Pan Pacific Wedding Dinner Tables to let go

Discussion in 'Banquet Packages' started by ReginaChua, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. ReginaChua

    ReginaChua New Member

    Hi All,

    Currently me and my partner do have some change in plans for wedding. We have banquet tables to let go situated at Pan Pacific.
    Date is to be on 2019

    Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks

  2. starrynite13

    starrynite13 New Member

    Hi! can PM me more details pls?
  3. Mabel Chong

    Mabel Chong New Member

    Hello ! PM for more details! Many thanks!
  4. ReginaChua

    ReginaChua New Member

    Do you have an email so that I can send you the whole details.
  5. pmv

    pmv New Member

  6. ReginaChua

    ReginaChua New Member

  7. Hotcakes

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  8. Mabel Chong

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  9. Lynn1990

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  10. ReginaChua

    ReginaChua New Member

  11. twy

    twy New Member

    Hi, can you please PM me the details, thank you!
  12. jasxiaoxi

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  13. Whitney

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  14. 2019

    2019 New Member

  15. ReginaChua

    ReginaChua New Member

    Hello! I email u
  16. ReginaChua

    ReginaChua New Member

  17. ReginaChua

    ReginaChua New Member

    Sure I email you
  18. ReginaChua

    ReginaChua New Member

    Hi do you have an email?
  19. Hshiyun

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  20. Jian Yi

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  21. Na T

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  22. regalaeros

    regalaeros Member

    Is this still available?
  23. cindes

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  24. Grayce

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  25. Annabelley

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  26. Jazzy123

    Jazzy123 New Member

    Hi , is this package still available? You can email me at Thanks!
  27. jimmytzhh

    jimmytzhh New Member

    Hi PM please. 92714570
  28. 3viper

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  29. yumelia

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  30. mjess

    mjess Member

    Hi, can pm me the details? Thanks
  31. regalaeros

    regalaeros Member

    Can PM me the details too? thank you
  32. 2019

    2019 New Member

    Can PM me the details too. Thank you!
  33. Jelliebeanies

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  34. Amos Cloudz

    Amos Cloudz New Member


    Please kindly PM me the details. Thank you.
  35. GeorginaP

    GeorginaP New Member


    PM details please.


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