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Thinking of buying a table-top oven that can do grilling and baking at the same time? Any recommendations for brand or model?



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Hi Matsu,

No, that's not what I mean at all. There are 3 types of tabletop oven.
1. Conventional oven that can do grilling and baking
2. Microwave oven
3. Conventional oven which is also a microwave oven.


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u mean steam oven? heard of it... but it's really expensive. i think the one from sharp is abt $1500. but it looks really gd. supposed to steam away all the fats...


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hi...anyone heard of a conventional table top oven called baby belling?

Anyone knows where to get them and what's the expected price?


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hi...anyone heard of a conventional table top oven called baby belling?

Anyone knows where to get them and what's the expected price?


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u can find it in most electrical shops like best denki, harvey norman and even carrefour.

its price is in the ballpark of $500.


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no problem. i'm getting an oven mar... chanced upon baby belling. heard from some frens dat it's a gd old brand.

but i prefer a built-in one, so not getting baby belling.


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think mega stores like Harvey Norman, Big, Best Denki are selling baby belling for $560 or 590. Cant remember. U can get it from other electrical stores. I bought mine from Goh Ah Bee. But the price fluctuate according to Euro dollars. Few years ago I got one for my mum and it was only $400 plus....now $500 plus due to the strong Euro dollars


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timminbuzz, i kpo abit and answer u hor... i believe there's only one design... as for color, not sure... but i've seen brown and beige.


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Hi timminbuzz,

think spore only imported one design. Its either brown (greyish) or white. I bought both. Brown (greyish) for my mum and white for my place.


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sunnyday, u like to bake alot? must impart some recipes to me oso leh. i oso like to bake. and i swear dat i follow the recipes closely. but sometimes, just get inconsistent results. :p


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err....nowadays i dont bath that often so its like under utilised now. Nowadays, I use it more for my salmon. I'll wrapped it with alum foil then throw it in.


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Hi Henry&Jane,

Can u give me the best quote for the microwave oven by SHARP? The model is RC888.

Thanks a lot.


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hi Michy and Sunny...thanks for the advice!!! I went to Best...dun have...but saw it in a small electrical shop in geylang...she quoted me $540.

Hendry & Jane...how much to get Baby Belling?


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I'm looking for a builtin oven for my new kitchen too... can someone please share wif me which brand/model is good? my friend told me 'zanussi' brand.. but I can't seem to find this in those big stores leh..

care to share with me please.

Thank you!


hi there,

well what is your budget and what is the features that you need.. or your cooking needs.. share what yuo need the oven to do.

also if you want to i can recommend De Dietrich its superb i highly recommend it. but price is killer.

alternatively you can opt for brandt.

as for the zanussi brand. these are brands that are under electrolux. so you are better off buying electrolux ovens if you are looking for zanussi. its zanussi-electrolux.


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hi ladies, i bought a small oven, i think that's what we term as 'table top oven' perhaps. i find that it does the job and you'll save a helluva lotta money. mine is cornell, bought during sale at carrefour at just over $100. it's about 50cm in length

it's a great alternative if you don't use it very often (we use ours maybe 4-6 times a month). we've baked cookies, baked rice, breaded fish and chips, and even roast chicken.

if your budget is tight, you may want to consider


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Hi ridz,

thks! oic.. zanussi-electrolux... cos' my friend said it is a common brand in uk.. that's y she recommended me..

basically i would like to bake, roast, grill etc (do everything.. keke..).. i understand that some oven does not have the 'dough raising' function thingy iszit? a step that is required in some cake making process???

oh i saw Brandt before.. think Brandt oven have within my budget of about 800

errr... can you advise me what i should look out for when choosing an oven too? i noted sometimes they state 5-cooking function.. what are the 5? or where can i find such info?

Thanks a lot!


hi bibibear,

well the functions depends on the model.

Let me ask you some question on your baking needs yeah...

1) do you need to use the turnspit> the thing that put a metal rod through the chicken and then the turnspit will turn it around to cook question is do you really need it? cos its important
2) do you need to use the multifunction featuer (aka hot air circulation feature)
3) what are some of the normal modes that you need to use
4) any brand preference
5) if you must have a lot of the features can you rank for me the most important to the least important.

okie for the features.. unfortunately its specific to the brands that the oven is from then they wil have the differnet features respectively.

maybe you can let me know which oven brand and model i try to find out for you the features.

the question on the dough raising. please do not be mistaken all oven can actually do that.. provided you temperature setting can be set at say around 40 degrees

you you just put about 40 -50 degrees and then place the dough in the centre of the oven rack number 2 (count from bottom) then leave it to raise.


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Hi ridz,

wow.. i headache now.. didnt realise a simple oven has got some much considerations.. <<fainted>> :p

mainly i want the oven for baking cakes, pastry, bread, cookies.. it would be great if it has a turnspin too.. i understand that convention oven has got a fan that can evenly distribute the heat, i thot this is quite important for like baking.. keke, the more feature the better.. i dun wanna next time wanna do something then find that oops the oven cannot do, then will feel like wasted.. <<gosh,>>

i do not have any brand preference so long it is good &amp; within my budget of 800..

oh the dough raising, for making of bread oso can be done on all kinda oven?

appreciate your patient &amp; advices..



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sorry to interrupt ah... bibibear, me oso like u. it's like a dream for me to hv an oven in my kitchen. and i got one from ariston. it's gd for me in terms of baking and grilling. oso has a fan that can evenly distribute heat. i got it at abt $820 if i rem correctly.


well bibibear,

well if its me i will get a de detrich oven no doubt its pricey but you get technological advancement in cooking that will ensure that you are always ahead of time in.

But alas their cheapest is 1890. and the most expensive is i think 3300.

miele is also very very good but cheapest is 3900 and the most ex i think it about 5900.

well if i had not done my kitchen in a rush the other time i would have mine replaced by another de dietrich but i was so i opted for the cheaper alternative brandt.

i would recommend you based on your budget to get maybe the Brandt
FE222XS1 / FE422XS1 (the 222 temperature is controlled by a knob while the 422 is the same features just that the temperature is controlled by electronic means.)
Name: Conventional Electric Oven
Description: Stainless steel oven
Multifunction <plus>
Variable grill
Electronic programmer with automatic temperature recommendation
Eco cooking programme
Manual cleaning (optional catalytic panels)
Ventilated door
Class A
• Stainless steel control panel and a full glass front.
• Class A: reinforced cavity insulation, favouring energy savings.
• The Multifunction ensures even distribution of heat within the cavity.
• The electronic programmer automatically recommends the ideal temperature,
according to your cooking choices.
• ActivEmail: an extra-smooth enamel, simplifying manual cleaning (optional
catalytic panels).

The details of the features i will let ytou know when i am back at homw later okie.

but this is alright lah although manual cleaning what it means is that they dun have a special program to clean the interior of the cavity but you have to manually set the temperature to the max and let it heat the internals to carbonize the sugars and fats.,

Cos of the optional catalytic panels. you need to purchase them seperately its arounf 50 bucks plus and can last a couple of years before it needs replacement.

its about 899.

but seriously i would prefer you to get the de dietrich
this model
SKU/Code: DOC410XE1
Name: Multifunction Plus Catalytic
Description: Stainless Steel

• A Class
• Pyroclean® black oven interior
• Catalytic liners
• Halogen lighting

• Multifunction Plus
8 cooking functions
Fan cooking / Combined cooking / Turbogrill / Conventional / Single grill / Double grill / Keep warm / Defrost

• Superclean Catalytic function [300°C]
• Knob control
• Electronic temperature control to the nearest degree
• Full glass door with two panes of glass
• Pull down grill
• Ventilated door
• Auto stop
• Automatic clock and electronic minute minder
• Child lock

• Accessories
- 1 flat anti-tip shelf
- 1 large grill pan + trivet with Pyroclean enamel
- 1 baking tray with Pyroclean enamel
- 1 teflon baking tray
- 1 rotisserie with shelf support
- Sliding shelf (as optional)

51 litres
Dimensions (mm)
Built-in: H 585 X W 560 X D 550
Overall: H 592 X W 592 X D 609
Price: SGD $1890


sorry ah some technical error...

the oven on the right is the brandt while the one on the left is the de dietrich.

but price wise.. phew...

i would aim for the 3300 de dietrich oven by end of this year to replace my current brandt. which i bought temporarily.

i had my first de dietrich like so many years ago i think its about 7-8 years ago and i already had things such as the fan cooking and also the self cleaning feature which now only other brands are like selling like hot cakes. but i paid a hefty price for it. think its like around 2k plus.

the 3300 dollars oven is even cool. it will even tell you that ytour oven interiors is dirty and that tyou need to perform the cleaning function.

also this oven is auto programming. you can just select say chicken and input the size approx and how you wnat it to be done. it will just start and beep and switch off the fire once the chicken is cooked. also you can time it. say now its only 12 pm and you are preparing the bird and you place it in the oven and your guest is arriveing at 6 you can se the oven to get the chicken ready by 6pm. it will automatically switch on and then cook the chicken and by 6 pm it will beep for you and switch off !how cool is that!

and on top of that say the chicken you want it to be slightly crisp when you serve, the automatic programming will take that into consideration also.

What it does is that during the cooking it will turn the turnspit and also using the fan cooking but during the last 15 mins of cooking what the oven computer will do is that it will turn the cooking mode to Biogrill® Plus : the grill comes on automatically at the end of program to grill the chicken a bit if that is what you want it to do. its automatic.

to top it off the door is a safe door where during the cleaning process (which will involve the oveh to heat the inside to more than 350 degrees, the will lock the door and on top of which the door of the oven is guaranteed to stay below 65 degrees even though inside is scorching hot 350degrees. its guaranteed below 65 degrees so that when you touch its just a bit too warm for comfort but not burn you. which means that you can place you oven at the undercounter of the cabinet and no need to be high. during cooking its cooler i think about maybe 45 degrees to touch.


hi as promised these are the features of the FE222xsi/422xsi

1) Fan Oven - a heating element at the back f the oven and the fan help cook food. (this is good for things like choux pastry (cream puff)
2) Conventional Oven - top and bottom heating element. no fan. this is for traditional cakes and sponge cakes especially.
3) bottom heat and fan - the heat comes from the bottom and the back with the fan. this is especially good for things that has a very wet base and you need to dry them like quiches and pies. also can be used for food that rises such as bread and cakes
4) warming oven (heat is pulsed between top and bottom and fan at the same time) this is recommended for rising the dough and also to kepe dishes warm say while cooking in batches then youkeep the first batch in the oven to keep it warm while preparing for the second batch etc. and also can be used for thawing food.
5) pulsed grill (heat from top and fan at the same time) this is especially useful for things that you want to have like a spit roated characteristics. as the heat comes from the top and so called grilling it while the fan circulates the heat to cook it evenly.
6) adjustable grill (this is when you need to use partial power to grill you turn to minimum settin and if you need to full gfrill power then you turn to maxiumum grill power. usually for really grilling things. its recommended that you leave the door ajar (do not attempt to do this while grilling using other brands of ovens, this brandt is designed for this so its alright)
if you want to have like the you know charcoaled kinda effect like you know satay.

then you put in the satay in the oven with the fan plus top heat and leave the door slightly ajar to achieve such.

or if you require stronger power of grilling then you go to the variable grill setting and turn to maximum ot adjust accordingly.

usually like Kueh lapis its use the variable grill but close the door to bake layer by layer. and i can tell you using this variable grill is powerful fast and also very consistent very even browning.

on average every lyer can be cooked and browned every 2.5 mins before you put the next layer on to bake and brown it. really fast that you dun even have time to go toilet once you start. unlike baby belling where the temperature and grill power is not very sensitive so when it 'on' it on till black then stop then stop until its too cold to brown then when the thermostat kick in again waah. black like what.. but this variable grill power is very consistent and temperature setting very sensitive to changes and will adapt quickly.

and for heating up the oven its really fast.

usually using baby belling i will hve to turn it on when whisking the cake mixture. with this one i dun need to i finish whisking before putting the batter i switch on the oven. it takes average about 5-slightly below 10 mins to reach from room temperature to about 200 degrees. exceptions is when using the bottom element to heat up then it will take slighlt longer.

if using the top and bottom or the fan. the temperature cna be achieve in under 15 mins the most.


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Hi ridz,

wa!!! hey really thanks a lot for the info that you had provided.. greatly appreciated

oh de dietrich too expensive for me liow.. i dun hv the budget for it.. (oh but de dietrich look beri cool &amp; nice leh..)

you sound like a great baker!

next time can get recepi from you yah?



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Hi michy,

i've got an ariston booklet wif their ovens model during an expo home fair.. that's when i notice that diff model got diff function.. they have a 'home starter' (something like tat) kinda model.. but think the function not a lot so my hubby said since we are investing in one might as well get a better one..

then when i try to find out more.. haha realised so many thingy loh..

hengz got ridz here to advise

btw what is your ariston model?


hi bibibear.

well yeah ariston ones are abit weird their models. they do not come as a step on models what mean by step on is that the more expensive the range the better or more featyres they have. most of their ovens are like this has that functions but others have another set of functions but slightly expensive but then alas its hard to compare across the board.

well mine it the brandt mode fe222xsi.

the notation which is at the back xsi means its stainless stell while they thing is that they do come in fully black or white too. need to order and wait though.

and also if you can try to aim for the fe229
its pricey but im not too sure what is their current price i will try to find out for you tmr and let you know i think its about 1k plus

these are the features
Name: Conventional Electric Oven
Description: EASYCOOK: 5 automatic modes of cooking
8 cooking positions + 2 pyrolytic modes
2 pyrolytic cleaning modes: Eco and Normal
Backlit electronic programmer
Grill+, Tradi Eco and Variable grill function
Electronic temperature control and regulation in 5 degrees C graduations
Automatic ideal temperature and dish height recommendation
Cold door
A class
• Full stainless steel panel and full black glass and stainless steel door
• Cooking time and end of cooking programmer
• 59-minute independent timer
• Net capacity: 51 litres
• Fitted with 2 safety grids and 2 drip trays (20mm and 45mm tray)
• Available in Stainless Steel: FP229XS1

this is the highest end model under the brandt which is similar to what the de dietrich high end is having.

it is fully electronic. there is a electronic cooking guide similar to the one i menation earlier where you choose the type of meat then what is the weight then press start. it will even tell you which level in the oven to place the food.

this has the automatic self cleaning mode. you select the pyroclean and it will heat the oven and will also lock the door and once its donw cleaning it will release the door back.

plus this model has the cool door whcih is similar to the one that mention that the door is maintained and guaranteed to be maximum of 60 degree when inside is doinf the cleaning and average of about 45 when its normal baking mode.

other than that the temperature is also controlled digitally and that apart from there only difference is that this does not come with the turnspit unlike the models in de dietrich where the turnspit is as a standard.

anything else that you need to know please do let me know then i can answer some of your questions.

oh yeah the fe 222 is on show either in the showroom which is near NOL building at alexandre there..

or you can visit harvey norman at millenia walk i think they have there on display the fe222 only they dun have the fe229 on display.

if you want to have a look at websites for the de dietrich then you can visit. www.dedietrich.co.uk

also i love de dietrich hob and hood. they have so many features like.. ther induction hob can be controlled by a remote commander anywhere in the house. the higher end models that is.

and also that if you buy of the model there is a packaged one where if you on the fire, the hood will auto on and adjust the power to according to how heavy the fume is. where the fume is a lot, then it will churn to maximum. and after when you turn off the fire, it will auto off after 15mins this is to continue to filter the residual fumes in the kitchen

and the latest range is the zoneless induction hob, where there isnt any meed for you to place the pots and pans in the designated zones but anyewhere within the entire induction surface.. this is good news cos there is no restrction ojn the size of the base of the pots or pans!


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i would like to buy a table-top microwave oven which has baking n grill functions too. but seems like most of their capacities are at least 28 litres or more.

is there any smaller ones which u all hav come across? at frens' or relatives' hses? or u r using one?? can tell me which brand n model no?

i hav a built-in shelf which is catering for a normal microwave oven of size: 460 (W) x 275 (H) x 355 (D). so, i m now limited by the shelf size..

aft reading this thread, i thot it would be great if it has grilling n baking functions as well..sigh.

not sure if i can get 1 successfully..=(

hope to get some advice from here...

thanks in advance...


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can anyone recommend me an affordable built in oven?

my current oven has suffered power trip and I'm not sure if i should get a serviceman or to replace it. can anyone advise on this?


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My built-in oven is from Electrolux and it's left behind by my house's previous owner. It's still very new as the owner didn't make use of it much. But due to the lack of use, I found that when I turned on the power, it will trip. I was already being warned before about this for ovens which are not often in use.

Anyone has any idea how can I go about repairing it? I love this oven a lot and really want to make full use of it.

Thank you so much!


hi ahcapp,

well for the problem i may think its the heating element problem

reason being that even is the oven is not is use try to have the heating element to be on for at least 15 mins every month to remove moisture else it will become like what you say power trip

what you can do is that you can try to switch it on repeatedly to have the heating element to try to run up and dry the components from moisture.

alternatively you can call electrolux to ask someone to come down to have a look

Company: Electrolux S.E.A Pte Ltd
Address: No 2 Leng Kee Road, #06-08 Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086
Tel: (+65) 6513 3688


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I'm not sure abt the microwave oven.. but I know the Sharp Steam oven can be used as a conventional oven.. I'm currently using the steam oven for steaming, reheating, grilling, baking n defrosting.. it uses steam instead of microwaves... also the method of cooking is healthier..


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i went to check out some stores and got the same advise from various salesmen. basically, once an oven power trip, it means it is a goner. In the end, I have thrown away the old oven and bought a new electrolux built in oven. now i will try to use it at least once a week faithfully to prevent the same problem.


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Hi Ridz,

Thank u for your advice. The electrolux guy has dropped by 2 weeks ago and taken a look. Even if he tried to heat up the heating coils, the oven still trip. He said the only way is to replace both the top and bottom heating coils. That will cost me $250+ without GST, with 1 month warranty.

After much thought, I have decided to let it go and buy a new one instead. No point repairing this part and another part fail on me later. =(