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I have signed up a package with hardvard marriage, the people there is very friendly, it was the last day for the event, and I din have enuf time to consider before I checked up the reputation of the company, I was wondering if anyone had took PS with this company?


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Hi, Can I ask is there any upcoming Bridal fair/show or Roadshow on BS in Taiwan? I'm v keen in having my shoot taken in Taiwan..esp. with the positive comments on Ivy bride..any idea how can i find them in spore??


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Hi BTBs,

I've just signed up with Bluebay wedding for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Taipei. their head office is in taipei but there's a office in spore. due to personal reasons, i've to bring foward my AD so I don't have the luxury of time to do my PS in Taipei! I'm hoping to pass on this package to couples who are interested to have PS in Taipei. I was told that May/Jun is the best period to have PS in Taipei. The weather then is nice and flowers bloom at their best.

I find the price very reasonable for such a comprehensive package. Original package is S$2880 but we got it at $2280 and bargained for a lot of additional stuffs:
- 12" x 18" album with 30 poses
- Canvas effect and waterproof arrangement (album comes with crystal cover)
- indoor studio shoots
- romantic outdoor shoots
- 20" x 30" canvas mounted photo with frame
- photo album suitcase (to keep all ur albums)
- electronic files of selected photos
- inclusive of all crops required for PS
- groom and bride make-up and hairstyling on the day of PS
- shirt, bow tie white shoes for the groom
- hairstyling with headpieces (fresh flower and other accessories) for bride
- wedding gown and evening gown (5 selections)
- black or white european-style suit (2 selections)
- fresh bouquet for PS
- free 1 night stay at a hot spring hotel or free 2 night stay at a downtown hotel
Bargained for:
- 12" album with 30 behind-the-scene images taken by another accompanying photographer (a gd way to rem the memorable PS experience. i love this.)
- two table tops
- small photos (abt 3R size) with paper frame x 20pcs (for give away to friends or relative)
- card size photo x 100pcs (for give away to friends or relative)
- a selected image printed in a canvas stroll format for use as a guest book
- free airport pick-up to and fro
- waiver of fee to have MUA accompanying for the PS

visit their websites to have a look at their photos or

though the package doesn't include AD but we have already locked in the option to take up their AD package at S$1999. If u're interested, pls email me at [email protected]. I'm happy to share more details and if necc discuss more with u =)..thanks!


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Hi BTB, Glad to see some Havard Marriage's Bride. =) I'm also sign up with Havard Marriage as it was intro by my friend. Have seen her photos is very nice. I will be going over to Taiwan this Mar 10 for photoshoots. =)


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Hi all,
I have a taiwan package with Lishe Bridal but I have to sell them off. If you know of anyone who is of interest, please email me. I'm prepared to let go at a super discounted price of S$2,000. My email add: [email protected] Thanks


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Good recommendation to all BTB

Hi all BTB, I just returned from taiwan for my PS with Truelove (真爱婚纱)

I really can't wait to promote them to all BTB who are now fexing and comparing which BS to choose. They didn't come for any bridal fair, only can check and enquire through their website as there is a customer service via msn kind of window to let customer direct enquire.

Initially, I did went to many bridal fair to source but their costs after all additional costs are over my budget. Through forum, I get to know truelove and make a direct enquire on their package though in their website had post their offer package details for Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong customers

Frankly speaking, I do have many doubts initially as I cannot talk face to face with them, and have to pay 1/3 of the package via online and also they are only 5 years in business. So if to compare on all these facts with other BS who come for bridal fair, they are at a loose end.

Therefore, I would like to ensure everyone who have all these doubts on them after browsing their website. They are indeed very very good, regardless in gowns, photography and also their customer care service.

I don't know whether other BS provide such service of pick-up to and fro airport, MUA to follow without additional costs, ampoule at NT500 (S$25), I used 4 ampoules, 1 on face, 2 on body & 1 for hubby(think this part can go according to your own wish, if you don't think neccessary can tell the MUA not to apply), 5hrs free of transport for outdoor photoshoot. Any additional hrs will be charge accordingly at NT300/hr. They even provide dinner after our outdoor photoshoot before proceeding to indoor photoshoot. Seriously, I'm surprise in this as it makes me feel homely after a day of outdoor photoshoot.

I am really really happy and feel lucky that I engage them after many months of comparing which their package are cheaper than the other BS whereby service are as good as others (maybe better).


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just an etc info for all, my photographer is 游主任 (11 yrs exp) and assistant 牙牙, MUA is 彩ç³. Both photographer and assistant are funny and friendly people, therefore, makes your photoshoot less nervous and can smile more naturally and MUA skills are good too. Feel free to PM me if anyone like to see few of my pix as dunno y i can't upload my pix in here.


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Hi Candyfrost,

your package is so attractive, haiz im thinking should I let go of my package. Can you choose the itinerary? Where is your photography location?

have you sold your package away?


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It actually depends on the season which you are going.
for me, of all the spots I went, the one I love the most is Sha Lun and Da tun shan.


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If there's anyone here who's keen, i have an additional set of Ampoule which I got my friend to help bring from tw...
it's in a box of 5 stick, and I am letting go at
$55. For the photoshoot, you will need at least 4 sticks, which will cost you NTD$2000.

the link is as below, for info.

Anyone keen, please drop me an email at [email protected]

Anyone keen?


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Hi Melissa.. Have take ur photo with jinghua? can share ur experience? I just signed up a package with them yesterday. Thanks in advance


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Hi luckychime and Joanne and Joanie,

I've read that you had a PS package with Harvard Marriage. I'm intending to go there in Mar 2011.

Could you share your experiences and any tips for us to look out for when during the trip to TW. If possible, I'd love to look at the photos which were taken there.

You could email me at [email protected]

Yours sincerely,


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Hi aKaShi

I saw your posted pictures taken at Taiwan. The second pic of your hubby with the doggie, is the dog yours? or someone else? So cute.. Want to take pictures with cute doggies like that too.


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has any one took their Bridal pics in taiwan?

As im very undecisive on which period i should go?

March - may for the cold. but less flora

Oct - nov?


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Dear all,

I will be going Taiwan on 1 Oct for photography.
Haven find any BS yet as I dont want to sign up in Sg as they usually mark up alot.

Any recommendation ?
Seem like True love is like not bad .. heehee


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Hi Joanne

I not sure of True Love but signed up Ivy Bride. But what I see so far the comments given, it seems good. But yet to go over to Taiwan..

Anyway over at Taiwan you can take alook.. Cos they have a bridal street which is similar to our local Tanjong Pagar. =D


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I have juz signed up my pre-wedding PS in Taiwan with Ivy Bride and due to personal reasons, I am unable to take my PS with them.

The original price was $2880 and I got it for $2280.

The package includes
- 12" x 18" album with 40 pages (crystal cover)
- wedding gowns and evening gowns (5 selections)
- Bride's jewelleries for each style
- bride's make-up and hairstyling
- groom's suits (2 selections)
- groom's shirt, bow tie white shoes
- groom's make-up and hairstyling
- 20" x 30" canvas mounted photo with frame
- 100 thank you card size photos + gift box
- CD of selected photos
- 3 nites stay @ Taipei Hotel
- airport pick up and transport
- table top photo frame
- ferris wheel photo frame
- 60" poster
- 60" autograph banner
- Palm size album of the main wedding album
- 12" album with 20 casual shots taken while enjoying Taipei's beautiful night scenery

i believe it is quite an attractive package (as we haf bargained for over 3 hrs for tis), and the PS period is within 3yrs and we signed up during Apr.
Interested pls contact me at [email protected] to discuss on the details.


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Yes,Truelove not that bad, from what i saw.
In any case, here's another repost:

If there's anyone here who's keen, i have an additional set of Ampoule which I got my friend to help bring from tw...
it's in a box of 5 stick, and I am letting go at
$55. For the photoshoot, you will need at least 4 sticks, which will cost you NTD$2000.

the link is as below, for info.

Anyone keen, please drop me an email at [email protected]

Anyone keen?


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we just came back from Taiwan. We had a wonderful time and would like to share with you the photos.

Just uploaded them here

Hope you like it. We are heading to Bali next, come join us! Promo at $1,400

Photo On The Spot
Instant print photography


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Has anyone heard about Jinghua bridal shop before? I have signed up with Jinghua a week ago. Their sale representatives are very friendly. But don't know what will happen when we go there. A little bit worried about it. Any one has any experience to share?


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Hi, does any 1 have Julia Wedding News package to shop? I am interested in taking up Ivy bride but bf prefer those with shops in SG. Will also be considering Blue Bay and Lishe.. Any advice?


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Hi Alyssa tay,

We will be going in coming April/May.

When did you sign with them? Why did you sign with them? Do you know anyone who had taken photos with them? Or just like me, signed with them because their sale representatives are very friendly and nice talking people. :p My package is about $3000 for 40 photos and 2 night stays. How about yours? Glad to meet you here.


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Hi dream
If you want flowers blooming then end Feb to Mar is not bad but it's a bit cold and the sky is a bit grey.
If you want clear blue sky and weather warm to hot then Aug will be the month to go.
This info is recommended by my Taiwan BS.. =D


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Hi Athena,
I do not have friends signing up with them. I'm just like you, the ppl are really nice then my HTB just signed with them. Haha he just want to save all the trouble lah =p
My package is $2388 w/o air tickets, I buy the air tickets myself but in the end it worked out to be almost $3k too...
Same for me, 40 photos, 5 gowns to change, 2 nights stay.
However, I do have friends who went Taiwan to take thier PS, they mentioned it was a very nice exp for them. So I'm keeping a positive mind and look forward to go =)


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My package is $3k without air ticket also. I think I was overcharged.
But i can change 6 gowns including VIP gowns. Anyway, as long as photos turn out nice, everything is worth it. (trying to please myself. hehe)
After you come back from photoshoot on March, don't forget to share with me your experience. Congratulation and all the best.


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I will be going for my shoot next mth end with Vivi brides. Can't wait!!! Hehe! Shall upload the picture and share the experience when i am back! ;)


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Hi all,

I'm planning for my PS @ taiwan, but have not sign up for any packages yet.. so am keeping my options open.. My friend recommended white link from SG, so please let me know if you have better to recommend! Thanks in advance!


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Hi all,

I just signed up package with France Paris 法国巴黎 and we will be going in March. I actually didn't want to sign up yet as I wanted to go back and find out more about this bridal but my hubby just signed it. Kinda worry .... Any experience to share?


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Hi Wedding,

I've also signed up with 法国巴黎 sometime in Aug'10. Still planning when I'm going over for the PS. Have you contacted the co-ordinator there as she seems to be diff to get...

Can you share you PS package?


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Hi Mich, yeah she emailed me the schedule, my PG & MUA already and her reply is not very fast, took a few days. But the lady who sold me the package reply was fast.

I'm a PG too so I have higher expectation on my photos so I'm really worried about the PG cos I dun see much nice work on their website and I went down again to check out the work done by this PG. They managed to show me quite a lot of very nicevphotos but I'm puzzled why I dun see these on their website and their reply is becos these customers dun agree to upload their pics on website. Sounds weird to me.

Anyway I was told to do some homework, prepare some photos to show my PG what kind of style I like and dislike.

My package details:

36 pics
18" x 12" crystal hard cover, no centre line in between
6 gowns (bride)
2 suits (groom)
All bridal accessories & fake eyelashes
3 nights hotel stay
Top PG & MUA (they said usually need to pay extra for top PG & MUA)
Free 8 hrs of the transport during photoshoot
Some small freebies

You can check the review on Taiwan wedding forum about this bridal, everything sounds good.

What about yr package details?


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hmm, i don't recommend white link as my colleague had signed up and complain about the services. To make things worse, their big album cover had not been 'glued' properly and end up all the pages were falling off... he was so pissed..

As for myself, i took up Bridal De Coulture, going to TW in mid march for my PS.. now looking for places to shoot..

Pretty anxious about it


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bear in mind ladies.. the more gowns you take, means more photos to choose, means more $$$ for your photo album. Unless of cse you have the $$ :p


Hello ppl,

anyone of you took wedding photos in autumn with red maple leaves? Don't mind share pls... I'm considering this theme.


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Just signed a pre-wedding package with NAZA Bridal (娜拉典è—) during a furniture expo. The coordinators were very friendly, and not hard-selling at all (although we sat there for like, 4 hours?).

We're both very "giao" when it comes to photography, and theirs really impressed us. They're a really new boutique, but I'm willing to take my chances. Package is quite attractive too, though I wouldn't say it's the cheapest in the market. And they charged us in NTD instead of SGD!

Hopefully the exchange rate drop by then (we paid 50% deposit when signing up). Then our package will be really cheap cheap. lol!

I passed by their boutique a couple of months ago in Ximending, and the facade is gorgeous! Very girly and victorian. :D Can see at their website here:


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hi i just sign up with France Paris 法国巴黎 last weekend, anyone can share their experience? as i had never heard of them before.