Queenie Cong Makeover

Queenie Cong

Makeup Artist
Queenie has been a makeup artist for six years, and believes that the most important thing in the fashion industry is having an eye for beauty. Everyone has a unique look, and a makeup artist needs to use her eyes to highlight the special features of each client.

Queenie has a variety of experience working on brides, magazines, artistes for Star Awards Singapore, dramas, commercials, and variety shows. Versatile in different makeup styles according to client needs, Queenie could give clients the latest looks or suit the setting of a drama production. On top of this, she upgrades herself at least once a year by taking up classes in makeup technique, hairstyling, and fashion.

Using products from high-end brands like Tom Ford, Dior, and Cle De Peau, she hopes to elevate her clients into stunning stars by giving them an extra touch of stardust on their unique features. Makeup is not meant to transform you into another person. She will make each of her brides look stunning on her life’s most important day.