Photomax Bridal Studio review


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Dear BTB,

I would like to share my experience with Photomax Bridal Studio (formerly known as Julia Wedding). I’ve signed a package with them through hitched roadshow and spent about $7xxx for the whole package.

During the hitched roadshow, the following was told to us:
1. They have “award winning” photographer and is very popular among couple. Very hard to book his time.

2. They have wide variety of wedding gowns to choose from. If I don’t see anything I like, they can ship the gowns from China or Taiwan. (Photomax is known as Julia Wedding in China and Taiwan. Their main shop is located in Taiwan)

Everything seems fine during the roadshow. But the nightmare starts after the roadshow.

1. No sense of time management and lack of initiative. They do have a email address but they do not respond to ANY email and expect you to call their shop number if you want to speak to their “shop manager”. I need to constantly call and chase for things to happened. If you do not call them, they will just sit on it. I’ve NEVER received any calls from them out of their own initiative.

2. Called the shop and arrange for my PWS to happened in x month with their “award winning” photographer. Received a call few days before the PWS asking if we want to change photographer? They have a “guest” photographer from Taiwan that is visiting SG for that week, so checking if we would like to change photographer. Pretty sure nobody would want to change their photographer just a few days in advance and without viewing the Taiwan photographer’s work. Hence, we reject politely.

3. Poor variety of PWS gowns selection. Booked a appointment with them for fitting, the assistant asked me what gown do I have in mind. Show her a few gown photos and she said “we do not have such design”. So she proceed to show me what they have which is far off from what I’m looking for. Told her that I’m very disappointed with the gowns selection and this is totally different from what I saw during the hitched event. (During the hitched event, they told me whatever gowns shown in their iPad, they do have it.) however, she told me that the gowns in iPad which I saw were all in China and Taiwan. She then assured that they do have more selection for AD gowns, if not, they will fly the gowns from overseas just for me.

4. PWS photos took almost 3 months to be ready for viewing (raw photos). Tried calling the shop a few times to ask when is our photos ready. Excuses given was photographer is not in SG, hence, photos not ready. So after almost 3 months, we managed to view our PWS photos. The raw photos came out to be... NORMAL. Nothing exceptional. Paid extra $1500 for additional 50 photos because was told our “free 30 photos” from the package is insufficient to make an album. I have yet to receive the edited photos and was told that album will be ready 1 month before our wedding.

5. As I’m typing this, I’m 2 months away from my AD but I have yet to receive any calls from Photomax arranging for my AD gown fitting. I’m not sure if I’m being over anxious. Ain’t AD gown fitting supposed to be earlier and not so last minute? And I have this feeling that if I don’t see anything I like again, they will not have sufficient time to ship gowns from overseas just for me. So can I assume that their promise is just rubbish?

6. Lastly, not sure if this will be a concern to other BTB. Photomax does not accept credit cards payment. They told us that they have some issue with the bank and hence, no credit card payment, only nets. Paynow is available but is send directly to the “shop manager” phone number.

Spending almost $9xxx. I would expect a better service from a bridal studio. Hence, my advice to all BTB, choose a more responsive bridal studio so you have one less thing to worry on. Let me know if you need more information from me.