Photo on the Wedding Card


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Can I take a look at your wedding card, diskette and ang bao box? pai seh pai seh ..

My email is [email protected]

Thanks a million!



Hi Mandy,

Can I take a look at your wedding card too?
Thanks you very much :)



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anyone have any ideas to give to the guests as a token of appreciation?my hotel is giving chocolates to them but i would like to do something for my guests. But muz b something simple n easy to do yah..


hi Trace
we gave up the hotel chocolates because we wanted to exchange it for something else. So we printed our own mini bookmarks and had ribbons personalised with our names. The bookmark had the same theme as our wedding invitation and the a 'thank you' note on the reverse side.


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I have just taken my inserts for my wedding card.
I too have printed my wedding photo on my inserts. The effect kinda good, and my printer charged me quite cheap also as compared to other printers.

If you guys are interested to know, which printer I have used. Can leave your email add here


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hi barley,

pls let me know your printer contact and charges for your inserts.
how many pieces did you print?
would love to see your wedding card with insert too.
my email addy is [email protected]
thks in advance =)


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Hi Barley
Your wedding card is v nice. can i hve your printer contact and charges for your inserts.

how much earlier do we need to send the photos to the publisher to get it printed on the card?

Thanks [email protected]


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Thanks Barley
When's u'r AD? which BS are u with?
Are u nervous as the day is coming closer?
best wishes to u...


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Hi Barley!

Congrats on your upcoming Wedding. Can you also share with me your wedding card plus the insert with photo? Pls also let me know your printer contact and charges. Thanks a lot! Would appreciate if you can email me at [email protected]


hi gals im letting go of my Ang Pao box for just S$8!!!!

and heres the link to the ANG PAO BOX:

Measurement: 31cm x 23cm x 16cm
Special Feature: The TOP is removable which would come in handy for helpers to take out the ang-paos as compared to those w/o top types in which its usually ripped open by helpers.

Interested parties can email me at [email protected] for more details.


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hi all! my wedding card came with many photos and colours too and i've chosen wedding promises to take charge. they are very nice ladies. can check out their website
Can talk to allyson and let her know you are recommended by Jane & Jason. cheers!