Peony Jade for ROM/Solemnisation


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i've booked my rom solemnisation at peony jade keppel club.. asked if there is any makeup room. coordinator says it's only for wedding couples aka wedding packages, says the boss specifically told her that it's not for ROM couples. I was like so pissed off. Too bad we like their food.


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I have this feeling that poeny jade have been over rated. I, myself receive a similar attitude from the staff when I called to check when I can book the ROM package the other day. =(


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The food is really really good (all the plates were cleaned out!!!), service alright la..(I had a dirty spoon and the wine didnt come when requested and the number of seats were wrong even after they keep asking me about it). They had 1 staff assigned for our 2 tables in the private room.
Anyway, its really affordable for a small scale event. And it's not buffet style.
What I like about them (other than the food) is that they have the initiative to tell me v. much earlier about the "spoilt" sea scenary due to the construction of the bridge. When asked if there were alternatives, they offered me the Berlayer Terrace upstairs (though can still see the @#@$ crane sticking up in the air =/). Which was good, though too large a space, becos it was raining that day and Berlayer Terrace had shelter.

Good luck w yours!


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I have one Table (10-11 pax) to let go at Peony Jade @ Keppel Club.

Menu is 8-course which includes:
Shark’s fin, live grouper fish, 2 head Aomori abalone, jing-du pork spare ribs paired with sumo prawns with creamy yolk, golden crispy skinned duck.
Also included: 1 bottle of Red Wine and 10 glasses of beer.

Can be used for any kind of celebrations e.g. birthday, special occasions.

If interested, please drop me an email at:-

[email protected]


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Hello, anyone can share with me their experience of having their solemnization at Keppel Club (The Oceanfront - besides the swimming pool)?

Thanks much!


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hi i'm interested in PJ keppel

Can any1 send me pictures or the package so that i can ask the coordintator to throw in more things for me

email add [email protected]



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Hi, just to share my experince with pj keppel.

I had only 4 tables for my rom over 2weekends ago. It was awesome! Everyone commented well on the food and service provided. Even my dad who's super duper fussy with food, also commented the food serve was simply awesome. (there r 3 price range for the menu, we took the 2nd)

However,the only downside was, there's no mic for the solmenisation. so basically other than myself, my hubby, 2witnesses and the JP, no one was aware of what was going on. If you can live with that then pj keppel will b a good choice. Good food, good service, good price!

That's all.