PPP Clinic - 3 trial sessions at fantastic price for a glowing complexion!


Dear brides to be,

Do you want to have a beautiful, natural glowing skin on your big day? Are you dealing with problems of pigmentation, pimple or large pores on your face? No worries, there is a super quick solution near you now and is done by doctors.

Have you heard of PPP Clinic? It is a 5 mins instant deep cleanse facial done by registered doctors.

The clinic uses laser and light technology (much more deeper than outside facial) to reduce Pores, Pimples and Pigmentation, boost the collagen and give your face a natural glow without needing to put on any foundations!

It is hassle free which can be done quickly during lunch break or before you make your way home. No appointment is require.

I bought the largest package and because of the promotion, they have given me some gift cards worth $126 for 3 sessions and it can only be use for new people who has never register with PPP before, and now I am offering it to interested party at $40 for 3 sessions! This is really a good catch if you want to try how effective the treatment is before investing in the package.

Please note, once you activate your gift card u need to finish 3 sessions within 7 days, so don’t waste it, this is also to ensure you get good results from the treatment. You can even do a few times within a day because you just need one hr interval of rest. The expiry date of this gift card is 31 Dec 13.

Quick get one for yourself or anyone who needs it to prepare for your BIG day!

PM me or email me to [email protected] now.

To know more about PPP click on the link to read up.


Arrangement for pickup to be done at these locations

i) Labrador Park Mrt Station - 8.30 - 9am, 12 - 1pm or 6pm

ii) Punggol Mrt Station - 8am

iii) Town areas can be arrange in advance.


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Hi Fiona,
Just sms you. sorry for the late reply because I wasn't in Singapore for the past few days.