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Pure Yoga membership transferred already. Thanks to all who replied.



i hv pure yoga membership to transfer...abt 6mths left...for raffles plc only.
pls pm me if u are interested. thanks.


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im keen true yoga/ pure yoga memebership for 4 mths urgently effective end apr08.. pls let me know if u hv any to transfer.. pls sms to 92282896. thks.

hi ocean deep, pls contact me, or can email to [email protected]


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hi everyone, i think pure yoga membership is not transferable unless u hv medical letter to proof that u r not able to practice yoga anymore. They r not like true yoga.


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Hi, i'm looking to take up pure yoga membership transfer (preferably ngee ann). Please text me at 98768852 thanks!


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True Yoga membership for Transfer
The membership is unlimited visits to all True Yoga facilities in Singapore.
They have 2 facilities, one in Ocean Tower near Raffles place, another in Pacific Plaza.
A balance of 2 yrs (24 Months) start from October 2008 or earlier.
Anyone interested please drop me an email [email protected]
Thank you


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I have a 1 month Pure Yoga mship for transfer as I am about to deliver soon. Ideal if you are looking for a short-term mship or just like to try out signing term contract.

No transfer fee required. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!!


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Has anyone have any success in your membership transfer? I have very bad experiences with Pure Yoga. They ignored my requests and are totally inflexible. Worse, they simple put my account on suspension mode until i decide "when i want to continue" or "just let the contract runs out" and are unwilling to explore other options. For those who are signing a long term contract with them, BEWARE OF PURE YOGA!


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Yah.. I tried to call them to enquire for the transfer as I hv a buyer. They said they will arrange for the manager to call me back and they never did.. Ended up I waited till my contract is almost over. They will only call back to ask if I want to continue with 'better rates'. One time is enough, I refused to go anymore. I rather go for my muay thai, pay per use no commitment now..


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sigh... me too. I also had someone who wish to take over. They chose to ignore me. i've been pursuing this for 5 months already (with 9 months contract to go from 5 months back). I even suggested even if can't take over can work work out some flexible options since the stupid restorative class is so early and so rare, i can hardly make it on time. I wanted to suggest to convert the balance to no. of classes and i just utiilise out. They used to reply with all sorts of excuses and now they totally ignore my mails. Honestly they have nothing to lose if we were to transfer, we are not even asking for refund. They are very rude for ignoring us.. Last time for me too.


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Gosh, i am still thinking of finding buyer to transfer my pure member, after i give birth, i totally tied up with my baby that i hardly have time to go, anyone have success in transferring the membership before???


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does anyone know how is pure yoga services like? are they good? hehe , need ideas as i have just became middle age , would like to keep my health in shape =)


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Hi, is anyone interested in some pilates classes at Sky Pilates at Liat Towers in Orchard? They have quite a number of different classes at their studio and various timings. Am currently letting go 8 classes at discounted rate.


Pls PM me for more details or email to [email protected] if you are interested.



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16-months of membership at Pure Yoga Ngee Ann City available for transfer at a very good price. No transfer fees payable.

Pls PM me if keen. Thanks.


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Hi ladies,

I've a Pure Yoga membership to transfer at a hugely discounted price.

If I'm not mistaken, the current 18 months package is $163.80/mth ($140++) for unlimited classes at both Ngee Ann City and Chevron House.

The 6 months package is $216.45/mth ($185++) for unlimited classes at either location.

My package is valid until 15 Sep 2011 (10 months left). I am willing to let go at $130++/mth, which is even cheaper than if you had to sign up for 18 months. Shorter bond, cheaper price!

Do email me at [email protected] or sms me at 94360206 if you are interested.


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Dont bother abt Pure Yoga! I had the chance to tried both, yes in True, sales staff are bad, but teachers are good. Pure is WORST! Try standing at the counter with an ang-mo... and be there first,... see who they attend to! Do u need to do yoga everyday? if not i recommend try other fitness center... There's good instructor too! Try Dr Yogi Ram at cali, he is great, theres 1 or 2 yoga teacher who are realy good at Planet too! dont be mis-led....


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hi chai,
ha.. i think i know what you meant.. being treated differently. it's the same if u take on any SQ flight.. angmoh are usually being treated better by SQ girls than singaporean..but i would rather be nobody attend to me at Pure than being harrassed by the sales/mgmt personnel fr True.. anyway, it's your money, u decide where you want to spend.


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Pure Yoga Membership for Transfer at two yoga studios (Ngee Ann City and Chevron House at Raffles Place)

I would be relocating and reluctantly, I have to transfer my remaining 4 months of my membership. This is definitely ideal for those who want to try out Pure Yoga before comitting to a longer period.

My offer would naturally be cheaper than those offered by Pure Yoga.

Please PM me if you are interested!


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I have a Pure Yoga (Ngee Ann City) membership for transfer as I am moving overseas, probably for good.
16 more months to go, until 2 March 2014.
If anyone is interested, could you kindly email [email protected] or drop me an sms at 9669 0799, willing to negotiate.