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Hi peter,
I might need one too cos my toilet bowl got stuck! Arrgh..messy messy... think my parents in law accidently flush the toilet refreshener..hai..
Can you find out from your uncle his estimated charges? I'm staying in Punggol.


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how about checking out: ?

i'm also looking for a good plumber.



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Hi lalaooh,
i called them , its not very cheap, i found one though through my electrician,cheaper and he is very good and he helped me dig out the cement stone from the manhole after he instaled my sink and tap. nice man! if u need his help, leave me ur email address, i pass u his contact.


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Hi everyone

I have been using this plumber for quite some time liao. Although he is a one man show but he is very nice and very honest. So far so good, I don't have any problem with him lor. He also does electrical works as well. Hehe, I don't earn any commission but just want to recommend to you people out there. HP is: 97898029 or 93857131, Mr Low VC. See ya!



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Hi Angel,

I need a plumber to run hot water gas pipping for my house.. U think Mr. Low can do it? I was charge $600 from my own contractor.
Think that's expensive. So we're looking for our own.



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Hi Purple, I am not too sure. Why not you try to call and ask him. I have not seen him for quite some time as I last changed some of my lightings was about 1 yr ago.


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I did engage Mr Low for plumbing work as recommended by Angel and he charge me $100 for replacing the leaking piping for toilet and change the new tap for the water basin. Is it expensive? Also I engage aircon servicing for $90 by another person.


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Whatever you do, never call ES Engineering. I was quoted $40 to change kitchen tap but when the plumber came, he says he needs to charge $120 because it is not coming out from the wall. Which HDB kitchen tap has the pipes coming out from the wall? Plus I actually called them 3 times to clarify on what I wanted to do. Then when I said that I wanted to call the office, he immediately lowered th price to $80. On top of that, he dared to ask for $20 more for using a sealant. By then, he got a flat no from me!


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i am looking for a plumber which charges about $80 bucks for the removal of existing toilet bowl and installing of a new one
Anyone has such lobang?

Thanks on tight tight budget.


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dear all

i have a plumber who quoted me $200 to install the following:

01 tank heater
01 sink in/outlet
02 spray gun in master toilet and common toilet.

is $200 a reasonable sum?


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I am looking for a plumber to fix some leaks at home, check my toilet flush about why the water pressure is so low. Please don't give NTUC Income or engineering services as these are generally more expensive.


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Anyone knows what is the market rate for changing all PVC pipes to copper pipes for the whole unit (137sqm)?


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my unit ard 116sqm, my designer quote me $650 to change to stainless steel piping...just giv u aga heard from him stainless steel & copper pricing increasing...


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U change the whole unit or only the kitchen and the bathrooms? U still have ur plumber contact? Can give me? Thanks.


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hmm..for kitchen & bathrooms..the rest area need meh? the quote is for whole unit (but i thought only kitchen & bathrooms got PVC piping)

if u wan, i check with my designer if can get plumber contact for you to ask him directly...


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Just called him.....Dun go for beng teck...he is very RUDE!

star07dust: Am sorry....not that i am trying to discredit your recommendation...but he is really not nice to talk to!


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Pls don't use this plumber, his company is a cheat. He charges me $150 and the problem came back after 2 days. When I called him about it, he keep saying will come take a look but never did so. I had called him more than 5 times, he keep giving the same reply.

He is a gangster, very fierce and will argue with you loudly.

His company numbers are 6858-1111 and 9858-1111.

He advertises very often on The New Paper.


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Just to share and warn those looking for a plumber.
I had a bad experience with this plumber. Really super pissed with them.
Please take note!

WARNING!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY -> 24hr Family Plumber

I had my worst plumbing experenice with '24hr Family Plumber' (their website "")
They provide a lousy service and they are totally irresponsible when they damage your stuff and all they want is your $$$!

They came to my place and replaced the toilet outlet as it was leaking, and I was charged $180 for it. Though a bit steep but I thought as long
as long as it solve my problem and provide a good service, money might be worth spending. After the replacement I still noticed the leaking and
requested for them to come back to fix it. That is where the nightmare starts.

I had problem getting a schedule from the plumber to come to my place, each time i called the operator will tell me "I'll call you back" and
guess what...they NEVER call back. I had to pester them more than 5 times before they agreed to come back to look at the problem. On the second visit they finanlly fix the leaking but then I notice the previously working inlet is damaged, water is flowing in non stop!! They are the only
one that had touched the toilet system, obviously they had damaged it. I frantically tried to reach them and each time I get the same reply:
"I'll call you back" and they NEVER call back. After many attempts to reach them, a lady finally replied and insist that I had to pay another
sum of $$$ to get the inlet repair. I was stunned as it was very obvious they had damaged my inlet and now I have to pay again?? This saga when on and on for a week and my toilet never get repaired.

I can't believe they are such irresponsible plumber out they. Please do not use them!!


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Hi Angel n all,

I've just used Mr Low to change my spoilt tap that is causing leakage. He's quite fast, called in the morning n by noon all the changing has been done.

He quote me 120 in all, including getting a new tap.
I'm satisfied with him n his services.


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I personally think that those plumbing contractors who ad on newspapers always quote sky high prices.

I would strongly advise u guys not to call and engage their services.

Mr Low as mentioned, is a typical Chinese speaking uncle in his early fifties. Knows a little English only but is sincere in delivering his service. In this line since his teenage years. Brought up his son and daughter working as a plumber with his hands, sweat, and sometimes blood (suffers slight injury during his manual work).

Well, I'm his proud daughter
chanced upon this forum and saw recommendations of my dad! How nice... Thx ppl who recommended him.

Call him for plumbing works. With his great workmanship and reasonable price, I'm sure u will be another happy customer of his.


He might have tight schedule due to some of his ad-hoc projects from his contractor friends but if it's urgent, he will always try his best to be at your doorstep asap.