Quick Sale!! Authentic LV Damier card/coin/key holder at $179 only!

Authenticity Guaranteed! Quick Sale!! $179 only!!
Very good condition as well maintained and used with great care.
Kept in the bag most of the time.
Slight tarnish at zipper which is unavoidable.
This beautiful damier card/coin pochette cles comes with a key ring
which u can also use it as a key purse.
It is suitable to put in cards, coins and key.
Very practical and suitable for daily use.

Comes with LV dustbag, LV box and LV paperbag.

Please PM me if keen!

Bag Details
1. Classic LV Damier Canvas Model M62650 with zipper closure
2. Golden brass chain strap
3. Leather lining with heat embossed Louis Vuitton Paris
4. Made in France stamp and product code
5. LV engraved polished brass trimmings; Hand clutch
6. Elegant chic card/coin/key accessories pochette
7. Dimensions: 5" x 2.5"


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