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for lunch it's more flexible i jus met the co-ordinator and yes they are very flexible.. my co-ordinator jus give me 2 barrel of beer and 2 night stay and one helper's room for day use without me asking for it... im shock...


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I'm still deciding between Pan Pac and Shangri-la. The problem is that minimum I have to confirm 43 tables for the Pacific ballroom but I so far only have about 38 tables. Another thing is that the ballroom is elongated, I'm afraid the guests at the back can't really see the stage. Anyone had experience any problems?


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hi all,

im a dec 2012 btb & have just confirmed with Pan Pac. Diana briefly mentioned that they are looking to change their themes, wedding favors and invitation cards next year.

htb and i were also uncomfortable with the carpet but Diana insisted that it looks great in photos. hahaha..

Diana (asst catering sales manager) is very experienced and may seem slightly inflexible but understandable since she had dealt with so many couples.

we actually tried to negotiate for free flow of beer but got rejected. it was told to us that this perk is only extended to couples who signed up at the bridal fair. abit disappointed! now looking at changing some of the menu items..
those who signed up with pan pac, how long does your coordinator take to prepare the contract? we paid the deposit a month back but my coordinator has not asked us to sign the formal this normal?


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anyone looking to book pan pac for 2013?
understand some of the extra perks cannot be extended for 2013 so wondering what some of you manage to get.


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Anyone had any experience to with their co-ordinator, Diana before? Spoke to her on the phone with her with regards to a meet up and it was such an unpleasant experience. She sounded unreasonable and inflexible.. Already told her I need to check with my HTB on the date she insisted to meet us, yet she can still push me for a confirmation. -.-
Just confirm with linda for my banquet on the dec 2012. she drafted me the contract, what she promise to give me way before the contract is being done she really did mention in the contract. and is promt in replying me email, am meeting her 2 weeks later to sign the contract and pay deposit.

shannie : i think the right procedure is to sign the contract and make payment. not really the other way round. please make sure to sign the contract if not i scare ur co-ordinator forget to book the date for you and let others have it.. when is your wedding date?
hi carol, we did sign a temporary contract but not the actual/formal one when we paid deposit. my coordinator has emailed me a copy of the draft contract, i'm still going through it, not too sure if i still can make some amendments. heh. my wedding day is on oct 2012.
shannie : ohh.. icic.. hmmm i thought when pay deposit sign de should be the actual contract le? who is your co-ordinator? u might wanna give your co-ordinator a call?
Hi Elizalynn : if you can, u email me? cos i dont know can share the contact here anot..

alternatively u can try to go pan pac website go to their wedding related web than email them.. mostly they will reply on behalf of who de.. mostly u will get reply from ms linda..


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Hi Carol, ok thanks for your advice!
I think it's based on luck which coordinator you will work with when you email to their website. I was assigned to Diana instead of Linda..
Anyway, Diana called me again last night and sounded so much friendlier... Will be meeting her in abt 2 weeks times. Hope things will work out fine during the meet up
it will work out fine... dont worry. from the comments here and other forum, Diana is very friendly.. so u dont have to worry... Hope everything will goes well for you.. which date are you looking at?


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Hi Ladies!

Have seen much mentioning of Diana and Linda and less of Ivan. I'm a Nov 2011 Bride and am glad to have Ivan as my coordinator. He's understanding and most importantly, negotiable on terms. We hope to continue to have the same cordial relationnship with him till after our wedding. =)


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Hi ladies!

Can you all give me a rough guide on the difference between pacific ballroom and ocean ballroom other than the capacity of each ballroom?

I do know that pan pac has got ocean function rooms at level 2. Is this where ocean ballroom is located too? If so, I'm quite worried about the low ceiling.

Have shortlisted pan pac as my wedding banquet venue but have not arranged to go down to view the ballrooms.

Do you ladies also know if there is any upcoming bridal fair for pan pac?

Sorry for so many questions and look forward to hear your inputs!!

i took the ocean ballroom, other than the capacity design of pacific ballroom is about the same except the size la.. pacific is bigger and higher ceiling...but ocean ballroom looks cosy too.. low ceiling doesnt realyl matter la. u pay so much jus for the ceiling?

i think the ceiling is not that low that can hit our head right? haa.. joking no offence ya... but ocean ballroom is not bad de.. u can request to view ballroom but maybe next month cos this month no wedding so u cant get to see wedding deco.


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Haha don't tease me la Carol.
I also have budget constraint, unless my tables exceed 35 n I'll definitely go for pacific then.

Concern about the low ceiling as it usually give people the feeling of being "compressed"

Anyway thanks for your advice. I will go for viewing next month as adviced.
hi berry, you have to pay $100++ more per table if you're holding your banquet at pacfic ballroom. it comes with a premium menu, but in my opinion, not worth the $100 more. you're merely paying for the high ceiling.

the pacific ballroom looks better than the ocean ballroom. the deco will be more elaborate and it looks grand. ocean ballroom has a low ceiling but it is pillarless, gives ppl a very cozy feel. i find that it still looks good.

i'm quite undecided between the 2 so i booked ocean ballroom. but i may want to upgrade to pacific in the future if it's available. heh.


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pacific ballroom, level 1
12th feb 2012
45 confirmed tables (can fit 50-52)

standard package with the following thrown in:
- 30% parking coupons
- additional day room for helpers (till 11pm)
- 2 nights stay in bridal suite
- wine corkage fully waived
- 1 btl of complimentary red wine per confirmed tbl
- free flow of beer
- 1 complimentary table ($1,168++)

PM me if interested. tks!!
berry : yes go view first.. i dont think we can hit 35 tables la the most is 32 only.. haaa... after viewing let us know ya?

shannie : ya ocean ballroom is not that bad la.. its cosy also..

bridenottobe : who is your co-ordinator?


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Hi anyone has the email add of Pan Pacific that I can use to get sm package info from them? Cos I tried the one from their website but got no response for a few days le

Thanks in advance!


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hiya i am a htb in 2012 and I have been looking around for some time. i realised that the packages for pan pac is really one of the cheapest around compared to others like intercon, mandarin oriental etc.

just wondering, is there any particular reason?
no reason ah.. intercon cos of the nice ballroom and suites.. oriental of course also of the nice ballroom. but for pan pac the ballroom is above average la.. for hotel like intercon or oriental the ballroom is very very nice...

there might be other reason but i think dont have la.. each and every hotel's management is diff.. not really must every hotel same price ah.. pan pac also not that cheap la.. is in the middle range..


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Hi Carol,

I cancelled my viewing appt as they are fully booked for all weekend for year 2012!!!

So sad and disappointed!!! Booo!!

Me and my htb so love this hotel...
but well, we gotta move on and search for other hotels now....
Hi Berry, ya when i book mine its already all book for sat except 2 dates in dec, i choose the earlier de.. when i confirm is before june... its a hot hot hotel..

J Lam, i book mine at ocean ballroom @ $1250++ lor.. that is for the table itself, stillhave other misc stuff i guess.


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Hi anyone can share the email add to write to Pan pac for the price? I have written to them using the email in their website but did not get any response.


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just had my wedding lunch on 20/11/2011. all I can say is Pan pac is well deserve to be rated a 5-star hotel, food and service is way beyond my expectations. Special thanks to Stephanie, Jason and Nigel who is very professional and committed in their work...thks Pan Pac


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Hi all,
I have shortlisted Pan Pacific Ocean ballroom for my wedding dinner banquet of 30 tables.
The co-ordinator who met up with me told me that I am only entitled to 1 reserved table for 30 tables.

Can anyone help to verify whether is it really the case?
Because most of my frens have 2 reserve tables in other hotel. I was quite surprised to hear that PP only give 1 reserve table for 30 tables.


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HI Ming Huay
80% of hotel provides 1 reserve table.
Will charge if you use it.
You can always plan and inform your coordinator in advance if you need more tables a few weeks before.


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Hello does anyone have pictures of the ocean ballroom done up? Able to share? I'm afraid that it will look like a function room and not really a nice ballroom


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Hi, I'm interested in the Pac pac package. Does anyone have the contract. Would you mind letting take a look at the contract details? What are the perks that we can ask for?

Thank you!


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mine also linda... at first sight not so nice la.. cos maybe she rushing for something than dont really answer to our question.. but after sign up with her she quite good la.. will follow up with my question.. as they under going renovation, only end sep will be the first wedding..