Overlay of Toilet tiles

Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by aklryan, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. aklryan

    aklryan New Member


    I am considering overlaying wall tiles and flooring in the toilet. Any pro and con?
    Am considering to hack away the old tiles before lay. Any advise?

  2. jemster

    jemster New Member

    Hi i overlaid my wall tiles but hacked my floor tiles, the effect is nice and saved alot of money. But a good contractor is needed, else wall tiles will pop after a while, esp the cement used. look at my house, maybe can give some comments, cheers...
  3. aklryan

    aklryan New Member

    Hi jem,

    Your hse is nicely done up. Y u hack your floor only and not overlaid it? How much u were quote? hm.. tiles will pop. So far I know many people do overlaid. Hope to get much confident that overlaid is ok or else in future give headache
  4. madeinjapan

    madeinjapan New Member

    Hi jem,
    How much you do for your whole house. Looks not bad. But ur flooring is ceremic rite? Is ur house a premium? Ur Kitchen oni that stretch? Do you think is enough? Becous i see from your photo oni abit of area to put your rice cooker n flask..and its so near to cooking area..
    Ur house design is modern [​IMG]
  5. angel19c

    angel19c New Member

    Hi Jem,

    How much do you spend to do up your toilets and your custom-bed ? Can share with me your quote for this 2 items in details ? angel19c@gmail.com
  6. angel19c

    angel19c New Member

    Hi Jem,

    How much do you spend to do up your toilets and your custom-bed ? Can share with me your quote for this 2 items in details ? Thanks angel19c@gmail.com
  7. angel19c

    angel19c New Member

    Hi Jem,

    How much do you spend to do up your toilets and your custom-bed ? Can share with me your quote for this 2 items in details ? Thanks angel19c@gmail.com
  8. jemster

    jemster New Member

    Hi kim, my kitchen is short cause we hardly cook, and we wanted to separate the wet, washing machine and clothes hanging, and cooking area. It also makes the kitchen more posh. The original flooring is ceramic from HDB, but kitchen is homo tiles, rooms is laminate and toilet homo tiles from us. But then we kind of measured using a table with measuring tape, the length should be enough.
  9. jemster

    jemster New Member

    hi angel,
    my toilet cost about $4100 and bed $2100
  10. jemster

    jemster New Member

    hi kim,
    the reno and carpentry slighty under 30K, electrical 2+K and curtain 1.7K lights $800.
  11. aspiring

    aspiring New Member

    i also overlayed my MBR and common toilet. MBR is wall and floor...made a vanity top with sliding door below for storage. changed toilet bowl and sink and pipes, mirror, bi-fold door etc.. total..1.9 or 2k
  12. astrogirl

    astrogirl New Member

    Overlay is not very advisable... cos tiles will pop after some time... though can save costs la...
  13. michy_wong

    michy_wong New Member

    astrogirl, din noe dat abt overlay. but for those new flats who can't touch their tiles, they've no choice but to overlay ya? same for the kitchen right?
  14. cha_alex

    cha_alex New Member

    can reduce pop-up by using a good adhesive material..... ask the ID what material they use... and also ensure they roughen the existing tile surface before they lay the new one...

    The new tile size shouldn't bigger than 300x300

    Another problem is if the existing tile workmanship is not good, alot of hollowness then not advisable to relay....
  15. michy_wong

    michy_wong New Member

    oic... cha_alex, thanks! [​IMG]
  16. ah_bb

    ah_bb New Member

    Dear Jem,

    Can share with me where u got ur Fung Yi designer switches & how much does it cost??
    im looking for them too but quite X leh!!
  17. astrogirl

    astrogirl New Member

    hi, Michy! my fren also juz got her new flat. she also changed her tiles, hacked away the existing tiles. cos the existing ones were hollow.
  18. michy_wong

    michy_wong New Member

    astrogirl - really? but when i went to collect my keys, the hdb officer said cannot hack yet. i think cannot hack during the first 2 yrs.
  19. cha_alex

    cha_alex New Member

    well... if you hack the tiles at those wet areas (with waterproofing) then HDB won't cover any warranty for leakage for you anymore in the future
  20. michy_wong

    michy_wong New Member

    oic... so it's the issue of warranty... hmm... nvm lah... dun do any hacking there oso gd, save us some money. [​IMG]
  21. ferre_vivi

    ferre_vivi New Member

    HI jem,

    Your dinning table and coffee table very nice.
    Is your dinning table and coffee table black glass or clear glass?
  22. ling_zacky

    ling_zacky New Member

    Hi to all of you, my advice for everyone is that:

    I supposed the bathroom that you're mentioning abt is the common bathroom. Water proofing must be done as well if not your neighbours will chased after you if they are facing water leakage issues.

    Yes, overlaying will be cheaper as you need not pay for the hacking of the existing tiles. But the problem with overlaying is that cement does not stick well on a smooth surface even with chemical adhesive added so theres a possibility of tiles popping out prematurely. You've to decide between saving a thousand plus dollars & risk having tiles popping out here & there in a year or two or paying a fraction more of the overall amount & having the peace of mind.

    Design is all about aesthetics & practicality. Do what you've to. Make the right choices & don't occur extra costs for yourselves.

    You also have to make sure that if you're going for hacking, you've to find out the area you're staying in, the timing for hacking & laying of new floor tiles from what time to what time. This is to prevent your neighbours calling the town council & getting yourself fined for nothing as certain neighbourhood area only allows wet works / masonry works to be done during 9am-5pm only.
  23. nikita

    nikita New Member

    what is the average cost of re-doing a toilet? i mean removing every single thing inside (yes, all the things) and then getting new ones. most likely will be normal things, nothing fancy, but they will be new.

    btw, i am asking this because my place is 16 yrs old, so i can't keep anything

    is 1-2k possible?
  24. m3im3i

    m3im3i New Member

    if whilst overlaying, the existing cabinets get damaged, how?
  25. kaodung

    kaodung New Member

    Be sure that your id does not overlay when your contract says hack and lay new tiles. Some contractor or id very shrewd one.

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