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Ah luke

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Hi! Guys & Gals. I am a newbie here & I am in a last minute rush for my ROM in Jun due to some unforeseen circumstances & I have no idea where to held my ROM. I have heard a lot of talks about couples holding ROM @ NSRCC, so I just wanna find out more about ROM Solemnization held at NSRCC. Can someone share with me some of your ROM photos that were held in NSRCC as I wanted to have a nice and simple Beach ROM but we're in a tight budget. Thus we thought of choosing their bungalow in front of the beach. And we wonder do you guys & gals have any other place of suggestions kindly share with us or besides NSRCC where else is the best place to select as I checked online NSRCC seems to be mostly booked in Jun.

In addition, any recommendations for caterers & what else we need to be aware of when holding a ROM Solemnization in a chalet.

~Many thanks & cheers! ^^


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Hey, check this place out: Our Marriage Vows. It may fit your budget, but it is not beach theme, more to garden solemnization instead.

Ah luke

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Hi Kitty.

Thank you so much for sharing, its very beautiful. May I ask how much did you spent on the whole package?
As I am really tight on budget, my plan was to held my ROM @ a chalet with a little bit of simple decoration. Then arrange a simple buffet feast & just invite my family, some close friends & a solemnizer and we are all set.

But since it was a last min rush, I am headache about the venue & tight budget. Any recommendations & suggestions?