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hi ladies,

fyi, we managed to serve our 1st dish @ 8:30pm. after the ROM which begin @ 8pm. so actually, our guests were quite punctual. meaning s'porean can b punctual if they wanna to be...


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Hi Wise

Great to hear from you!! Very happy for you

Thanks for your advice as well.
And dun forget tis thread okie..


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Hi Wise,

I am new to this thread and want to find out more about rhemavideo that u use for your AD.

how was your trip to korea it must quite cold now.

i read that there were problem with playing the dvd on the projector. was it the video highlights or the photo montage? Any concerns with their service? how much was ur package and what does it include?



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Hi christine

Maybe u would like to ask RTC to fax or email the package to u?.. As for the rest of the questions u have to wait til wise and acbaby get back from their honeymoon to answer you already.

Wise and Acbaby
coming back soon???.. muz be having a great time don't wan to come back already ah??...hehe..

Acbaby, din hear anything about your wedding. Maybe u can update us a bit after your trip?


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Hi Ladies,

Gam-sa-ham-ni-da (greeting in korean).

mi back loh. yeap, korea is cold. the temp was b/w 0~7 degree.

hi christine,
welcome. please email me if you wanna know more abt rhemavideo. coz this is a RTC thread. ;p

[email protected]

yes, on that day, rhemavideo bght their VCD player down & thank god the player was working....


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Hi Wise,

Thanks for sharing...
Glad that your dinner and everything went well.
You can finally now take a good rest.. after all the preparations!
Must have had a fabulous time in Korea..

So which colour theme did you eventually settle for? Was it enough or did you top up on the decor?

It must be a huge relief now that everything's ok.


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welcome Wise!!!!!!

Korea cold ah? We r thinking of going to Korea or Maurituis (My dream) or NZ. Heard that Korea is a good place for HM...any comments?


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Hi SweetPea,

Yeap, korea was cold n windy. mi super oily face olso b'came dry.

actually, we wanna to see snow & ski. but there were no snow even the temp was b/w 0~7 degree. Tour guide said that this yr winter/ snow is late can only see end of the mth. we did ski, had lotsa fun & blue black... coz cannot balance kept falling.... ha haa.

our this trip was kinda rush, not really suitable for honeymoon. may b u wanna to email me to share wif u more on the trip?

[email protected]...



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Hi everybody! Greetings from ACBABY... im back from Marrituas!!! Beautiful island, had a great time and a great rest and spent a lot : (

Wedding Banquet at RTC was a success... we had many compliments about the food served!!! My parents were exceptionally happy.... cos all their guest even muslim gave tumbs up! The groom presented a speech.. the bride myself presented a long rock heart speech (which i prepared like months ago) that made my friends and family cried!!! (and i sound like a man becos i lost my voice!!!).. but was happy and shock tht i can finish the whole speech without crying myself

Got many compliments for the photo albums and also the gowns that I have made for the event..so overall its indeed a memorable and reli nice one.. becos everything went on reli fine.. juz tht i was feeling tired and headache even before the event started.... i lost my voice for a week+ since then and my hubby worst vomitted since morning and was having a bad stomache....so tht reli kind of freak us up

For new brides to be... for RTC... the food is reli good so dun worry, mine was the (weekend package) service we got was very good too.. the bqt captain and manager is very experience so no worries abt this part too .... DECO, is better then i expected! My hubby help me to oversee the set up and i think the club ppls also listen enough of my complains so all the flowers and the gold theme and candle etc is to my expectation so i give RTC an A* for the set up! as for montage presentation and projector issue.. mine was okie.. but i guess for DVD or CD-R copy, please save a soft copy in ur laptop, dun juz play from the CD itself becos it will jerk due to huge files reading etc etc ... so tht will play the trick...

i have a website which I will be sharing our photos etc ... so my hubby will be posting our albums and honeymoon pics soon like the next 1-2 weeks... juz in case i nvr drop by to update becos i have alot to clear at work =( sob sob then my boss suddenly ask me to organize a christmas party at her house this weekend (stressed!) okie got to go..

this is the website address, youall can feel free to drop by to check if its updated in the next few days , weeks....... cheers


anymore questions, feel free to send your email to me at [email protected]

I try to get back to you as soon as i can


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I saw the word 'baby' somemore his name also same initials..so tot is he..hehehe..he told me is u..
BTW congrats! Sorry that i miss ur wedding... :|


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Congrats C.K.W! RTC is one of my fav wedding dnrs I attended. Kinda sick of attending hotel banquets cos its typical.

Really glad urs is success cos I saw some bad comments in some posts. But I tink it really depends on individual n luck
Did u manage to break even? Kinda worry that if I were to have a dnr in a club, angbao wise n cost etc will lead to having great lost on our side.....


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Hi yo....

hMM.. I think RTC did a great job but a word of advice for newly bride and groom... dun leave everything to a vendor, I think most impt is that you must have a concept/a theme of what you want.. unless you want to remain simple meaning what you see is what you get.. tht goes same to hotel dinner etc...

Someone drop me a personal message to ask me about the ang bao as well... we didnt break even.. we lost about 3k. In our invitation card it stated is BALLROOM... and well I think guest should determine themselves.. Ballroom and Resturant dinners are different ... (although the head chefs are the same I suppose)... Raffles Town Club is a club located in town may not be a 5 star hotel but to me I felt that its more a personal, exclusive club.. i.e not so crowd and busy like hotel most of the time and the ballroom is also very "personal" with a nice stairway and foyer... but again its reli depend on how guest determines.....

We met a couple at our Honeymoon in Mariutas and they held their wedding in one of the hotel in town too and lost about 3k. So frankly.... its about the date choosen.... ours is almost in the middle on the month so you of cos some angbao become smaller too i guess .. hahaha...

Hope that helps...



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Thanx so much forthe info. $3k still ok, ur guest are pretty generous I shld say. Did u all take into consideration the tables ur hubby give to ur parents? Tink those who lost alot throw their dnr at 5 star hotels. If wan grand then no choice gotta part with $ ya? At least chinese get angbaos, think other ctries they get gifts back, lost even more than us. I kept consoling myself dat, kkekek!

Resturant is jus paying for food only lo, RTC is paying for both venue n food la to me. When we were invited to RTC for the wedding, alot of us felt refreshed cos always go hotel for dnr n so sian...company D&D oso hotel mah.

Ok, shall remember to throw dnr on a day which is beginning of the mth kekekek or maybe mth end..


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all accounted in and total lost 3k...
yap 3k lost is still okie lah.. looking at today economy.. hahaha... well try holding it like beginning or the end of the month from 28th onwards maybe can breakeven.. hahaha

for venue wise .. it reli have to depends alot on personal preference i shld say...



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Am helping a friend consider Raffles Town Club for her wedding... Is it compulsory that you must be a member in order to book the ballroom? Or can I book it using a friend's membership card?

In terms of cost, is it about the same as a restaurant or a 5-star hotel?



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You can call RTC directly and talk to Bqt sales. if u have ur friend membership card no. good then you can arrange to be book via referral of ur friend .. if not talk to Terence and see what can be done....

for pricing - RTC price is about hotel pricing, per table $600 /$700 depends on weekdays or weekend menu...

hope this helps.



may i know if anyone has taken your outdoor photoshoot at RTC?

also, is it possible to take pic at the vicinity on the actual day itself?


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Hi blue angel and wise,
can i ask how much your packages are? and do u need to be a member to hold WD at RTC?

could i see any pics u have taken on ur AD?



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Hi Sweetipie,

i've taken mi PS @ RTC. think need to write a letter to inform Terrance abt the usage for fotoshoot. for mi actual day, was too tired. so after check into room rest all the way till BQT start.

Hi Jules,
may b u wanna to call terrance to check? not sure if my rates are still the same. as it was last year & i signed up during bridal fair. per table price is abt the same liked 5-star hotel.


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hi everyone

are u all aware of the verdict for the court case against RTC? they have to pay each member $1000 and there are about 5000 members to pay....
wondering how it wld affect them leh...... that works out to be $5 mil... do u all think they can weather it thru smoothly? quite worried cos i booked with them but wedding is next yr.....


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It was on the papers... cant remember whether thur or wed.... think it's thur

Not a big article though that's why i think most pple missed it. They had some comments from the members, who originally asked for 19k each. But RTC did not comment leh....

anyone has any idea the financial 'strength' of RTC??... =P


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Oh yah

anyone has any idea whether RTC is going to have bridal fair again in March?? Would like to atttend it again....


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Hello Ladies

Not been here for a long time..nice to see u pple happy and hehe some happily married
Hi Blue Angel...when is ur AD? mine is 9 July. Now getting kan chiong already.

Hello Wise.. good to see u ard! Pretty busy so haven't come to forum for a while.


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Halo again,

Nice to see u here again sweetpea. How's ur prep? all done? I think Blue Angel's AD was over.... she's last yr's July bride i think.

juz wan to add regarding the court case, I think it won't affect RTC much... cos I'm sure the club has enough to tide it over. $5 mil shouldn't be a problem... =P juz their piece of land + their assets, i believe, would be worth hundreds of mil... juz my tots...

I think wise very busy.... cos still waiting for her photos leh...hehehe... =P


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Hello SweetPea & Shelyn,

sorry, am BZ wif reno stuff. just selected a flat & will be getting keys in 3mths time.

Did u ladies check wif Terrance? wat was his reply? @ least he should b able to assure some things.

ladies, u must b having cold feet huh?? AD drawing near loh!! so when is yr food tasting?

need lobang for printing of cards? + red wine?


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Hi ladies,

Just wanna to share.

It had been 3 mths & pple tell mi they Njoy & remember my wedding. the common reply were:

1) It held @ a club
2) ROM + dinner together
3) cartoon montage
4) roses for the ladies

hope these info helps.


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I have booked RTC for my wedding in September 2005. Was very impressed with the Staff there just by speaking to the staff .

Anyone have any good suggestions for weddings there and comments

Hope everything goes well.


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Hi Wise,

Still remember me? My time is drawing near...so fast hor..

I am going for my food tasting and choosing my wedding card. Terence told me that there are 2 types of card; Chinese type (pink) or Western type (Cream).

Which one did you pick?
Did you have any soft copy of your invitation card?


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Hi Evelyn,

Nice to c u again. how's yr prepartaion? must b excited yah!

not sure if RTC still used the same design. I took 50% of each. :p pink for relatives & cream for friends. the printing cost same coz the size of card are the same for both col. i used Hi-tech to print. cheap & good.

i lost my soft copy of the card. but no worries. will go back & scan a copy of both for u. can leave or PM me your email add. but can only email u on thu. ok?

actaully, you can request for "sample" of wedd card fm terrance.


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Hi Shelyn,
Tks so much. so how's yr preparation?

Hi Evelyn,
Tink u can get fm Shelyn... ke keee...

Hi Jean,
at least one task off the list after u selected RTC.... so when r u back?

Hi Daphne,
Welcome. what type of banquet? sit down or buffet?


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Hi Wise,

Have been very busy... I jus got my house key and just went for photoshoot last Friday. That was very tiring.

Now, rushing to get renovation for my house...
So how's marriage life?