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Where exactly is your estate? I can check with my part-time maid if she wants to take up anor assignment.


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Hi Fanta

I'm currently at Tampines but moving to Pasir Ris soon. How much did u pay for your maid, wat does she do for u?
Will she clean windows & grills every week? Wat about cleaing ceiling fan?


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I'm paying her $10 per hour. She does ironing, cleaning the toilets, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning windows & grilles, changing of bedsheets. However, she may not be able to complete all these in 4 hours. You can request her to work longer or clean the windows on alternate week.
Hi Bea,
Are you considering engaging a cleaning company. I am currently using SQ1, their service quite good. You can call Andrew 91468383 & say recommmended by Helen Sim staying at Bedok North.


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may i know how the cleaning company charge? is it hourly rate? Cause I am thinking to employ part time maid or cleaning company to clean my amk flat once in a month.


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Hi Fanta,

I am currently looking for a part-time cleaning assistant too. If I am not mistaken, we are actually staying in the same estate (i.e PG). Appreciate if you can provide me with more details on the cleaner. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks.


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Hi all,
I'm living in Bukit Batok and am looking for a part-time maid. Anyone has anybody to recommend? Thanks.


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Hi Gals,

I've just received a drop-in leaflet :

"Healthy Style Cleaning Service

We provide house cleaning servce to your door step @ an affordable rate!

Dust mites can cause diseases : Asthma, Rhinitis, Eczema, lung infection & etc!

Dust Mites Free Service included to help your family to stay heathy!

Please call Ms Tan @ 97928348 for more details! HURRY! DON'T HESTIATE! Care for your family!


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Hi Gals,

Me currently use this co.service...WOW!Work Pte Ltd...They have part/Full time staff cleaning yr house...service not bad up to now...can try calling up and check for more details...look for Michael @ 94518383 or Edwin @ 97603497....


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I'm helping my friend look for more assignments as a part time maid cuz the families she worked for have moved overseas.

She's free Wed and Fri afternoons. I think her charges are quite standard, $10 per hour for min 4 hours. Usually 4-4.5 hours can finish cleaning toilets, vacuum + mop floors, wipe surfaces + mirrors, change bedsheet, do 2-3 loads of laundry + ironing. The tasks are flexible, so if you want other things done, can arrange with her.

If anyone is interested, I can pm you her contact.


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Hi, All,

My aunt is also looking for assigments such as these. She is currently working as a part time maid, but under a company. She wants to look for assigments herself. Charges are $10/hr as well. She lives in Hougang. Locations like Northeast and East will be better for her.

She is a very neat and tidy person and really emphasize on cleanliness. (Glad I am not staying with her, heehee)

You can pm me if you want her contact. =)


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hi gals:
my mom and her church friend are looking for more such assignments in bedok, tampines, simei, pasir ris area.....

their charges are quite standard, $10 per hour for min 4 hours. the chores are simliar to what grin has mentioned; cleaning toilets, vacuum + mop floors, wipe surfaces + mirrors, change bedsheet, do 2-3 loads of laundry + ironing. The tasks are flexible, so if you want other things done, can arrange with them.

pls email me if any of u are interested...

[email protected]


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i highly recommend the part time maid i am using rite now.

Her name is Jane 93383404. Just tell her u r recommended by ewen from amk.


Hi cutedemon,
What is the charges of ur pt maid? Any idea if she is willing to travel to Jurong?

Hi grin,
Can you please pm me your part time maid's contact. TIA.


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Hi All,
I urgently needs a part time maid. Pls give me their contacts (those who are willing to work in Pasir Ris)

If you still check into this thread, can you email me ur maid's contact? TIA
[email protected]


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I am looking for a part-time maid in bt panjang to come in once a week. any recommendations? No agency pls cos they charge registration fee.

I'm currently looking for a part-time maid who still free during weekends (either Sat or Sun AM). I'm staying at SengKang. And also looking one for my parents who stay at Yishun. Any good recommendation??


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Hi, I didn't know such a topic has been started and started one elsewhere too.

I'm also looking for a part-time cleaner. Need a reliable and experienced one for cleaning my house in Sengkang (Rivervale Crescent) once in 2 weeks for 3 hrs ($10 per hr). It can be one of these days: Tue or Thu, from 7 pm - 10 pm, or Sat, from 8 am - 11 am.

If you have any recommendation of a good part-time cleaner, kindly email me at [email protected].

Thank you very much!