Post wedding sales.. DIY/budget eager brides MUST SEE!


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Dear all lovelies!

Hi all budget/DIY eager brides,

I have just 'graduated' and would want to sell & rent the following items. PM me if you're interested or you can email me @ [email protected] for photos!

To Rent:

1A) White Ang pow bird mailbox stand with tiffany ribbon & white polka dots (for slotting in angpows during guest registration)
2A) Square rustic board with printed words that read "Every Love Story is Beautiful, But Ours is My Favourite"
3A) Tiffany green "bride" hanger (x 2) [updated]
4A) Large Alphabet blocks : decorated in fancy printed tapes ("L", "V", "E", "red heart")

To sell:

1) White bird cage : Medium Size x 2
2) White bird cage : Small Size x 2
3) Large Alphabet block: decorated in fancy printed tapes
4) Large Alphabet blocks : in tiffany mint green colour
("m" , "z" , "w")
6) Small Alphabet blocks : in white
( w . i . s . h . e . s )
7) baby pink and white polka dot ribbon (approx about 8m)
8) tiffany green and white polka dot ribbon (approx about 8m)
9) small wooden crate container (it held my petal cones for guests to throw petals during march in for solemnisation)
10) tissue pom pom bridesmaids bouquets x 4
(in baby pink, individual flower pom pom bouquet)
11) glass milk bottles x 3 (used it for feather pens, flower vases for decor)
14) feather pens (x 2) - black ball point pens
15) wedding favours (x 50) - salt and pepper shakers
(2 birds "feathering the nest")
16) small, med, big (not large) cream coloured pail buckets
(used it for my guest table centre pieces with fake flowers in it and
and other decor)
17) groom's tux shirt - white, can fit a size S-M (x 2)
[comes with bow tie and nice cuff links]
18) flower girl baskets - cream coloured (x 3)

there's more in store! just to name a few first . . . they're really pretty pieces for brides who like to add their own touch and personal taste to their wedding!

i spent a year buying in pieces and mapping out my whole wedding decor and "look" so i really ensure they're picture-worthy pieces! really difficult to let these pieces go cos it's so pretty but have to make space for new additions in the next phase of life!

Here's the link for pictures!


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an update to my previous post babes!!
- short dresses (till knee length- I'm 1.6m tall, can fit S-M size)
- GDL 1.5l bottle bag (usually put Fanta orange bottle in it for GDL)
- Red umbrella with lace
- heart shape clips (clipping photos/cards on strings)
- 'Xi' felt material door decor
- Mapu red & white wines

you can click on this link for all the photos of the items that are still available!


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an update again ladies!!

updated on 6jun:
- pink 'xi' teapot set (4 cups & saucers, teapot, tray)
- couple teapot set tray only
- pink fake flower bouquet and 6 pink flower set (for table decor or hand bouquet)
- groom boutonniere


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there's an update to things to sell ladies!

- fabric tapes (multiple styles & designs used for my block alphabets to spruce things up )
- 1m pink & white polka dot ribbon
- 10m white string (used to hang and clip on pictures as decor)
- fake flowers (pink & blue hydrangeas)
- fake flowers (baby's breath)
- paper ties (various designs for venue decor)
- mint green fancy butterfly clips (used to clip on photos on white string for decor)
- mini wooden hearts (pack of 24)
- 9m mint green wire ribbon
- fabric flowers (for stick on decor)
- butterfly paper embellishments (3D pop-up decor)
- paper pom poms in cream, peach, pink
- pink ribbon
- pink pom ball string
- 50g coloured shredded paper (used for bird nest base as ring pillow)
- unopened pom pom flower with wire stalk

view updated photos here!