Polishing marble flooring


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Hi all,

Does anyone here have their nest marble polished b4 moving in? I would like to get some contacts for my 3 room flat.

Appreciate if you could help.



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Hi Kenny and Yunqin,

Can I know how much was yours done? I'm comparing some quotations now; thought it'll be better with some comparisions.


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Hi skywolf,

Mine is 3 rooms HDB flat and my contractor charges me $400 for living room, 2 bedrooms and the store room. Took 1 day.



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Hi Kenny


Hi Skywolf,

Mine is 4 room HDB flat, my contractor charge me about $640 for living room, 3 bedrooms and the store room tool about 3 days.


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Hi. Is it possible to remove the yellow stain (with age) on white broken marble through a polish? I would like some contacts to start with, intending to polish the living room along with the bed rooms.

E-mail me [email protected]


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I end up letting my reno contactor do it. She has the contact. Price reasonable. PM me if you wish to have my reno contact.



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hi perivale, you can try add abit of bleach at a paper towel and leave it at the stain mark for 10-15mins. It will slowly absorb the stain mark.


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Hi, just to check for marble floorings, especially after years they are prone to scratches and will become dull as well.

Is it that its a must to engage ppl/contractors from outside to do the polish(with the grinding machine we usually seen in shopping centres)?

Is there anyway we can maintain/polish the floorings ourselve?


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can you gals just put the contacts here for us to contact them if they are good? Thanks!

i was quoted $650 by 2 IDs and $600 by 1 ID for my living room only. Is it reasonable?


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I have installed a marble floor in my bathroom. Throughout working on the rest of the bathroom I have had sheets and old towels down to protect the floor. Despite this the tiles have very minor surface scratches on them. I hasten to add that these can't really be seen unless you hold a light close and get down to look at them. Maybe in hindsight I should have done the floor after the wall tiles.

Now this could be me being too picky, as I'm sure they would incur these through normal footfall anyway, but should I try and polish them out somehow. They aren't sealed or grouted as yet.


Ah Long

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Hi, I am stone restoration specialist, and has been in this line more than 20 years. Please let me offer my insights.

My company, Seiko 21 Pte Ltd, provides below services:

1. Grind and polish marble flooring to shine
2. Grind lippages to achieve even surface
3. Transparent Costings

Say goodbye to dirty pointing gaps after polishing!
Please feel free to visit https://www.facebook.com/Seiko21PteLtd/?fref=ts for more information.

You may call me up at 90040986, Ah Long for more information.

Thank you.