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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by carol, Jul 29, 2000.

  1. carol

    carol New Member

    Anyone heard of Ray Ong or know of anyone who has used him for actual day photography?

  2. hwey

    hwey New Member

    Do you have the contact number and homepage address of Ray Ong? I think I saw his portfolio in Ted Wu.
  3. engwin

    engwin Guest

    Has anyone taken the wedding photo package from Ray Ong (Photo Language). How is his skill (indoor & outdoor) & services ?

    Thanks alot for the advice.
  4. piglet

    piglet New Member


    I had a friend that used Ray Ong for her actual day photography and her photos turned out fabulous!! That is if you like the photos to include individual shots of your shoes, dresses, teapots etc.

    I fell in love with his photos immediately after I saw them but too bad ... he's not available for my wedding.

    Still ... I strongly recommend him. His contact no is 98637565.

    All the best and hopefully, he is available for your wedding.
  5. kpo

    kpo New Member

    Hi piglet,

    Thanks for sharing..BTW, do you know what are his charges like?
  6. piglet

    piglet New Member

    Hi KPO

    Seems like most people have/are increasing their prices already ... think he costs about $1200 for 8 rolls or 10 rolls.

    Must admit he is rather expensive but love his angles.
  7. eli

    eli New Member

    He cost 1.2K for 10 rolls. His hours are 7 am to 2 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm. If you have a church wedding during 2 to 5 pm, or after 11 pm. You will need to pay 40 dollars per hour overtime charges. Each additional rolls are 55 dollars, I think. He takes only color photos. His style is journalistic but in color. However, you can electronically wash to black and white, I think.

    I loved his photos, he can really capture the moemnt, but he was beyond my budget. I would have to pay 1.4+ k, becos of church.
  8. orange

    orange New Member


    Does Ray has any web site which I could access so that I can view his portfolio. Thanks
  9. kpo

    kpo New Member

    hi eli and piglet,

    hmmm...seems like his charges are on the high side...but I understand that some of the popular photographers are charging as high as $1.5-$2K!!!

    my bro only paid $500 for 1 whole day photography...8 rolls of film.

    actually, I'm only looking for a photographer for my banquet shots (7-11pm)...I wonder if Ray Ong will entertain such requests?
  10. piglet

    piglet New Member

    Yes ... Ray would entertain such requests. Coz my other friend used him only for her dinner. He'll take your table setting with the menu, floral decoration on table etc and any other interesting things.
  11. mandy

    mandy New Member


    Could anyone let me know which are the bridal boutiques that tie-up with Ray Ong of Photo Language ??

    I am interested in his work. Have seen it at my friend's wedding. But she has gone overseas with her hubby.

    Or details of his individual package for both Studio & Actual Day would be very helpful. Also how to contact him if I want to see more of his work.

    Does he have a website etc ??

    Please help.
  12. sunny

    sunny New Member

    Hi Mandy,

    I saw his portfolio at Ted Wu. Heard that he is giving exclusive prices to Ted Wu brides. I can't remember his studio package but i think his actual day is $1200. Maybe u would like to check it out.
  13. palmolive

    palmolive Guest

    If you are taking the pkge fr Ted WU:
    S$1300 - 24 @8"10" & 1 table top; all -ves returned; each add'l picture S$40 if colour; S$50 for black & white;
    588 2790 (0)
    9400 8303(p)
  14. nicole

    nicole New Member

    Ray has a website. Its . However there are no pictures on it yet. My cousin had him for her photographer. he is a nice guy. However, I must warn tt my older relatives did not like his style of photographing because they prefered posed photos to natural shots. [​IMG]
  15. princessp.

    princessp. Guest

    Hi Mandy,

    The only boutique that Ray Ong ties up with at this point is Ted Wu. However, I believe you can contact him directly if you are interested in having him as your photographer and don't want to sign up with Ted Wu. He did my studio and outdoor shots and I've also signed up with him for my actual day photography. He's easy to work with, very friendly and our studio and outdoor shots turned out great.
  16. mandy

    mandy New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for the helpful information. Think I will call to check out his prices.

    I like Ted Wu's gowns too but I think my budget is not within Ted's price range. I think his packages are about 5K right ??

    Thanks again.
  17. princessp.

    princessp. Guest

    Yes, his packages start at 5K I think. It depends on which photography package you choose and the amount goes up accordingly. And the package does not include the gent's suit. Think it costs 600 for a m-t-m one.
  18. sunny

    sunny New Member

    Hi Mandy,
    i believe u can still engage Ray separately if u are not going to sign with Ted Wu. if i remember correctly, he will only return negatives to Ted Wu brides. that is the exculsive package he provides for Ted's brides. maybe u are bargain bargain with Ray... [​IMG]
  19. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    Ray Ong's partial porfolio can now be viewed at .

    Ray also provides actual day photography services.

    Chin Leng.
  20. fyi

    fyi Guest

  21. joi

    joi New Member

    Hi FYI,

    How come not valid? I can view the website, the photos are nice. Check your proxy, maybe is incorrect..
  22. rin

    rin New Member

    hi ladies,

    fyi, ray has shifted his studio to geylang.
    his off no has changed to 8448575 [​IMG]
  23. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    Yeap, Ray has moved his studio to a new address. His studio is now located at

    668A Geylang Road, Singapore 389595.

    Chin Leng.
  24. fyi

    fyi Guest

    Hi Joi,

    It's ok now, don know what happened. Thx anyway.
  25. cat

    cat New Member

    Hi rin soo,

    How much is he charg'g n how's the package like? thank u.
  26. rin_soo

    rin_soo Guest

    hi cat,
    his studio & outdoor package is abt 1.6k onwards. actual day 1.2k.
    if i'm not wrong, he has increaased his prices. maybe u can give him a call to discuss. [​IMG]
  27. cheer

    cheer New Member

    hi rin,

    do you have any idea what ray's studio/outdoor package includes?

    please advice, thanks!

  28. joycelyn

    joycelyn New Member

    Hi Cheer,

    Will be meeting Ray this evening... can ask for you if you want to. Maybe u can give me your e-mail address and i can communicate directly with you in more details
  29. cheer

    cheer New Member

    hi Joycelyn,

    sorry missed ur message, u can mail me by clicking my nic, thanks!
  30. curly

    curly New Member

    Hi all

    We engaged Ray for our actual day last month. Just collected the albums last week and we are extremely happy with our photographs. Friends were well impressed by his presentation and skill too.

    Our money was well spent! We highly recommend Ray!!
  31. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

  32. yvonne

    yvonne New Member

    Hi Curly

    May I noe how much is Ray charging?
  33. curly

    curly New Member

    JenJen, I have yet to scan any of the pics as they were all sticked onto the albums. No reprint yet too. However, I can scan the index prints and email to you later.

    Yvonne, Ray charges $1,200 for 10 rolls (colour), 7am to 2pm, 7 to 11pm. Not too sure abt next year's rate though.
  34. curly

    curly New Member

    Hi JenJen

    Just wondering if you received my emails. One of the emails was returned. Pls check.
  35. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    hi curly, wah... your mail very big... my "bigfoot" oso cannot take it... but dun worry, I've got 2 of your mails... wonder if there were any more?? [​IMG] it's kinda small though, couldn't really decide which one to scrutinise first...hehehe...
  36. corrine

    corrine New Member

    Hi Curly,

    Just wanna check with you how many rolls of film did Ray took during your actual day? I am quite sure that 10rolls will not be enough, what you say?


  37. curly

    curly New Member

    Hi JenJen, the index prints are indeed very small. As all the pics were pasted onto the albums and I didnt have any reprint, I can't send you any more....

    Hi Corrine, I asked Ray to limit to 10 rolls as we didnt have any outdoor pics taken on the actual day. So 10 rolls were alright for us.
  38. corrine

    corrine New Member

    Hi Curly,

    Could you send me your actual day prints by Ray as well, juz wanna check how's his work. My email add -

  39. curly

    curly New Member

    Hi Corrine

    I'm sorry but I had already deleted all the files as they were very small.....
  40. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    Ray Ong's Photo Lanuage website at has been relaunched. You can visit and take a look at more of his recent works.

    Chin Leng.
  41. delannie

    delannie Guest

    How many mths in advance should u book a photographer for actual day wedding?
  42. huppi

    huppi Guest

    Hi Delannie,

    U shd act fast esp someone like Ray Ong can be snapped up easily on good dates.

    When is ur wedding btw?
  43. delannie

    delannie Guest

    Thks Huppi, mine is nx yr June. Do u think i shd book Ray now? BTW, did u book him too?
  44. delannie

    delannie Guest

    BTW, usually how many rolls needed if i am taking outdoor pics too?
  45. marie

    marie New Member


    would like to know Ray's charges now and does he returns the negative back for actual wedding day?

    Can anyone who use him for their actual day provide some feedback on him?

    Many thanks!
  46. marie

    marie New Member

    Hi all

    would like to check out what is Ray Ong's rate now and does he return the negatives back for actual day wedding?

    Any comments from those who engage him?

    Many thanks!
  47. stormfall

    stormfall New Member

    Hi Marie,

    Just had a wonderful photoshoot with Ray... We used him for the church wedding/tea ceremony and for the studio/outdoor shoot, all under a package with Ted Wu... He's a really good photographer, I'll have to say! We hired another studio for other services and for the wedding dinner but in hindsight should have stuck with Ray...

    In reply to your questions, I can't remember his rates now but you can contact him directly and he'll give you his rates... And yes, he will return the negatives for the wedding shots... he used a digital camera for the studio photoshoot... thank goodness because we are really bad at posing or 'acting natural' for the shoot and he took a lot of shots!

    What I liked about his work (not just the stylistic photos he takes):

    1. He'll sort out the photos for the wedding and put them into the album for you, all nicely done. The 'rejected' photos, he'll return to you in a separate envelope so that if you want to, you can add it into the album.
    2. The negatives are returned to you so that you can reprint the photos yourself (which we had to do since there were shots that we wanted to give to our friends!)
    3. His photos are very crisp, sharp and clear... it's unbelievably sharp!! He hardly wasted any shots... almost every negative was fantastic so you don't have to worry about wastage of film.
    4. He's quite unobtrusive and natural... we hardly knew he was taking photos of us until we saw the album! A lot of our friends didn't know they were taken so the shots turned out to be very spontaneous, natural, and quite a laugh in some cases! [​IMG]
    5. The studio photos were quite good too... He took about 200 shots (morning to 3pm) all digital, printed them out for us to view as proofs, and we selected the ones we wanted for actual printout to the larger prints etc. We were stuck for choice so he helped us to decide as well... [​IMG] Most of the shots had us looking relaxed, laughing, 'natural', not like we had to bend into all sorts of acrobatic postures and then hold it (and our smiles!) so that the photographer can snap the shot! Okay, he did make us do one which had us bending forward quite a fair bit but that was really fun and the photo turned out beautifully (no sign of strain!) [​IMG]

    Overall, his prices may be a bit on the high end, but you get what you pay for - a really professional and fantastic photographer... He's already taken for a few of my wife's friends and my cousin's wedding, and they all do recommend him too [​IMG]

    We had our outdoor at Arab St and Botanic Gdns... mainly because it looked like it might rain and we had to hit the floor running, so to speak! before it showers again! [​IMG] That was fun [​IMG] Ray used a normal (non digital) camera for the outdoors...

    Feel free to mail me if you want to clarify anything I've said! [​IMG]

  48. totoro

    totoro New Member


    how abt his actual day photography??

    any comments??
  49. fern

    fern New Member

    hi, for actual day, is he using a normal (i.e. non-digital)camera?
  50. stormfall

    stormfall New Member

    Hi totoro and fern...

    Actual day photographs of church wedding and tea ceremony was great. He used a non-digital camera so they all came with negatives (an added plus for us)... He took some really good shots of the church (never knew it could look so nice [​IMG] ) and the processional/ceremony as well as the reception after the ceremony was over. These are not digital shots, no touch ups, but it turned out well for us considering we aren't exactly the photogenic couple lol [​IMG]

    He snapped the photos pretty fast too... we barely noticed him doing the actual day shots and when we had to pose in front of him for family/friends shots, he did it pretty fast too and the shots came out perfact (we were worried that maybe he didn't focus properly). There were shots that really surprised us - photos of some of our friends babies that came out quite well, etc. But I think his strength is in the journalistic shots, natural shots (taken without us posing) and some of the more unique ones... there's so much you can do with group shots I guess (after all, everyone's standing and all composed!)

    The only time he used a digital camera was for the studio indoor photographs.

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