Park Hotel Clarke Quay ROM Dinner - Suitable for 5 ~ 8 tables


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Hello fellow BTBs! I've just partaked in my FSIL's Solemnisation Dinner last week at Park Hotel Clarke Quay. The ambience of the function room, decor & food was impeccably splendid. ROM area is beside poolside, so is the function rooms.

hope this info will help fellow BTB(s) in selecting your wedding venue.



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I was the happy bride! Haha, let's say the hotel did better than what I expected :D I would highly recommend to ROM couples looking for a hotel venue~

This hotel does not have a ballroom, instead they have a main function room, which you can pull open the curtains and have a pool view(as seen in right picture). *No ballroom meaning.. you are the only bride/ROM couple there!

There was no food tasting prior since its ROM dinner only.. to our surprise(there's no chinese restaurant in this hotel.. only at other branches) the food was good! I was so worried I kept asking if the food is okay, and our guests mostly gave positive feedback.

If anyone is interested, you can look for my coordinator Aileen. She's a very nice lady who promptly replies my emails and calls. I thank her, banquet team(esp to Parthip!) and head chef(who's name I cnt rmb but its an angmo) for the wonderful night.