Promise Rings from BF


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Hi all,

Have you gals out there gotten a promise ring from your bf or rather ex bf now Husband before engagement?

Let's discuss and post your experience.
Probably promise rings brands that you girls have gotten.

It's a step before getting engaged heheh.

Love to hear from all.
Thanks dolls! :)


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For female's wedding ring, should be on our left or right hand? I know guys are always on their left hand.

April Chen

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So weird that my just married colleague told me that his wife wear it on her right ...
oh.. he followed the chinese old style? 男左女右? there's a reason why is on the left?

people believed that a vein ran directly from the third finger on the left hand to the heart. Because of the hand–heart connection, they chose the descriptive name vena amoris, Latin for the vein of love, for this particular vein. :)