Park Hotel Clarke Quay ROM Dinner - Suitable for 5 ~ 8 tables


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Hello fellow BTBs! I've just partaked in my FSIL's Solemnisation Dinner last week at Park Hotel Clarke Quay. The ambience of the function room, decor & food was impeccably splendid. ROM area is beside poolside, so is the function rooms.

hope this info will help fellow BTB(s) in selecting your wedding venue.



Do let me know if u'll require more photos or info


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From where i was sitting at the VIP table. The entire glass window wall where u can get the view of the nice LED lighting & the hotel pool.

Of cos, if u dun wan to see angmoh(s) swimming while u're dining. U can ask for the hotel staff to draw the curtains back on. LOL



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I had mine there too..I used the van Kleef room for solemnization, and thepool deck for dinner underthe sky..u can view my pix by adding me on fb (hudakhye). Pls mention that that wanna view the pix in my inbox..
How's the food and the services? I understand room will be provided for the couple as per the package, is it big?

Is the standard floral arrangement enough? Did anyone sign up their 1 year membership?


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halo nicole, the service was very good! I was the bride la, haha. Banquet manager Parthip (forgot how to spell), was very careful and helped us alot during the dinner. As I exceeded the Van Kleef Rm(above picture) max. no. of tables, I had to place 2 tables of frens at another room, which is just on the opposite side. As above pic you can see it's 2 function rooms. One holding 5 tables(max up to 6), the other holding 2 tables(max 2).

It was a busy dinner and Parthip would come to inform us the situation in the smaller function room, whether my frens were bored or if its too quiet.

Room wise, its a superior room, you can check out the hotel webby to see pics of the room.. it's small but sg hotel is lidat de. You can request for upgrade, just have to ask the coordinator (Aileen) for the price.

I did not bother for extra decoration and I did sign the 1 yr membership, to get a bottle of wine complimentary per table(it's a one-time member benefit you can use when you sign up the banquet).

The food was good and I was surprised, considering there was no food tasting session. I loved the dessert.. so sad I only ate 2 mouthful TT. A few elderly commented that the chicken was a tad on the saltier side.

IMO, I was very happy I chose to hold my solemnization there. Very good service from all their staff throughout my stay. Coordinator Aileen is a very nice lady.
Thanks for the reviews.

The Van Kleef can hold up to max 6 tables? We intend to have 5 tables (hopefully will not increase), not sure will be too cramp cos my emcee intend to play games during dinner (ours will be sit down chinese dinner). I also will not be choosing those 'can can' type of wedding/evening gowns cos scare hard to move around with limited space. BTW, did you play montage? Is the video/audio system good? The hotel will assign their technician to play the montage or you have go get a helper to do so? Will the guests at the VIP tables think the screen too big since they are nearer? LOL

I've checked with Aileen and she said the size of superior and deluxe rooms will be the same, with same layout. True? Is the size okay with you since you have to change your gowns there, do make up and MUA, PG, groom & bride all inside the room etc have ample space to move?


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yep Van Kleef can hold up to max 6. Mine was 5 tables chi dinner, there was ample space to move around.. but my gown was not the 'can can' type.. so I can't really advise on that, you may want to ask Aileen and she'll probably be able to answer you better.

Note that there is no stage in the function room, so your emcee may be standing just beside the projector screen. Video/audio is good, I think since the place is not big also la.. yeap played montage and video, there was no problem.

The banquet staff will help you to play, you prob have someone helping you on that? just brief them when and what to play.

Whether the screen too near... hrmmm LOL I never asked anyone about that leh hahaa..

I didnt get the deluxe room.. I had the suite for my fetch bride thingy tho.. so I'm not sure layout same as superior or not. I would say size is okay for me, have ample space to move. PG was our fren so it was like our frens (about 5 of them) were resting in the room with us (so total 7). Actually I think you can ask Aileen show you the room, it'll be better to see for yourself
Thanks rdx for your detailed review. That is really helpful.

I remembered Aileen said their staff will help us to play the montage but now she said we have to get our own helper to do so, her staff merely help us to set up the system after we have confirmed the venue. Never mind lor, my helper should have no problem to just click on a button lah LOL

Will check with her on the room size when I go over to test my CD.


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Just attended a lunch @ Park Hotel. Food was good but was totally disappointed with the hygiene. Glasses, plates etc were stain. Even the drinks served,come with extra ingredients. Seats covers were stain as well. Seems like they did not wash the covers.

To the BTB, please ensure that they are in placed way before your actual day.


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I'm having mine next month. I'm relieved to hear that the food is good, but worried about the stained cutlery and seat covers. How was the night stay?
Had my wedding at PHCQ recently. Mr Parthip was great and we felt so assured with him around. My guests commented the food portion was big and food was nice and special. I managed to try all the food, the desserts were good. Service was good too and we have no problem with the hygiene issue.

Room was small but okay for us.

I glad I had a small wedding as I managed to mingle with all my guests and had a great time.