Plaza Hotel at Beach Road


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thanks esther and win for ur assuring replies..
really hope that things go smoothly.
So which ballroom did u use? any problems with the pillars? am concern with blockage of view leh.


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sorry for late reply i just can't seem to click on the link shown in the email to this forum something wrong with something just can't figure it out. SO take longer time to reply hehehehhe

anyway i used Plaza ballroom and yes pillars were a prob but then just have to live with it.... they try to arrange in a way that all can see but some will be blocked.. when you have ayour confirmed table number then maybe you can arrange it better... now a bit hard to say.... Which ballroom you using? I had 42+2 i think.... 2 tables didn't turn up...


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nvm lah.. take ur time to reply lor.. i using plaza ballroom as well. Think will be having about 40 tables. will definitely arrange such that minimal blockage lor. hopefully, most of the guests can have a clear view. once in a lifetime leh, muz let everyone see me! :p


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Hi all ex PPR and going-to-be PPR brides,
Do any of u has Fiona's contact?I am interested in getting her since all of you are so satisfied with her service


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hi thesilentgal,

i can give you Fiona's contact. She's really a nice person to tok to. Can tell her that Felicia recommend lor.

Her no is 91077277. Can get back to me if anything lor..


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dun think i have her email. cant find it leh. can try calling or sms her lor. it's easier. can make appt with her to go down to take a look at the place.


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can sms her ah? will it be rude?cos mi havin a bad sore throat scare if i call her she cant get wat i am talking, tats y i think of emailing her


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hi every1
any good photographer and videographer to recommend ?
my AD is spread into 2 days - friday tea and sat dinner

thanks :p


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hi brink_79,
i signed up with PPR sometime in Oct. My AD is 25th Nov 06. How abt u? have u signed up with them?


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i didn't like fiona. all the time me & my FH were negotiating with her, she said 'i cannot accord you this, i cannot accord you that'. Very business-like & rude.

totally turned us off, so we signed off the hotel. no offence but the hotel exterior looks quite 'lok', though the ballroom & garden reception were nicer in comparison.


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Hello everybody!
Anyone have visited PPR or attend wedding there after they have renovated?
Can share with me yr comments or even better if there is photo?


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Hi All,

I am still considering where to have my dinner and shortlisted Plaza Park Royal.

Think I am attached to Shalica for consultantion all that? Any feedback on her?

Btw, any feedback on the place? Food? Perks?

Anyone can share their package? Can be reach at [email protected]

Thanks in advance
Hi Rinsan..we are also attached to shalica for consultation. She is pretty ok. But she is seem like some perks she have to consult the senoir manager for approval. Anyway we might be taking the Plaza ballroom.
Their package range from 728-758 weekend 8-9course dinner. I dun have the package with me, it's with my hubby. You may click on the link of the fine dinning at home page.


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gals ,
hey anyone have printed their wedding card
the guy - richard feilica recommend want to charge me 60 cents for 1 card
so ex !!!!

u gals got any good lorbang

i have around 40 tables appox 300 pls cards
Hi Xiong...
Do u mean the inserts??TATS VERY EXPENSIVE.
Frankly speaking..i find their invitation cards look ugly..hope they can improve on that...sight.


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yup is the insert
now i am urgently looking for printer. and i find it ugly too and heard that they wont be change it soon not in 2007 so u better dun hope for it.

hey have u sign the CT ?
remember to ask them to write ervey detail in balck and write , counter sign on the extra perks they give to you.

For my case my co-ordinator left before my wedding and the new co-ordinator g by the book. no room to ask for any more perks ....
luckily for us we ask our co-ordinator counter signed everything ( only some minor ones that he had agreed that we did not put it on writing )

so be kaisu a bit to aviod any dis agreement later
We went down supose to sign the contract yest. But our coordinator told us that her snr manager refuse to give us waiver of 1 bottle wine cokrage per table confirmed as promoise earlier!!!!We are very disappointed lor.She proposed that she wanna give us an official email to give us waiver..but cannot state that on contract as her boss won't sign the contract! But i told her frankly lor..what if she left the company and nobody wanna honour the emails tat she sent??I know sincerely the coordinator is trying her best to help us..we really quite pity her cos she stay to meet us a few weekend late evenings to discuss..and do alot of explaination to us, now we cannot even close the deal because of her boss dun wanna give in to our request.I really dun feel good to jus base on her emails to sign the contract. Too risky for us. I am quite fed up with her'on much they gotto lose for waiver some wine cokrage charges, we didn't even ask for waiver of all wine cokrage lei!!Some hotels even waive all wine and hard liquor cokrage!! I find them so inflexible. We might give up on this hotel!~So sad!


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hey Vic,
actually not every hotel wavie corkage chrages
but PPR rate of $20 per bottle for a red wine is quiet okie you can just get from them

you coordinator is good in trying to accomdate u but like for my case after my co=ordinator (actually he is the sales mgr ) left,
the person that take over just follow the CT

if u still have time can still see see look lokk a bit
Ohh...i see...cos my hubby friend open a wine we tot of giving his friends some support by getting our wines from will not get wine direct from PPR tats why we are very concern on the wine corkage.Maybe we shall reconsider if their wine is really so affordable.
Ya..our cooridnator is very sincere...we like her. Anyway..i heard from my another friend who sign up with another coordinator told them that she will not list free wine corkage in the only base on mutual trust.Any ppl here sign with PPR and also like that?Should we really trust them??


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did yr co-ordinator mention to yr how much their house wine cost ? if u want to get from them ask her to stated the rate in the CT.

is not that they cannot be trusted just that if your co-ordinator left , the person take over will not know what arrangement you guys had agreed so Black and white is better.
Think they mention like Range from $20 olso.I agreee...what we most worried is what if they left..and there's no black & white.I am thinking of ask her to sent an email to us on the things that they promised us... if they cannot stated in the contract..


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Hi Victoria,

I'm new here, have PPR as my AD also. FYI not only I have all corkage waive, they actually give me 12 btl of wine free, apart from free flow beer as well. the wine is Serame, South africa, Cab Sau $20.

Hee, done a few study myself b4 neg, hope it helps.

Btw who is your coord? hope its not the famous Mrs P.!!!!


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housewine is at $20 per bottle with no cockage. if u r bringing in urself, red wine's cockage is $12 per bottle rite?

hard liqour is waived.

i think that Miss P is super non-accommodating.
Hi xiao coordinator is shalica...but after that she seem to be very helpless on our request so we drop the plan to sign up with PPR.
Btw who's ur coordinator?


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Hi Vic,

my coordinator used to be fiona, but was transfer to Felicia. Well actually why dun you try to call up the F&B manager and try to see if you can do anything about it.

Haven met Miss P, hopefully Miss P can show shalica mercy and you can get your deals


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hi vic,

u can try asking to change another coordinator? mb that will help?

i'm not sure if mine has got waiver of corkage, but most likely not bringing in our own wine so no prob abt this.

i got free flow beer and 12 bottles of wine lor.. it's part of the wedding show perks i got.
Hi xiao you..
no lei,we didn't go back there le..cos my hubby find them very inflexible. So we drop our idea of having our banquet there sourching around...haiz...
Anyway gald to know that things went on fine for you. : )


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so where you guys going to have it? may i suggest, I had the option of furama waterfront (ex-apollo) and carlton before kanna "drug" by the free poolside ceremony by plaza. Or if you are going for good deals with ballroom effect, may wanna try Bliss garden?

btw mayb you wanna trace this thread for felicia hp num (she will kill me if she knows i give you),I also got it from this thread. Give her a call and fixed an appointment? She more old bird, mayb Mrs P cant do anything bt it.... PS coming... excited excited... must drink more liang teh liao....
Umm..we are looking at Furama riverfront,orchard parade and novetel clark quay now..but most of the nov dates we have see if we can accomodate to the hotel avaliable dates...sob!!...As for looking for Felica..hmm..unless i can convince my hubby to reconsider PPR lei~ anyway we have our soleminsation we have no needs for the poolside ceremony--which i agree is a very good DRAWN to PPR..hehe
When is your PS?? Have you decided on the venue to go for your PS?


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sorry to reply this late vic,

just had my PS recently, waiting for result this weekend... excited....already saw the result a bit.... must say, my $ was worth it...juz that I should have go on diet before I go PS.... sigh, well nothing is perfect.

I would strongly suggest on calling Felicia and talk again. My idea is this, do not deprive yourself of options! going to meet her does'nt mean you going to take, but if you dun take, you never know what you will miss out! but anyway PPR only 4 star at best, so dun expect 5 star goodies ya. Furama waterfront got free pianist on reception leh, worth checking out.... my heart so pain till now....!!!

Novotel just went thru revamp leh, no bad, but which day you bookin, the road always jammed becoz of MOS, you may wanna reconsidered?

BTW have you chosen your AD PG? It is more important than your actual day, so I suggest you invest in it? extreme good one but I cant afford you can get Gabriel mendes (est5k), very good but just started so cheaper can find edmundleong (est 1.5k). Can go web find their portfolio.

Dreamzcoffee was worth considering, esp the animation...

Venue for PS can consider below;

- White 'xmas' trees in changi beach (at main road beside construction site, the dust makes the tress white)
- Reservoir @ second link (Army training ground)
- Chua chu kang training ground (thatz the real lalang area
- Red dot museum (red wall)
- Tanjong pagar shop house?
- Tiong Bahru old house (alley)
- Bridge @ indoor stadium
- Fullerton H & One Fullerton (common leh)
- Tanah Merah Safti (the beach outside)
- pungol (ur PGshould know) also pungol got a 5 storey high dead tree, extremely rustic feel)
- sentosa (need mi common but nice)
- Vivo city?
- clark quay is very nice, esp the centre with fountain and the angel wings
- Pasir ris park (the "merry go round horse" )
- got actually a few church in singapore very very nice, does'nt lose out to chimes and best... FREE!!! but I promise my PG to keep it a secert... his hidden spot lah sorry, but you can check around (my fav spot...amazing... hint: north area)

whew, that was very long.... hee, hope it helps k


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Hi xiao lao shu,

Hope you are still enjoying taiwan... miz the xiang chee pai there sigh...

your PS was really good, waiting for mine this weekend.. sigh worried kanna chop by then, no choice PG very good, make my heart itch... hee yours taken by Ken or Eric? I like your make up esp.. you look really very sweet.

So howz your AD? update me can? sorry i so kaypoh, my PC down for quite a while, so had accumulated my "power" for very long.

congrat once again ya!!!


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hi xiao you: i'm going off only on Saturday.
thanks for ur compliments.

My AD at PPR was really good. everything went on very well. seervice was very good.
had Roy as my Operations manager. very good...


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Hi xiao lao shu,

glad everything went well, read many scary feedback from the other PPR thread? Roy is gd? okay, muz request he work that day ha ha.

had an impression that you pay addition 6k for your PS, was it? who was your PG? any advice when selecting the photos? hee sorry for so many question.... nervous lah


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hi xiao you: nope.. i did not pay any extra for photos. took just wat was in the package.
yup, Roy is good.. hopefully, u can get him as well.. we did not request for him, just happened that he was the person in charge on that day for my wedding.