Part time maid


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may I know how many hours will it take to do the followings for a 5-room flat:
1) Vacuum floor
2) Mop floor
3) Clean 2 toilets
4) Wipe surfaces

Also any recommendation for a good and reliable part-time?



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Hi tobebride,
With the chores listed, it takes mine near 3hours cleaning of windows & grilles will take up abt another hour. But guess, it oso depends on the cleanliness of ur hse.


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emma, how much is your maid charging? I need to look for a PTM for next mth (ie. short term, may become permanent) bec my current maid needs to go away urgently.


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Emma, I tried calling Rowena but her HP don't seem to be responding (got singtel msg all the time). Is she still ard?

Ladies, I'm looking for a part time maid for Serangoon/Hougang area. Anyone with recommendations?


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eh pomjitjit, how are you managing in the meantime? Me end up being Maria on weekends, leave days.....very tiring. Once get maid already, very difficult to do it yourself later....


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me ah??? do myself lor...what to do?? cant afford to wait for dust & dirt to pile up mah... hehehe...that why...every 2-3 days must sweep abit...mop abit lor...


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Hi all,

I need a part time maid who stays in the west. Any reccomendations for a good and reliable one?


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hie i stay in ang mo kio ...i will like to enquire how much will it costs for a weekly maid to help me to
1) vacumm and mop the floors
2) clean toilets
3) wipe surfaces
4) tidy the house

and how does it take? do i need to be around to monitor?


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Dear All,

I need a part time maid, prefer someone that stay in the same estate as me. I stay in the new blocks of flat just Opposite bukit batok driving center at Bukit Batok west ave 5 (Near Bukit Gombak MRT)

My house is a 4 rm only 2 ppl staying.

Thanks in advance


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Hi all,

Sorry for the lat reply.

My part-time maid's name is Winnie/ I think a few Sg brides here engage her. I think she is really good. she prefers Hougang and Serangoon North area.

As I dun log in to this website so frequently now, please contact her at 6484-6479.

Good luck!


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I'm looking for a Part Time cleaner who can come by my place on Sunday mornings. I'm staying at Hougang (Hougang NEL Station is directly downstairs). Anyone, any recommendation?


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I'm looking for a part-time helper urgently. I'm staying in Hougang. I tried to call Winnie but she's not at home. Is she a housewife? Can I have some feedback from any gals who have engaged her. What are the things she will do at each visit? How much she charge? I need someone who is hardworking, detailed, clean and initiative. Cos the one I have is very very good. But she's going back to her hometown. Headache....

Ilmare, can you recommend your PT helper to me? How's she? Is she a local or from other countries? How would you rate her?


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Hi Sarsi,

Sorry for the late reply as I never log in to forum so regularly now. Why don't you try calling her in the evening weekday?

Yes, She is a housewife. SHe will sweep, mop, clean the washrooms and window. I find her very detailed and takes a lot of initiative to make sure every little corner of the house is clean. I heard from her she currently has a few other customers who are from SG Forum too.



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some depends on the plc u stay, the sq area too. if u plc is away from bustop n require the cleaner to walk a distance usually higher...

my PT maid is 10 per hr/min 3 hrs


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Hi Lina,

Can i have ur PT maid contact? Coz i am looking for 1 just to help me clean my window grills onli..



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I am asking on behalf of my mum. She needs a part time cleaner. My mum stays in River Valley. Anyone any recommendations? Thanks in advance


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Hi Carol,
Not sure if you are still on this thread, but can you pm me the part-time maid's details? I'm living in Bukit Batok area. Thanks.


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Hi All,

Do you have recommendation? I am staying in the East (Bedok area) and looking for a part-time cleaning lady to clean once every fortnightly. A local preferrably. Can you please email me contact [email protected]


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Hi all,

I have seem pamplets around with company offering part time cleaning service. Anyone tried before. I have a few questions to ask, can anyone advise me?

1) Do we have to be around when the PTM is doing the cleaning?
2) any PTM do in the evenings?
3) do we tell them what to do each time or they will organise themselves?


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Hi all

jus wondering if anyone hire PT maid juz to iron clothes???? Wats the rate like???