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I'm selling the following flower centerpieces:


Need to clear before CNY to avoid nagging from the parents haha :p

I've got about 55 bottles available. Each includes:
- 1 big bright pink rose
- 1 small powder pink rose
- 1 green leaf stalk (3 leaves)
- 1 golden bottle

The bottles have 2-3 layers of spray paint PLUS 2 layers of chip-proof spray. I was worried that it'll be chipped during transportation, so the top coats, though expensive, were my way of quality control.

They were all handmade with lots of love by me and my lovely bridesmaids. It took alot of time and effort, and I hate to see it being thrown away like that. Would love to have them add colour to another wedding reception! Going for cheap. I really want to clear it asap.