Question about Cracked Ceiling ?

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    Hey ppl,

    Seeking for some advices.

    Previously when I got my new place, My neighbour at the unit above me had the toilet water-proofing problem and caused some water stains on my ceiling. I informed HDB and the problem was solved with goodwill by them as I got my unit from them for just a few months then.

    Then I believe the ex owners sold their unit to someone new or carried out a major renovation.

    There were hacking work done last month and currently, their renovation work is in the final phrase (Painting and touching up).

    Yesterday I got a shock when I discovered that there were alot of water stains on my ceiling which wasn't there previously. It spreaded from the kitchen (Toilet area) to my master bedroom, guest room and living room. Also apalled to find cracks on the ceiling of my guestroom, living room and light box.

    My unit just completed it's renovation in feb this year and everything was in good condition with a fresh coat of paint prior to these.

    Believe they drilled too deep when they were doing the hacking and as while they were carrying out their job, I actually notice my down lights slightly displaced from it's slots and I had to push it back.

    I called up the contractor and told him about it and he mentioned that he will send someone down this evening to take a look. I had also reflected the matter to HDB as I wanna keep a record of what happened. The Technical officer from HDB told me that he would be issuing in writing to the Contractor and get them to revert to me.

    I was thinking if anyone can advise what other stuffs that I should look out for when confronting the contractor tonight as I understand such water stain problem can be recurring if the water proofing work was not done properly and the crappy part is, they had laid the new tiles when I went up to see yesterday. It's a headache and I just hope that all these can be solved once and for all sighz.

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    Aiyoh .... I am not a contractor but had seen and experience issue. Difficult tiles already laid .... proper water proofing must lay coating before installing tiles.
    Good luck.
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    This is a case of your neighbor's contractor doing a bad water proofing job. So, the contractor is fully liable to damages and repairs. It isn't your fault, and it is impossible for you to endure or ignore this. It is unfortunate but it cannot be avoided. Probably, spending time to socialize with your neighbor would help. That's how i got to know my neighbors above and below. The water leak was so bad that it spread down 2 floors below mine. 3 units affected in all ! There are some friction as the neighbor was harassing me regularly to push the neighbor above to take actions. That was during Xmas New Year, CNY period, the owners weren't even in SG most of the time, with only a helper at home. So, there is nothing much anyone could do, contractors are also not taking jobs during the period and we were also victims of the leak.
    We have to look beyond the issue and build the good relationship as you are neighbors, it will benefit everyone in the long run this way.

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