Parkroyal on Beach Road


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Anyone tried their wedding banquet? Thinkin of bookin with them. Thanks


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Hi tng,

I had my wedding with them last Mar. I am all praises of them. U may like to visit the other PPR thread (the one with 1000+ posts) to see my comments and see the pics


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I have won the 6th prize during the wedding show on Sunday 5/5/08. It is a complimentary buffet dinner meal for 10 people at Plaa Braserie, Parkroyal Hotel on Beach Road.

It is valid if you confirmed your wedding Dinner Package with them before 17/5/08 and your wedding dinner is to be held before 30 Sep 2009.

I want to let go at very small fee as it is too rush for us to make any decision on the hotel.

Interested couple , please email me soonest at: [email protected]



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Seah Mei Ping
i went there for my colleague's wedding dinner yesterday. e food not bad leh~ we 9px almost can finish all. haa..

i was thinking held my solemnization + AD at there as well. May i know which package you booked? Lunch or dinner? Solemnization + AD together?

do they have installment payment? i paiseh to ask my collegue


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yup..that was quite fast of this hotel to hold another wedding show..considering that my htb and i just attended one in may earlier this year


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My Co-ordinator - I*y resigned le and she handed my profile to her colleague (Jam*e) Anyone in here serve by either I*y or Jam*e????
Is it common that co-ordinator in Hotel Industry changes now an then???


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yes, i booked 1.5 yr before my actual wedding.
in btw, changed about 3 managers.

until 1 month before my wedding, the senior banquet manager took over.

actually u do not liase till 2-3 months before wedding for food tasting.
Hi Ester, you can look for Felicia... very experience lady who can assist u and give u alot of comments which u never think of... I just went for my food tasting yesterday, overall my families quite satisfied with the quality & uniqueness for certain food that we choose as compare with those hotel standard dishes. After feedback on the dishes, today Felicia settle for me le with the flexibility of the kitchen chef... *thumb up* hehe...


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Hi all!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've to let go of my wedding banquet at Park Royal Hotel on Beach Road. Looking for somebody to take over from me urgently.

The package is
-extended till JUNE 2011,
-$821nett per table, min 30 tables. (booked in 2009, thus the low price. 2011 price is almost $900)

I have the contract with all details, even the banquet food menu included.

Interested parties, please contact me at [email protected].

Ai Lin


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We have a wedding lunch banquet (Minimum 18 to Maximum 34 tables) at PARKROYAL Hotel @ Beach Road to let go on 20.11.2011. We've negotiated a very good package with the hotel. Just contact me at [email protected] if anyone is interested to find out details, thanks!


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Joanne, My banquet sales mgr is Felicia koh.
Thumbs up for her. Felt safe under her hands. Just need to voice out the concerns n I bet she would have a solution for it.


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Posted on Monday, July 11, 2011 - 3:08 pm:   
Dear all,

I have a comprehensive dinner package at parkroyal t beach road to let go.

Weekend dinner rate at 888 nett inclusive of 2 nights stay, free flow of beer, one wine per table with additional 12 bottles of wine, and one complimentary table.

There are other perks negotiated so if you are interested in this package, I am willing to let go at a lower deposit.

Original date is in Sep 2012 weekend. Dates can be changed to any other dates as long as it is available.

Table requirement = 30. the complimentary table will be the 31st table.

Please contact me at [email protected] for more details.

Thank you!


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My htb and i just book with them. They haf only one ballroom available which is plaza. They will be renovating e Stamford ballroom and won't be tree as a wedding ballroom.
I dun quite like e ballroom. Ceiling is a bit low. Look a bit old. Htb decided on it, i got no choice but to agree. Other than tat, everything was fine.


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Hi everyone, I need some help... I'm unsure if I should go for Holiday Inn Atrium or Park Royal.

We may need about 40 tables. I personally like the perks that Park Royal has offered but not the ballroom. I'd prefer HIA's ballroom. Sigh. What should I do?


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Hi Rosalyn, tat will haf to depends wad u r going for. If u want e ambience den choose HI. If u want more tastier food and bigger portion, den choose parkroyal. Those hotel with "bigger" names tend to be more stingy in their perks..
Hope my info helps u (3


Josalyn: i m with PR cos of the perks and so far i dun have any prob with them. Staffs vy friendly.

You wanna your guests to rem the food or the ballroom.. to us, most of them will rem the food. Cos just last sat, htb went for a banquet n the food was terrible, everyone (yes everyone) in his table is complaining so it leaves a vy bad impression in all of them.

You can spend a little more to doll up the plc but we cant change the taste n quality of food...

As for the ballroom, i have flowers, balloons to make it nicer.


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Hi Ros, HIA banquet is cheap but the food is not nice. Rather u take PR. Ur guests will be so much happier as the serving is good and tasty.


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Thank you so much for comments. I'm still hesitating to choose HIA or PR. My HTB prefers PR because we heard about the compliments on the food. Not sure if their new carpark will be ready by Dec 2012.
Just had my wedding banquet held there last sat. 2 thumbs up for the food and services provided. No regrets in choosing Park Royal as the location for celebration of our joy!!


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Hi mimi,
u had your banquet at plaza ballroom right? Wad setting did u choose? Did u add extra decorations? How was ur march in? Besides felicia, who was your coordinator on ur wedding day?
Sorry for asking pm many questions. Quite worrying as i read e previous thread. Will be holding there next yr..
Hi Joanne,

No, i had my wedding at the Stamford ballroom. The smaller one with stairs. i choose the candle light setting without extra deoration as its already quite nice and stage is not very big though. There will be a person in charge to help you and coordinate with the brothers and the couple. So no issue at all.

Overall we are very satisfied with the hotel staff and management team. Not to forget, Felicia was great too!

Food wad great and portion was big. So u no need to worry so much.


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Hi mimi,
Thanks for ur input =) I was told tat Stamford is on ongoing renovation. Do i have to worry abt whether guests have all arrived, when to start dinner? Got a overall coordinator who will help us?

How was ur march in? Heard tat it's quite short and lights can't be dimmed.

Sorry for the late reply as I seldom check this forum after I got married. Haha!

Hmm… there will be a person in charge (assigned by the hotel) who will roughly count the % of guest that have arrive and advise you when to start the dinner. Our coordinator was very good indeed and we left everything to him. He’ve done a very gd job! No worries!

March in was ok cos mine is the ballroom with the stairs and thus slighter longer march in. Haha! I actually didn’t notice if the lights are dim during the march in. It all happened too fast and before we realise, its already over! ïŠ


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I got the package from them. good peaks. AD Dec 2012. My current coordinator is HuiLing (my first coordinator, Jaime, left so Huiling take over my profile) So far, she is good!

Glad to know the food feedback was good. Coz my husband and I went to PR before, we found that the food was good, more than our expectation, however his parents think otherelse. So I'm worry!

I saw their Plaza ballroom, low ceiling but bcoz of that, we do not need to spend extra cost for speakers for music entertainment. :p

Their carpark is a minus point,but still acceptable.