Park Central @ AMK


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Actually i already took photos of the place there le. haha!! The aircons must be Fujitsu.. not any other unknown brand..hee hee..


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actually over at NL~ i tink i only like the blinds and MBR toilet and mirrors~~ lol~ oh ya.. and the bad location. the rest of the ID soso wor


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hey shufen, tell you something, it's kinda weird..

i almost fainted when i was in the showroom...
feel damn giddy and wanted to vomit,
the feeling came sooooo suddenly...

why ya?

does anyone of you encountered same situation?


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haha... chewinggum i also had a similar feeling... I guess it was really dark and kinda feel dis-orientated... And there are carpets everywhere...


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i realised lots of silent readers inside the proboard.. PC residences~ pls join the private forum: we've got more specific topics bout PC and can also get a chance to knw ur frdly neighbourhoods in advance too! ^^

members hitting 100 soon!

*geee~ i'm advertising for the forum.....


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Hello All,

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