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Hi i would like to share my package at 莎罗曼庭 is related company with France package include 3 night stay in hotel,5 gown for bride,2 suit for groom,36 photos,makeup assistant for outdoor photoshooting,plus other freebies..amounted $1980..

Does anyone taken the photo there?how is their service n any recommended photographer?or can share ur photo n experience ?I have book with them to take the photo in mar 2011.


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Hi xxourweddingxx in fact the price is about the same with u because mine not included the transport for's about $100-$150 per day.I sign up this package in oct 2009. I notice that the package only worth $1500 when I read the forum in Taiwan.hotel stay n transport expenses alr add in in the package.this is their marketing strategy.I will go on 2 about u? Is it same day with me? May I know who
is the top PG and MUA that they assign to u?have u plan which place to take photo?go to , there are photos uploaded of which taken by this bridal's good to have a reference n plan ur route.


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Hi ccci, your package includes MUA to follow the whole day which cost about $250. I forgot to nego this with them. LOL. I just signed up a few months ago. Btw, I'm not going to buy the ampoule from them as it's really too expensive. I will buy from beautyaurora and I'm using her ampoule right now, it's really cheap & good!

莫Sir and é›…ä¾ will be my PG and MUA. Yours?

It's such a coincidence! I'm going to try gown on 2 Mar, photoshoot on 3 Mar, photo selection on 4 Mar.


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Hi xxourweddingxx, I also not going to buy ampoule from them as they charge very high.May I know where is beauty aurora located?I can't remember who they assigned to coordinator promise that is good PG and MUA.I think better check with my far what have they communicate with u on the photoshooting?they just tell me what to bring n which hotel we stay more thing to remind u,groom suit selection is limited.they will extra charge u for the modern,so coincidence! We are the same day to take photo.can I have ur personal email so that I can share some information with u?


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Just to share my experience with 莎罗曼庭/法国巴黎....

I went to taiwan for photoshoot in May 2010 and we too, signed a package unexpectedly at their roadshow in Illuma.

My package is $2,800 and it includes:

1) 4 nights stay at You Lai Fan Dian @ Zhong San Road(we extended our stay for about S$60+ per night. We asked our bridal shop liasion lady to book for us the extended nights at their corporate rates, and bargain for free airport transfers )

2) 60 pics taken by their professional photographer + 60 pics 花絮 taken ourselves (bulk of the pics were taken by our very helpful on-site makeup artiste. Make sure u set ur camera resolution to very high if not ur pics will be blur if blown up to big albums and these 60 花絮 pics will not be edited by them)

3) 2 day photoshooting (will be quite rush if 1 day coz i have 5 gowns + 1 of my own clothes)
4) Make up artiste on site for 1 day
5) 5 gowns (we bring 1 of our outfit for photoshoot for a more casual feel so altogether we have 6 different outfits)
6) Groom (in the end we paid S$75 extra for renting a better looking vest, coz it looks reali nicer when the coat is matched with the vest and it wasnt included in the package)
7) Top notch PG and MUA
8) 300 small cards to give ur friends/relatives (can only choose 3 pose)
9) Scroll
10) Main crystal album (60 pics taken by photographer)
11)12 inch album (20 pics chosen from the 60)
12) 2 hand held albums (60 花絮 pics taken ourselves)
13) 10 gold-color invitation card (guess this is something practice in tw where VIP guest were given this sort of exquisite invitation card with 1 of ur pic inside)
14) 1 big wall pic
15) 1 take pic with frame
16) a few dvds (60 individual pics, combine pics, combine pics with music)

End up, with the additional cost for renting of vest, car rental for 2 days photoshoot and courier charge S$146 to send the albums over, my total package is about S$3,300.

Some locations that we have chosen were not along the way and if we want to go, we have to pay more. We didnt but im glad our photographer is willing to keep alook out for us along the way and in the end we got almost what we wanted (eg flowers, windmill, bridge).

We were told most of the staff were going to Bali for company's retreat a day on the day we reach taiwan! Quite pissed coz this wasnt make known to us earlier. But luckily, our photographer, Lu Sir, didnt join them. I wasnt happy initially that they got a partime makeup artiste for me but she turned out to be very professional. Blessing in disguise i guess.

Photographer took about 500 pics for us but i didnt add on and just choose my package entitlement (60 pics). The bridal shop staff just showed me a very black face because i tink she has pushed the price for the extra pic to the lowest, about S$35 per pose and yet i didnt give face and buy more pics...haha..WATEVER since i wun be seeing them again! Guess u will get this kind of attitude everywhere

Our liaision wedding planner MIA after she sent us the first batch of pics when we were back in SG. Apparently she quitted the bridal shop just like that and they had no idea where she went.

But overall, im glad our photographer Lu Sir and last minute partime makeup artiste are very professional and we enjoyed their help greatly. Though there were various hiccups and im quite mad every now and then, im glad everything turns out ok and i have received all my pics. Positive comments from friends and relatives

For ppl who are thinking of going taiwan, i suggest u to go early..mine AD is actually 1 Oct 2011 but i went in May 2010, only to receive my pics in Oct 2010. I didnt want it to be so early initially as the albums will be collecting dust at home.. + we stupidly paid in full during the roadshow and were worried that that could just close shop anytime coz u never noe, the shop is miles apart...

I think the best period to go is around Apr..quite a lot of flowers and whether is cooling..take advantage of this. I went on 5 May and rainy season has already started. There was 1 day where i have make up and dress up..only to change back to my clothes and go shopping coz the rain didnt stop. So i oso suggest u guys to extend ur stay, for just in case situation...i extended about 4 more days, and take it as a chance to go around taiwan sightseeing and pigging out..after photoshoot that is!

gals rem to bring ur nubra, heels and ur own props eg sunglasses etc..

+ there will be few rounds of photoediting..after editing, they will arrange the pics for u ...and it took me quite awhile to circle here and there, type in chinese and email them..sometimes i even have to call the taiwan office to make my point coz they didnt edited what i wanted. phew! im glad its over!


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Hi YZ can share your photos? I also going to take photo next much the transport fee per day they charged u?thanks.


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I just signed up a package with Ivy Brides.. was at Natas fair and was planning to go on trip didn't expect my bf to sign up the package. A bit apprehensive now cos I didn't do any research on pre wedding photo shoots before.. My chinese is not that fantastic so when they were writing the terms I was kinda nervous...

Anyone had photos taken by them before? any suggestions on where to take photos ?? I dun mind beach and sun setting sceneries.. I don't like too much foresty pictures though and can suggest places where there is no entrance fee.. because we have to fork out additional charges for the whole crew if there is entrance fee.

thanks!!! hope to get some suggestions.. feel nervous lol


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hi wendy,

my wife and I have went to sign up at ivy bride yesterday as well without doing any research....want to do more research before signing but they try to hold on to us...anyway do you mind sharing your package details with us? Maybe we can email one another to discuss more since we sign up on the same location and day
my email is [email protected]


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Hi all, just to share my experience with 法国巴黎 (å°åŒ—中山北路)

Package details:
$2200, 36 pics, 18" x 12" crystal hard cover, no centre line in between, 6 gowns (2 white + 4 night) for bride, 2 suits (black & white) for groom, bridal accessories & fake eyelashes included, 3 nights hotel stay (worth SGD60+/night), top notch PG & MUA (they said usually need to pay extra for top PG & MUA), free 8 hrs of the transport (worth $160, SGD20/hr), poster, 30" big wall pic, guest book, 100 pcs thank you card

Final package details:
We top up SGD$2000 for additional photos, 106 photos (inclusive of the initial 36 pics) into album and additional 50 soft copy which won't be included into album. Make up artist on site SGD$90 (we managed to nego this with additional photos purchase, else gotta pay SGD$230). We also paid SGD$50 (1.5hrs extra + tips) for transport and upgrade groom's vest at SGD$200. Additional 2 nights hotel stay SGD$120. Our package total cost SGD$4500 exclude air ticket.

When did we go:
Early March. The weather was freaking cold, only 8 degC - 13 degC. It's unbearable! I regret and should go in May. But one good point to go in March is you get to see cherry blossom but no 花海. 花海 only can be found in May.

Where did we go:
æ¨æ˜Žå±±ï¼ˆlala field, 樱花, 森林, 硫黄谷, 瀑布 etc)&æ·¡æ°´

We were told there'll be more than 2 storey of gowns for selection but there were not much when we reached there. Didn't see any "2 storeys". But I'm still quite ok with their gowns. Anyway you won't be able to see much gown details in your photo, it's the colour counts.

Bridal co-ordinator:
Amy is very friendly. She called me to check if I've arrived Taipei which I didn't expect that. She left us alone while we selecting photos and only came to us when needed. She did try to push us to take up additional photos but we're ok since we already prepared and decided to. Her email reply sometime a bit slow.

Makeup artist:
é›…ä¾è€å¸ˆ. She's superb! I like all the make up & hairdo she has done. This is something I don't see from singapore MUA.

Leo. A guy who is younger than us. His pose is quite limited. But his photoshop skill is great.

Overall experience:
I'm pleased with their service so far. Still waiting for my album artwork.


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Hi all, just to share my experience with å°åŒ—京è¯åœ‹éš›å©šç´—. When we reached the bridal studio, it turned out to be 世紀婚紗(Century Wedding) - they are sisters company. Initially I wasn't very happy abt it because they told me due to the studio of å°åŒ—京è¯åœ‹éš›å©šç´— is under renovation; hence we have been transferred to Century Wedding. The hotel they promised us eventually ends up different too, because it was too far from Century Wedding. So we ended up being put up in the hotel just next to Century Wedding. In one way it’s really convenient. Other than that, I do enjoy the owner’s hospitality.

Package details:
$2388, 40 pics, 18" x 12" crystal hard cover, no centre line in between, 5 gowns for bride, 5 suits for groom, bridal accessories & fake eyelashes included, 2 nights hotel stay (worth SGD70+/night), airport pickup, poster, 4x 10" frames with photos

Final package details:
We top up SGD$1200 for additional photos, 73 photos (inclusive of the initial 40 pics) into album and additional 60+ soft copy edited which won't be included into album. Makeup artist on site NT5000, Transport for 10hrs at NT5000. Additional 1 nights hotel stay SGD$70. Our package total cost SGD$4100 exclude air ticket.

When did we go:
Same as xxourweddingxx

Where did we go:
蒙湖, 金山万里,翡翠XX (Don't rmb the name =p)

Quite a wide selection. I’m surprise that they have little concerned of how the gown will get dirty or wet during the PS.

Bridal co-ordinator:
Since I was switched over, the co-ordinator that I interacted with online and on the day I reached Taiwan is different. I don’t have many comments about it.

Makeup artist:
Maggie Lee. I like her, she is very a nice lady and do takes care of you when you are out PS.

Ah Kai. Man of few words, but the photos do turns out well!

Overall experience:
I'm quite pleased with their service so far. Now we are waiting for my album artwork to be finalised.
Can anyone share their bridal shop artwork with me?


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Seems like a lot of good reviews for Taiwan PS. I was walking by AMK Hub where I saw this BS: 京è¯åŸŽç²¾å“å©šç´—(Location: Tai Zhong). Anyone has any reviews or comments or suggestions regarding what to look out for when signing up this type of Taiwan package?


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Can anyone share your photos with me?
Thinking of going to TW for photoshoot too.
Also, can anyone tell me how to book TW photoshoots? Do we have to go to bridal fairs to book or do we book with TW bridal shop directly?
[email protected]


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Hi! I saw France Paris booth in Amk hub, interchange. I ask abt their package is quite attractive but they ask us to paid them 75% of e total amt, cost abt $1200. is it e Way they do? Will we lost e deposit?


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Hi Josephine, we were also asked to pay 75% deposit but that was because we bargained for extra pose (from 28 to 36). We only need to pay 10-20% if we take the initial package. You can try to bargain more freebies or better deal (eg waive off the charges if MUA follow you outdoor whole day or upgrade groom outfit to better one which comes with vest instead of just standard black and white) deal with this 75% deposit.


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hi! Anyone know where is exect 三èŠé£Žé™µçŸ³ï¼Ÿ it's somewhere for shooting in water. i get this by 法国巴黎 1 of the girl(书ä¾ï¼‰ email me when i ask her.


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Hi all,

Just came back from Century wedding, Taipei. Who are worried about their service, don't be. Just bring enough cash to top up more photos.


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Hi all.. Just sign up a package with France Paris in Taiwan.. Anyone can help me by telling me their experiences?


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Hi Patelle,

I just signed my package with France Paris also. What's your package like? Mine is:

-56x 18' photo album with PVC and crystal cover
-20x 12' photo album
-30' big photo frame
-200 thank you cards
-10' photo frame
-1 big poster
-some sort of marriage certificate
-4 hrs free transport
-MUA on site free
-top norch MUA and Photographer
-5 sets of bridal gowns and 2 sets for groom

It's about S$2680, but after the exchange rate, it's about S$2754.

I plan to go this year late SEPT or early OCT.


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Hi, i just signed a package with asian star bridal. Anyone has pre-wedding photo taken with them? Did not see any comments on this BS, quite worried.


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We did our photoshoot in Taiwan with Vivibride last year in September.

Unlike many who signed up at roadshows, we signed up directly with Vivibride at Taiwan, due to friend's recommendation.

We probably got a better deal, signing up for the basic package at below S$1800 with pretty good number of pictures, 6 different gowns/ styles etc.

The experience was good. We liaised directly with å²åº—é•· and 佳棋, who arranged for us fitting, photo-taking sessions, photo selection and collection. The photography team was fun and dedicated, carrying out their duties till 10pm. Truly impressed by their stamina.

For people who are planning to do their photoshoots in Taiwan, remember to cater the following costs to your budget -- air travel, hotel, food, vehicle rental, MUA, entrance fees for photo-taking, shipping fee for albums, as well as accepting more photos than you plan (because Taiwanese are really good at persuasive sales tactics)!

For more information/ pictures, you can refer to:


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Ivy Bride (Taipei)

Good news! Ivy Bride will be participating in this coming Natas Fair at Expo~~

Venue: Singapore Expo
Date: 26 ~ 28 August 2011

Anyone who is interested, please feel free to visit them

Alternatively, please email Kelly at [email protected] for more information on package promotion.

Reference by existing customers got more discount & freebies

Please feel free to email me too ([email protected]) - Yi Na


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Anyone interested in buying pre-wedding photoshoot package with NAZA bridal?

My package as below:

1) 18" x 30" with 30 poses photo album (additional mini album x 1)
2) 2 White Gowns
3) 3 Evening Gowns (additional white or evening Gown x 1)
4) 5 Styles (additional Style x1)
5) 20" x 24" or 24" x 30" carved frame with Canvas Photograph
6) 100pcs thank you cards (additional x 200pcs)
7) 10" Crystal Picture Frame (additional Ferris Wheel frame x 1)
8) 1pc CD-Room of all selected photo
9) Studio shooting and out-door scene shooting for a whole day
10) Bridal veil and hair ornaments provided
11) Groom's tuxedo and formal suits x 2 sets
12) Waist cummerbund, shirt and boutonniere for groom.
13) Guest Book x 1
14) FOC 3 nights stay at their selected hotel

Willing to let go at $2000 (slightly negotiable)
So all-in-all, you only pay $2000 for this wonderful package.

It’s very worth it if you plan to have your pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan and also to have a short holiday as Naza provides 3 nights hotel stay.

Please kindly drop an email to me if interested to buy and enquiry: [email protected] or SMS 96810117

Thank you

Best Regard,


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Hi hyoriqing,

As agreed with the bridal studio, I will not reveal my package online. The price is similar to what many are paying, but excludes the lodging. I have included the key components of the package in an update below:

Places for shoot are as follows:
a) 梦湖
b) 幸ç¦çŸ³é—¨ near æ·¡æ°´
c) æ·¡æ°´seaside
d) Oliver Restaurant
e) 美丽åŽ


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hi dearies,

those who had went for pre-wedding PS with France Paris 法国巴黎, do you mind sharing your experience and some photos taken during the PS?
would love to see some of their actual works


[email protected]


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Hi Lynn!! i sign directly for vivi bride also in taiwan! my package is 2k with 45 pics, i didnt take the thank you card, the small album.. Our focus is to take more pics so we don need to top up much more later..

Your yellow gown is really pretty!


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Hi all,

I signed up a package with Bvlgari wedding Taichung. Anyone signed up too? How are their services?


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Hi Emily,looks like you have got a good deal compared to what i know some people get if they sign when they come to SG. They will still coax you into taking more photos, but do stand firm if you have a fixed budget.

Enjoy your photoshoot!


Hi everyone~

Anyone sign up package with Tiffany (♥å°å—蒂芬妮å“牌婚紗♥Tiffany Wedding co. Tainan). Can share experience?