them.
    Do you know if they serve pork? My HTB wants piglets leh....

    Are you going to have your solemnization at Ramada before your dinner?
  9. leaningpisa

    leaningpisa New Member

    Hi Deloresyam, I'm not too sure about serving pork. Most of the menu are seafood. Initially wanted to have solemization before lunch, in the end we decided to have ROM this year. For solemization, you can have it at poolside.
  10. leaningpisa

    leaningpisa New Member

    By the way, our ballroom is Balestier ballroom. I like the smaller room too, ceiling to floor glass windows! Can see lotsa greeneries, however that room can only accommodate less than 20 tables n the ceiling is low
  11. deloresyam

    deloresyam Member

    I have asked May about the piglet and she confirmed that she can check for me. But their 2014 banquet price is higher already :(
    So now the banquet is more exp... Somore no wine for each confirmed table or free flow beer. So it is kind of exp if I compare it with other hotels located at orchard.
  12. deloresyam

    deloresyam Member

    Leaningpisa, I am very particular about the heights of my ballroom. So I will stick to Balestier Ballroom and I have already checked its available on the date I want... Now we are considering if we should go for it because the price increased...
  13. deloresyam

    deloresyam Member

    May has left Ramada and someone else replaces.
    Apparently theres no communications between them. Better double check everything just to be safe.
    You dont need to hv heart attack last min.
  14. leaningpisa

    leaningpisa New Member

    Hi, ya, I got an email from MAy, she has cc her coordinator n boss in that email too. Hope everything is fine
  15. leaningpisa

    leaningpisa New Member

    Hi, ya, I got an email from MAy, she has cc her coordinator n boss in that email too. Hope everything is fine
  16. deloresyam

    deloresyam Member

    Do double check because they mixed up my new wedding date with my new wedding date...
  17. fsadeli

    fsadeli Member

    Hi could you share the package and rate? Curious to know... Fsadeli@gmail.com
  18. Gumiho9

    Gumiho9 New Member

    Hi did anyone tasted their banquet food before? I'm worried about the food cause the hotel is new and no one seems to comment on it.
    They don't have a suite room as well. And the food they cooked is non-halal so which means i can't invite malay friends.
  19. suigen

    suigen New Member

    Gumiho9 ... sigh.... the same questions are gg through my head.

    Find the room quite small.

    @Leaningpisa is May from the Sales team ? Did u sign up before end of April?
  20. leaningpisa

    leaningpisa New Member

    Yup, went to sign in April with May.
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  21. deloresyam

    deloresyam Member

    Yea... everyone is wondering too. I hv not sign up. Sud be signing up soon but I really scared I make a mistake. After all they are still new, price wise, nothing to shout about.
  22. arianna_james

    arianna_james Member

    Anyone signed up with them recently?
    Anyone went to their wedding?
    Wondering if they are any good...
  23. Mary Brown

    Mary Brown New Member

    I personally attended a wedding dinner recently at Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park which is a newly built hotel, therefore the ballroom was beautifully decorated with a cosy ambience.

    Unfortunately, it was also the lack of experience from the banquet team that practically ruined the whole dining experience. First of all, what is a wedding banquet without a proper march-in display for the starter course? Absolutely nothing?! The time interval for the food served for each course was rather inconsistence. I have not finish my fish when they started to dish out the next course. They finally made me wait for about 30mins for the dessert to be served.

    It does not help when most of the banquet staff were young students and struggled to cope with the heavy plates and bowls. Their lack of trainings and inexperience were exposed when a few times they served the food without distributing out new plates to us. I was keeping an eye for myself when they weaved around the narrow gaps between the tables to serve food and drinks in a unsteady manner. It was not long before accidental spillage of wine hit 2 guests. There was a commotion between the banquet supervisor and the banquet staff right in front of us (How unprofessional!). The groom even had to drag them out of the ballroom to settle their dispute.

    I heard from the groom that there was a major screw up from the hotel in the march-in for the started course. Due to the new start up, he had difficulties to get help from the hotel in IT support in terms of the video and audio equipment.

    It was not all bad experience after all. Certain dishes was delicious and unique as compare to other banquet dinner I have attended. Personally, I would not want to take chances on a new hotel established for my own wedding. The embarrassments of a disastrous wedding dinner was too much to bare for a newlywed.
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  24. arianna_james

    arianna_james Member

    That's very worrying...
  25. Ramada Singapore

    Ramada Singapore New Member

    Dear Mary Brown,

    Thank you for your constructive feedback. We regret and sincerely apologise for the incident last weekend.

    Our team has already been in touch with the wedding couple and the guests affected to provide whatever support we could. It has been appalling for us to learn of the series of events and after reading your observations from a guest’s point of view, we are further mortified. To make excuses for this would be unacceptable. We have reviewed our procedures, training as well as employee decorum and measures will be put in place to ensure there are no reoccurrences.

    We would like to reassure you that since the opening of the Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park two months ago, we have held close to twenty wedding and solemnization celebrations with many compliments and this unfortunate incident is one of its kind.

    Once again, we thank you for providing your views.

    With best regards,
    Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park
  26. jo104

    jo104 New Member

    Hi Mary Brown, thanks for your comments. Anyone else attend their ROM's buffet lunch or high tea? How is their foods and decoration? I'm considering either Ramada hotel or Furama City Centre to have my ROM + AD. So far i haven't got chance to see the venue for Ramada, i got the quote from them but they never invite us for come down to view the site and have further discuss. Their sales for banquet side is quite slow response on my enquiry which can be improve. For Furama City Centre, they are quite prompt reply on my enquiry and i managed to them and went to see the venue already. The venue is quite convenient and consider good. But, the price is expensive than Ramada Hotel. So, i am thinking, If want save some money, can go for Ramada Hotel. But, from their quotation, its mentioned the price can be change anytime without prior notice which i quite worry about. Wish to see more people give more feedback for Ramada Hotel, so will not regret to choose them.
  27. Mary Brown

    Mary Brown New Member

    Hi jo104, personally I think it is important to choose the right hotel which fits your budget. But sometimes, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. The last thing you would ever want is for your wedding dinner to turn into another unfortunate incident which is one of its kind...

    Happy hotel hunting... ;)
  28. EQ28

    EQ28 New Member

    Hi , does anyone ever goes there nowadays ?
  29. MiniRose

    MiniRose New Member

    Apparently, yes. A few of my shortlisted dates next year were already taken up. Juz wanna ask if anyone can provide review on Ramada wedding dinner?
  30. Kiki0208

    Kiki0208 New Member

    Hi I m btb in less than 2 weeks time. Signed up with Ramada and hope everythg goes well. So far the coordination with them is gd. Keeping my finger crossed.
  31. theelf

    theelf New Member

    i had my ROM lunch at Ramada last sunday and i was very pleased with everything. the coordination staff were good and helpful. the buffet line looked better than i expected and the event lawn was so pretty! I didn't have to worry about anything at all! Food was good and in generous
  32. sagua

    sagua New Member

    Hi can i know the your solminzation package and picture by email at sg_mtr@hotmail.sg

  33. missycher

    missycher New Member

    I went to their wedding open house last sat and managed to taste some of the food, it is very nice and very different from the usual banquet food. Options of the food choices not as much as when they first started in 2013, prices are much more expensive now.

    Owen who we signed up with is pretty nice and assuring. Keeping my fingers crossed that the service level will continue. I signed up for their wedding lunch for next year.
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  34. Jiawen03

    Jiawen03 New Member

    Hi, do you mind share ur wedding lunch package? please email me at jwerita@gmail.com

  35. tobiie

    tobiie New Member

    Since our first visit, my htb & me fall in love the high ceiling pillarless ballroom with well maintained hotel interior, well since its so new. Hotel offers a selection of themes and allow the customisation of table clothes. Hotel staffs we encountered were polite, approachable and especially owen whom have patience clear our many questions. Been to my other hotels and none gave us such warm feeling. Oh not forgetting their chef who is from hilton, whip up very nice satay chicken. And yes, we have signed for a wedding lunch package with them.
  36. missycher

    missycher New Member

    You signed with Owen too! I totally agree with you on the warm feeling.

    When is your AD lunch? I like their ballroom but I only intended to take have a cosy wedding lunch so took their function room instead.
  37. missycher

    missycher New Member

  38. tobiie

    tobiie New Member

    On 02 oct 2016. What about you when is your big day?
  39. missycher

    missycher New Member

    Mine was exactly one week before yours, 25 Sept 2016.
  40. Hayday30

    Hayday30 New Member

    Hi.. Care to share your lunch package details? florencelisl30@gmail.com
  41. pikoapple

    pikoapple New Member

    I signed up with Owen too! His service is good so far, responsive and polite.
  42. Maruz

    Maruz New Member

    Hi can you babes send me the wedding packages for Ramadan Zhongshan... So interested in it at tricialai@hotmail.com. Thanks
  43. alkoll

    alkoll New Member

    Just wanna know if anyone considered this location? Is the food and service good?
  44. bellebelle8688

    bellebelle8688 New Member

    My wedding will be there next year, food is not bad when i have taste some during their wedding open house, location wise you can let your guest know there is a shuttle bus from novena square.
  45. Rainee03

    Rainee03 New Member

    We recently had our wedding banquet at Ramada Hotel.

    We would like to thank Owen Yee, our Catering Sales Manager in Ramada Hotel. From the first time we met him, he was very accommodating and friendly. We immediately felt his sincerity to help us with our needs. At first we were supposed to get the Zhongshan Ballroom but Owen managed to pull some strings for us to use Balestier Ballroom.

    One of the reason’s why we chose Ramada is because of Owen :)

    We didn’t have any difficulty talking to him which made the entire process smooth. He always have to adjust his time in order to meet us during the planning stage. He is very responsible and he made sure everything is settled before he goes on leave.

    We were impressed with Owen's attitude and his passion to help us achieve the wedding that we wanted. We are very lucky to have him.

    We also would like to thank all the staffs in Ramada specially on our wedding banquet. Jayden, who is very professional, the program run smoothly thanks to him. Tasneem who guided and taught me how to walk properly for our march-in. Ms. Hong, Cindy and Sankary, they are all cheerful and friendly, they made sure we have a pleasant food experience at Flavours in Zhongshan.

    We are so happy with the whole experience and our guests are satisfied too! Alot of our friends commented the food is good compared to other wedding banquet they attended.

    We recommend Ramada Hotel to all those looking for a venue for their wedding!

  46. eonshe

    eonshe New Member

    hi~ can pm me yr banquet rate details at ramada? it is one of the options of mine, thank you :)
  47. X_Y

    X_Y New Member


    Can pm the rates as well? I'm interested as well.

    Thanks in advance!
  48. jensmurf

    jensmurf Member

    Dear all
    Can someone share me the link for their wedding at Ramada since I am thinking to sign up with them soon?

  49. MTT

    MTT New Member

    Just held my wedding at Ramada on 7th of May. Everything went smoothly with the help of Owen and his team. Food standard are way better than 5 stars hotel and we definitely impressed all our guests with our beautiful ballroom and finger licking foods . We signed up with Ramada is because we are very happy with Owen service . A man who has so much passion in his job , he is sincere and friendly. Always there to assist us with our enquiries and concerns. He is very different from those managers that we met at other hotels. He set the standard high and I doubt I can find someone better than him to help us with our wedding. I am very sure he is going to handle my wedding well and he didn't disappointed us. A big thank to Owen Yee and his team for the wonderful wedding. If you plan to hold your wedding or function at Ramada ,find Owen! He will give you his best service and ensure you have a good time there.Ramada is very lucky to get such a great catering manager.Cheers!
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  50. silverluv

    silverluv New Member

    We would like to specially thank Owen Yee, the catering sales manager. Owen is very patient, responsible, accommodating and will go extra mile to meet all our requests. Throughout all the discussion with Owen, we feel very comfortable and he is more like a friend to us. We chose Ramada Hotel mainly is because of Owen and we did not regret it. What impressed us is Owen's attitude and his work passion, he always reply us promptly even when he is on leave, and he gives us a lot of advice too. He is the best wedding coordinator with excellent service! We are really thankful to have him as our wedding coordinator. Our guests keep praising that the banquet food was very delicious, and so much better than other banquet that they went to.
    We are so satisfied with Owen’s service and we strongly recommend Owen Yee and Ramada Hotel to couples! All the best Owen!! =)

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