Perfect-Wedding (Taiwan) Wedding Package to let go~


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Hello lovely ladies,

Good Day! Due to the circumstances that my fiancee need to be posted to another country for work. We have to shift to overseas permanently. Hence, our wedding plans changed. We purchase the Pre-wedding photo-shooting package on the 26th May 2015. We've been negotiate for about 3 hours for the best deals as we are the last customers of their last day of wedding fair. We hope it can be transferred to other couples else it would be really wasted.

Package Price = $2680
Validity of Package = 26th May 2015 to 26th May 2020 (5 years)

Pre-wedding Photography:

1) 24" PVC cover Photo Album with 36 poses (Originally 30 poses but we manage to get extra 6 poses)
2) Canvas photograph, carved frame with the size of 30" (It can be use for display on your wedding reception)
- Photos can be choose from any category (no extra charge)
3) A CD-rom for all selected photographs, 30 poses
4) 5 set of Bridal gowns from ALL category of gowns (no extra charge) + 1 set of casual wear (for example, school uniforms, t-shirt & jeans. It's up to you and your partner. The theme is about stories of how you both met each other, like 那些年 the movie)
5) Professional make-up and modeling with total of 6 styles.
6) Bridal veils, hair ornaments, earrings, necklace, total of 6 styles.
7) Waist cummerbund, shirt and boutonniere for groom, 2 styles.
8) Studio shooting and outdoor shooting for 1 whole day.
9) Can choose their top photographer (no extra charge)
10) Free lunch for two on photo-shooting day.
11) Free 2 nights accommodation in Taiwan.

Other FREE miscellaneous items:

1) One Ferri Wheel photo frame
2) One 60" Poster
3) One photo frame
4) One handy size photo album
5) One small photo frame with golden cert

We have already paid off a deposit of $1340, and price can be negotiated for sincere takers. All the while we are dealing with this Taiwanese named Maggie. She's really helpful and friendly. I'll give her LINE contact to you. You can contact her if you have any inquiry.

If any of you are interested. You can pm me privately for discussion.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Stephanie =)


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Hi Stephy, I have also just signed up with Perfect Wedding 风华绝色 from a bridal fair just yesterday. I have some queries for them however unable to get to them through email. Can I have any of their Line contacts? Thanks!