Purr Organic Facial


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hey ladies,
I have tried this Aloe and Jojoba cream. Its said to have the highest concentration of Aloe Vera on the market.
I tried it and you can feel the effects right away. Plus, its organic and chemical free.
No fragrence. Just Aloe. .its called the Aloe and Jojoba Cream Therapy, and the website is madefromearth.com . . .definitely my new favorite body lotion. . .


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Has anyone tried MIcabella mineral make up? I have there eye shadows and they are amazing ...i love them honestly even more so then Mac and believe me I'm a mac lover, I tried there mineral foundation and it gave an air brush effect, I was amazed, I left it on for a few hours and I wanted to get it but its soooo expensive. So i wanted other reviews on it so I can decided to get or not....