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Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by blueday, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. blueday

    blueday New Member

    Hi... I have been living in insecurities for quite a long time now. I guess it's just time for me to try to find out for sure that my husband is cheating on me or not.

    I don't have much $ to spare but it is already a step that I must take before it's too late. Does anyone have any PI to recommend, one that you all might have personally engaged their service and has made the money worth?

    Please do email to me, Thanks.

  2. latino

    latino New Member

    blueday, before you engage a PI, would be good to identify your problems first. you may like to tell us more abt your situation.
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  3. blueday

    blueday New Member

    last year, I realize he was having a fling with this girl in he's office, one of he's employee. I'm not sure if they have went to bed or not, from the evidence, physically, they might have just started the relationship with just kisses and hugs.

    Latino, as much as I wanted to tell more details, I realize I can't, I'm afraid he will read this thread, and noticed the similarities.... that might hurdle my investigation...

    Anyway, from then till now, we went through alot, it's simply too complicated and painful for me to write in details again too.

    Current situation she is still working for him. He's average reach home time is 9plus pm, every other week, he will stay till pass midnight, he puts he's phone to silent mode still, there are other suspicious movements like they log on and off together...

    It might be me being over sensitive, it might be not too.... whatever it is, I need an answer soon...

    You know what i mean?
  4. siman

    siman New Member

    Hi Blueday
    I have this thought of engaging a PI but I think its pretty expensive. Hv you thought of following him yourself?
  5. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    Hi Blueday, do you have a budget for this PI thing? How much are you willing to spend? How would you be using the evidence gathered? If you don't have answers to these basic questions, I don't know if you would be wasting your money, time and energy.
  6. honeybunny

    honeybunny New Member

    Hi Blueday... just to give you a head up.. for PI, usually they charge by per day around $1 K plus or more, depending on what you require them to do. Lets say you engage them for 2 days and on both days, happen that your hubby is "good" nothing was found, you will stay have to pay. In the long run, it you need to tail till you get evidence, it's gonna be a heafty sum, unless caught at the first two attempts.
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  7. margret

    margret Member

    hi, maybe to share I engaged a PI. I paid $1800/- and got what i wanted.
  8. lee05

    lee05 New Member

    margret, can tell us more, such as what the PI did, over how many days, wat ur instructions were?
  9. margret

    margret Member

    I give them the daily routine of my husband. I also discuss with them the the facts of have. They were strictly follow my instructions to do on those days that I suspect that my husband is meeting the woman. It was conducted on 4 occasions on 4 days.
  10. depressed_guy

    depressed_guy New Member

    You need to be prepared to fall blank should the PI finds out nothing.

    Also what you plan to do if PI comfirms your fears? Take evidence and throw in his face and make him beg for forgiveness? Its a few thousand we're talking bout.

    Also you need to be certain of his routine so they can narrow down the possibility to strike.....effectively reducing the cost greatly.
  11. moodlynewgroom

    moodlynewgroom New Member

    Hi blueday,

    below are just my 2 cents worth....
    Have we wonder is there a TRUST in our marriage?
    After reading similar related cases, the verdict I have got is lack of communications. Isnt that important far back from beginning??
    I do understand your worries....I personally do not think that you have reaches the stage of engaging a PI. My personal suggestion is to have a "OPEN TALK" with your husband! Wouldnt that be a better soultion??
    Hope thing out work to be better...
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  12. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    "Also what you plan to do if PI comfirms your fears? Take evidence and throw in his face and make him beg for forgiveness? Its a few thousand we're talking bout."

    I do not think that throwing evidence in his/her face will bring him/her back to you. May even drive him/her further away from you.
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  13. margret

    margret Member

    so what will be the suggestion?

    Straight go to the lawyer and divorce without any evidence?

    Open talk with him and ask him with the danger of alerting him that u are starting to check on him?

    Or spending some money to get a peace of mind and deciding what to do next instead of jumping the gun.
  14. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    Margret, if you just want to nail your husband down on infidelity, by all means do what you want and can afford to. No need to explain further or ask for suggestion here for something so straightforward, right?
  15. legaleagle

    legaleagle New Member

    u can try dennis at

    he will give u the best results, as they are honest and ethical, and very experienced PIs using advanced technology. They are certified surveillance experts.
  16. latino

    latino New Member

  17. salsa_babe

    salsa_babe New Member

    Legal Eagle recommending his own services?
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  18. skylar

    skylar New Member

    Wah... Eagle leh!

    dun pray pray ah.. whahaha..
    Eye in the Sky wor..
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  19. latino

    latino New Member

    salsa, think you read my mind...hahah i deleted my post last evening with the same thots...
  20. cold

    cold New Member

    i think having a open talk like what margret said will only alert him. I rem got once i felt that my husband acting very weird..comin home almost everynight 2-3am and told me he went dinner with colls. I check on his phone and found a girl who always msg him. I just ask nicely who she is and he started to make a big fuss and mentioned that i check on his mobile. And from that day onwards, he deleted all the sms in his mobile. So there is nothing i can do.
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  21. salsa_babe

    salsa_babe New Member

    latino....delete for wat!?

    scare later he go spy on you? hahahaha....
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  22. latino

    latino New Member

    cos i was very harsh with my words last evening. either i post or delete. i chose to delete..hahahah aiya, i was just being bitchy la...
  23. m28

    m28 New Member

    Legal Eagle is so funny lei.. like commercial break the midst of ppl's conversation.. If few of us approach PI service together, got discount anot? [​IMG]

    Blueday, im in the same situation so i do understand what you're going thru..and yes, u become paranoid..looking for evidence everyday..don't dare to talk to anyone in case he gets alerted, for me, i don't trust anyone ard me anymore.. he becomes more careful and I don't see the evidence anymore but I know it's there.. still going on..and I want to catch him and make him eat his lies..a person who repents have to 1st admit his mistake, one who refused to admit his wrongdoing is hardly repentant.

    but cold, i think u hv to 1st sort out what your options and intentions are. After seeing the evidence, you might lose your cool and if he bargains? do you relent? if so, after seeing the evidence would you really be able to let go and start over with him? if u cant then isnt it better not to see? leave the trust there, talk openly and give him a chance..

    if you're bent on divorce after getting the evidence then it's better you find out your legal rights before confronting him with the evidence.. don't allow yourself into a situation whereby you're not yet sure what you want to do else he will have the opportunity to manipulate your decision...
  24. turtle

    turtle New Member

    Latino, I support your comments! Don't delete ok?
  25. simpleman

    simpleman Active Member


    not very harsh your words last night:

    I quote:

    "legal eagle, you are everywhere. one post is enough. can you pls stop
    this advertisement."
  26. salsa_babe

    salsa_babe New Member friend!

    not harsh at all lor!
  27. latino

    latino New Member

    idiot sm, you even read it. i deleted it within 5 mins ok...hahahaha how did you managed to retrieve it... wah lau, nothing misses your eyes man.. i very scared now... lol
  28. alcifertoh

    alcifertoh New Member

    SM has the potential to be PI sia like that... Ever consider setting up a PI company? haha
  29. m28

    m28 New Member

    Hi Margret,

    I know some PI charge on a per trail basis and some charge a lump sum say $6K and follow until they gather sufficient evidence. Which type is yours?

    Are the evidence gathered able to be used in court?
  30. skylar

    skylar New Member

    read ur post last nite too, where got harsh?
    very the mild leh.. no scared lah.. post tio post liao lor..

    if u recruiting, can leave a space for me? I go work for u.. lol
  31. simpleman

    simpleman Active Member


    you scold me idiot even more fierce than your post to the PI. ha ha ha
  32. skylar

    skylar New Member

    ya hor.. Latino!
    Quick delete ur post!!!
  33. latino

    latino New Member

    aiya sm, where got scold... i only use 'idiot' on ppl i know... ppl i dont know, you think i will be so familiar meh... hng !!

    eh better leave the thread to the thread starter la... lol
  34. andyboyrewind

    andyboyrewind New Member

    i did engage a p.i b4 from Glen Iris Investigation and tell u frankly, im satisfied with them.. why not u try give them a call to discuss.. u can call up their Operation Executive, Fendi at 82087511.. talk to them.. it might be handy for your case..
  35. ckgal

    ckgal Member

    andy, can u find who killed micheal jackson? Ha ha. so naive, who will fall for your trick? Pretend to be a customer to recommend yourself.

    Anyway, u so young, who can will trust u?
  36. Can PM me the PI agency and contact no ASAP. one relative of mine needs the PI service urgently to collect evidence against her husband...

    More ideally if can PM me the detail by today.
  37. pattywong

    pattywong New Member

    Hi all,

    I would like to hire a private investigator. Can anyone recommend me some reasonable priced one?

  38. scopefun

    scopefun New Member

    Don't trust you man?

    You should seek a lawyer. LOL~
  39. dinnielooi

    dinnielooi Member

  40. piger

    piger Active Member

    You can pm me.. I have good recommendation.
  41. jayaxe

    jayaxe New Member

    Regarding finding a PI, please be careful and search for a "police approved" agency. But then it may not be a totally good choice just to pick one from there. The one I pick is terrible and so I want to broadcast here so that people avoid making the wrong choice -> DO NOT EVER ENGAGE THEM!!!

    The agency website is full of sales talk and look super impressive with "international PI agencies recognition". But when they were on the case, ask me stupid questions which they should try find out and the final report basically is mostly made up of words, wrong date (specified a surveillance date much earlier than my engagement of them) and missing details (told me some suspicious acts via email but totally not written in report). After they got the money, they just throw the rubbish report which a Sec 2 student can do better investigation and report!!! I am so PISSED wasting my money and time on amateurs!!!! And so, I hope there are good examples of PI people can share. Would be glad to hear! Thanks!!
  42. JaneLi

    JaneLi Member

    Thanks for the warning... Always good to know who to trust & who to boycott. Might not know when i need to use PI services in the future
  43. aj waldron

    aj waldron New Member

    I Basically think we all don't have to face all these deceit and lies from our spouse and partners...and now all these people trying to scam here? this is so not good.
    ,he does his services before is the address.
    hacknspytech at gmaildotcom also hacknspytech at cyberservicesdotcom
  44. Vickk

    Vickk New Member

    Hi there. Anyone can intro me good and responsible PI? Price reasonable too. I need it asap.
  45. A k

    A k New Member

    Can anyone pm me the details of any reasonable and good PI?
  46. margret

    margret Member

    I have pm u
  47. Sillywomen

    Sillywomen New Member

    I am looking for a reliable and reasonable rate PI anyone have good recommendation?

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