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Love Margaret river! Stayed at Initially book 1 of the properties at but we need a bigger place.


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Anyone went to perth during the month of Mar?
How is the weather like? anyone care to share the breakdown of the cost for air tix, accommodation, car rental? Also the itineraty as well since we intend to self drive.
any farmstay to recommend?



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Planning an F&E trip to Perth 25 Apr - 2 May, we intend to self drive and have some areas where we wud like to go such as Fremantle, rottnest island, margaret, albany . Wonder if anyone any suggested itineraries to share?



Hi Cherry,

I think 1 week is a little too rush for the places that you would like to go. Albany takes a long drive and rottnest is an island just off perth. Do you intend to stay in perth city and do a day trip to rottnest?


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thanks mish, we've decided to skip rottnest and drive down to albany ^^
Perth>> Bunbury>> Margaret River>> Albany>> Perth (Include Fremantle).

Any suggestions on where to visit along the way?



i think you can skip bunbury. it is really boring. You are going for ur honeymoon? Or just a holiday?

What do you like? April is autumn.. hmm a little you might not be able to go to the sea. Unless you really don't mind the cold. My hub and I just go for it. If there is sun, 20ish degree should be fine. It should be ending spring. You might get to see wild flowers and if it is the right time.. it will be covered with these small yellow flowers and it is beautiful.

Perth is a little quiet but i love it. We usually go out in the day (snorkel a little, go to the factories) and cook at night in our apartment. Usually the shops close at about 5-6pm.

Tell me what you like and i can suggest some things.

You really should go to Denmark (very near to albany). There is tree top walk (valley of the giants) and there is a beach called greens pool - if the sun is right, the colour of the water is emerald and you can snorkel there etc. Nice place.

Margaret river is more of visiting vineyards, cheese factory, chocolate factory, berry farm etc.

Albany - you can visit the natural bridge, wind farm (windmills and all)

Frementle is more for shopping. Best to go on weekends when the markets are open. You can go for the famous fish and chips or the market crepes or the famous beer brewery - little creatures.

Oh well. So much to do and see. Just tell me your preference and I can suggest more.


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Haha~ not honeymoon, just a trip with 3 other friends ^^

We love beach, shopping, chilling, snorkelling, food and wines!... Denmark sounds cool!

We would like to see dolphins, wonder shud we stop at bunbury or rockingham.

And any recommendations for accomodation, farmstay, vineyard stay?

Cheers (^^;)


ic.. Do you intend to cook or just eat out?

You can go Bunbury if you wanna see dolphins. However, wild dolphins not easy to see. I took a cruise for it but didnt get to see any. Sad. They have kept dolphins i think. there is this dolphin discovery centre but i have not been there.

I think that if you wanna go to bunbury, maybe you can just take it as a "on-the-way" kind of stop over. I don't know much about rockingham so I can't comment on it.

I don't think that there is much to shop when you go to the suburbs. You can shop at perth city - habour town. (kind of like a factory outlet) Frementle markets. perth city itself.

Beach - go to denmark's greens pool. of course there are many more beach along the way. I can't remember many off hand now. Hmm i will post again when i remember the beaches.

Margaret river - several famous ones. I would recommend Evans and Tate as well as Vasse Felix.

Can't seem to find evans and tate website. Love their wine. Hope they are still there. It seems like it is now group under mcwilliam's wine.

I stayed at tree elle. You can pick your own vegetables etc. I find it an interesting place. However, the price is rather high.

They have several rooms. so it kinda suits you.

I have a few more to recommend. will post again when i remember.


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Think we'll juz eat out. Many thanks for yr recommendations, they look interesting. Gotta read them and plan my itinerary. (^^;)


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I will be going to perth in June. Any recommendations of a place (apartment for 2 bedrooms) to stay in Perth City and Fremantle?



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Hi hi!

Me intending to go Perth in June and would be most probably staying for 6 days. Any recommendations for the itnenary?

Thk you!



Hello All,

Singapore brides forum has been very useful as I live in Perth and am trying to organise a wedding in Singapore.

So feel free to leave any messages for information on Perth and i'll try and help everyone with their itinerary


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hi Sher,

I'll be going on a F&E trip to perth in mar for 8 days. 6 pax! brining mother-in-law, her sister, my bro-in-law, his gf, my wife and myself. we'll be renting a 6-seater to bring us ard.

Hope u can recommend something that can keep us occupied throughout the 8 days.


Hi Infinite,

For accommodation in Perth, I've always booked Mont Clare Boutique Apts. As for vans, I believe Thrifty might be cheaper than the others.

Things to do within Perth:

(1) Shopping - Murray/Hay St Mall & Harbour Town. I won't bother wasting too much time as shopping isn't fantastic!

(2) Food - Good Fortune Roast Duck in Northbridge. Friends have asked me to bring their roast duck back to Singapore. Dim Sum at Dragon Palace in Northbridge. They are packed on weekends with a 30mins wait time for a table and dont allow reservations so try and go during the week. Cicerellos is famous for their fish and chips and fantastic views in Fremantle so dont miss it!

Places to visit in Perth:
Kings Park has fabulous views.
Fremantle is a nice place to visit between Fri-Sun. There's fremantle markets, fantastic italian restaurants (Pizza Bella Roma), San Churros (spanish donuts dipped in white/dark/milk choc), Cicerellos (Fish n Chips).
Swan Valley has a number of wineries and Caversham Wildlife Park. A fantastic restaurant/brewery is Elmars. Fantastic beer so its popular with aussies and Roast Pork Knuckle is their signature dish. German sausages are pretty good too.

So after all that, people generally head down south. The new highway opened a few months ago so travelling south is a little faster now. I would say go from Perth direct to Margaret River. There's nothing much along the way so maybe just stopover in Mandurah (1hr from Perth), Bunbury ,stop by Cape Leeuwin lighthouse and then to Margaret River.

We've always stayed at Margarets Beach Resort as its close to the ocean. And then spend your day in wineries, olive oil factories, choc factories, sheep shearing, caves etc etc.

After Margaret River will be the tree top walk, valley of the giants and Albany. And from Albany, its a 6 hours drive back to Perth.


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Hi hi Sher,

Wow thx for the tips!

It seems like there are plenty to explore there.

Oh I would love to stay close to the beach at Margarets Beach Resort. I love the sound of the sea and breeze on my skin.

I was thinking of a lavender farm-stay or a farm-stay where there are many farm animals to play with.

Any other car rental services you would recommend that is reliable and afforable?

Any other places of interest to recommend? I need to fill up 8 days of itinanary. Haha. Am afraid my family members get bored


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Did alot of research on perth.

For south perth Self drive.

Stop at Bunbury for lunch, then go down further to Busselton, to see the beautiful longest jetty with their fantastic aquarium and pristine beach.

Then down geographe bay to Lighthouse near Dunsborough, and pass gracetown area, to margaret river, which is full of wineries and choc factories,etc. if Albany is too far, turn back up to perth through another route.

You will pass nargorin area and nannup, lovely towns with beautiful gardens and old post office. These small populated towns makes you feel like you're in a old movie. then move up, you will see farms, wildflower patches along the way, feel free to stop by any towns for toilet breaks and walk around.

If nature is your thing, along this route , you will have tons of national reserves and hiking to do. Just have to google Self drive south perth!

YOu can finish these trip in 2 days, leisurely. stop over at margaret river area for a night's stay or busselton. then if you are recharged, head up to Albany. Along the coastal line, will have lots to see. Albany's beautiful wind farm. Treetop walks, natural's bridge, caves,etc.


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Hi Vivian / infinite / Sher

i will be going to perth this oct, need your help to advise in details if possible what can i do with the transportation, accomodation and anything to take note if we are going to farmstay and where to see big fields of wildflowers on the 1st few days?
because me and hubby 1st time going there and self-drive...

thanks alot
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